The Archon fascist New World Order:

Total regime change, halting environmental destruction, and starting a new age is our goal, but there is still the threat of the Archon bloodline fascist New World Order that wants to take over planet Earth to make it their Archon world.



obama-fascism-nwoIf we the people allow those few (less than 1%) Elite to impose their evil upon the rest of us, “life” would be neither human, nor would it be anything what could be considered ‘life’. – People would merely exist, not live, jam packed in high-rise tiny boxes in mega-cities within human settlement zones of the mega-regions as regulated by Agenda 21. The population would be a fraction of what it is today, and humans would be denied access to 95% of the world’s surface. Everyone would be micro-chipped and connected to a computer system, which would dictate their thoughts, emotions, and health, or more, precisely the lack of it.


Surveillance would be 24/7 through microchips, wireless systems like smart Grids, in every building, location and form of transport within and between the megacities. Every thought could be accessed and recorded in real time. People would be watched in their own ‘home box’ by cameras via the compulsory television – ‘Orwell’s Tele-screens’. The switch-over from analogue to digital television is connected to this, which is why it is being done in such a rush and includes all aspects of broadcasting – even car radios, and telephones at great expense to the target population. It also has brought smart phones, televisions, etc. HAARP and other communication networks are able to send same messages to an entire country and eventually the whole planet, once the whole network system is in place. The world’s first fully integrated Smart City called ‘Songdo’ is due to be operational in the course of this year 2015, on an artificial island in South Korea.


In this Archon world, food and water would be at the behest of the authorities, and only be given to those who conform and obey. Even then it would be just enough to allow them to function and serve. Food and drink would be infested with GMO, vaccines, and chemicals, to block thoughts of resistance and stop people awakening to consciousness.


There would be no organic food, no private growing of food of any kind, no alternative methods of healing, and no health supplements in an Archon society. Who cares to look, would see that we are heading in this direction very fast.


Compulsory drugs:

Compulsory Drug Testing in SIACompulsory drugs would also make people love their servitude, as Aldous Huxley (Rothschild Zionist) put it, with substance like lithium in the water. Huxley said in 1962:


There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing the kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda of brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.


The world of drugs that suppress emotion, including sexual desire, sounds familiar, described in Agenda 21. The word ‘dystopian’ – totalitarian environment – could not be more apt, given it means ‘a society’ in a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian. No one would be allowed to know what is in his or her food and water and there would be no food labelling. – Nowadays having Monsanto securing the right not to have to label GMO-contaminated food shows clearly that we are already moving in that direction. – Surveillance drones would patrol the skies as they are now beginning to do with the ability to locate and assassinate anyone by locking into their microchip frequency code.



The world of Agenda 21:

agenda21childThis is the world of Agenda 21. People would exist, not live, in cashless poverty under Agenda 21 while the few that controlled them live in unimaginable high-tech luxury on for example Greek islands, obtained on the cheap. Children would be owned by the state and brought up in the way that Aldous Huxley foresaw from his inside knowledge in Brave New World. They would be technological bred in genetic caste systems and the idea of biological parents would be a page of the past – symbolically – that is, because history would be deleted.


Parents, were the father and mother… These are unpleasant facts, as I know it. But then most historical facts are unpleasant… In those days… children were brought up by their parents and not in State Conditioning Centres. Wrote Huxley.

Huxley described how these State Conditioning Centres programmed children to accept whatever the State decreed and anyone not conforming would be electroshocked until they did. He described babies crawling towards pictures of flowers and birds only to be shocked because the State didn’t want them to like nature. Children in Brave New World are also brainwashed even when they sleep with subliminal messages. Huxley said that eventually the child’s mind becomes, through psychological suggestions, the State ‘s mind, or, ‘Suggestions” from the ‘State’.


How many people are like that today? The constant erosion of parental rights to make decisions about their children, are the stepping-stones to the world that Huxley describes and Agenda 21 demands. As a transition to children being produced technologically by the state, parents would require state permission to have children according to strict genetic criteria. There would be no cars in this Archon world and the only transport would be local rail transit systems connecting homes and work places and high-speed trains between mega-regions.

People need permission to travel on the latter and even then they would be sitting in carriages amid wireless mind control fields and watched by the uniformed thugs of the State. People would work where they are told to work with no choice. The word ‘choice’ would be deleted from the vocabulary along with others like freedom, just as Orwell envisaged from his inside knowledge.


Programmed humans:

There is a massive attempt to program people to make them easier to control, and to bring an end to any vestige of the spiritual, religious, conscious human. The so-called ‘post-human race’ is being developed as slaves in the world of Agenda 21.


The Archons want a ‘machine controlled’ world, to be merged with technology into ‘robotic humanity’, creating sub-human robots with no compassion, empathy, or ability for free thought. The idea is to produce a robot military that will always follow orders and be part human and completely technological. Contracts are already awarded for robots that could search and detain ‘uncooperative people’. Watch this short video to understand what is meant, and how far development has come.


The same is seen with the emergence of industrial and service robots within our today’s society that are exploding by the year. Those are or will robots_2be connected in a kind of hive control system that could take over the dictates of the Archon who are, compared with the true human, a form of energetic machine. Mind-meld technology is already developed, which can connect brains in a multi functional unit and transfer thoughts and perception between them, to be downloaded into robot technology to give artificial intelligence, and let these make their own decision who to kill and when. To allow the Archons to wage war on humanity from a distance – from their underground facilities – this is the purpose for drones and robot armies. The Archons would not reappear until humanity is defeated and humans are tagged to be located anywhere and any time and killed from afar by technology that logs into their frequency. What chance will people have then? – This is why we have to respond en masse NOW in the little time we have left before the line finally is crossed.



baby born genetically modifiedAll that is called trans-humanism, ‘paradise of engineering’ better translated as ‘love your servitude’, or abolitionism. This term was used to abolishing slavery and here it is employed to describe a far greater slavery – the enslavement of mind and emotion within technologically engineered reality.


Amongst other desires of Archon trans-humanism are designer babies; Introducing the DNA of other species to create a trans-genetic or genetically modified ‘GMO’ human; and a brain-computer interface – already developed – in which the human mind can be plugged into the Internet to surf –‘serf’, download, upload, and merge into a hive-mind – social networks – with the world wide web and all minds attached to it.


Genetic engineering and the trans-humanism agenda are very important to the Archons. The attempt to fundamentally change human nature and the merging of man with machine has been in the works for a long time. Actually clipping the link with our humanity by short-circuiting the human creation is an obvious next step for these would-be controllers. They’ve made it a carefully groomed acceptance of such a trend, but it’s going to cease and die in the junkyard of temporal existence. It can’t stand; never mind last, in our creative force field.


Technologies such as Google Glass an Internet connectable computer that can be worn like spectacles are stepping-stones to direct micro-chipped interconnection. As widely is known this already is available nowadays. Google is the predominant player in the trans-humanist agenda. These are promoted as great or smart gadgets, like the brain tumour causing smart phones widely in use, that recognise your voice patterns, which are expression of your unique vibrational signature, or the smart electricity metering at low frequency especially chosen to follow and influence people in their own house, systematically taking down people a dark and dangerous road into Archon system-integration.



Artificial intelligence (AI):

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 20.44.43Google Eric Schmidt (Rothschild Zionist) said in 2013 that the company could produce artificial intelligence within five years or so that would be indistinguishable from the human mind, which is the enslaved human mind. Schmidt is obsessed with the trans-humanist agenda and has described concepts like sending a robotic clone of him to social events and swallow nanotechnology to regulated his body. His desire is to run society by robots and trans-humanist technology.


The futurist Ray Kurzweil (Rothschild Zionist) wants to see humans merged with machines and have global society controlled by computer systems with an artificial intelligence that surpasses that of the entire human race. As now is understood that the World Wide Web was being developed as a technological collective mind that soon will become operational.


Could the Internet ‘wake up’? Could it reach a point it transforms into a global technological mind that begins to dictate to humans rather than the other way around by transforming into some form of technological consciousness? Most certainly YES, as it is the Archon’s plan, and covertly happening too to re-wire the brain. Read more in the book Consciousness: Confession of a Romantic Reductionist, by neuroscientist Christof Koch.


To some large extent the Internet is already ‘awakening’ in some form of technological intelligence, or AI, and not just the Internet either but also the connected and associated communication and surveillance systems in all endless forms. Once they reach the stage when the communication with each other as one global technological mind, where does that leave humans then? That’s in the world of The Matrix. The corporations will claim ownership and copyright of the human bodies they genetically engineered or enhanced, just as Monsanto does with the GMO crops and animals.



Human GMO:

You want to have children? Get a licence from Monsanto or someone else and pay a royalty; until children are produced in a laboratory in a few years time. Quite some human genetically engineering and micro chipping is already happening through consuming GMO food and breathing nanoparticles from chemtrails, etc.


archonsAnother route is through vaccination where microchips are implanted with hypodermic needles. Trans-humanists give the impression that they are talking about technologically improvements of humanity, but that is not the game at all.

The Archons want only a certain genetic types being upgraded and the rest only to suffer the control aspects. Aldous Huxley’s brother Julian an eugenicist and trans-humanist launched all this in the 1950s with the Rockefeller foundation, he said:


The lowest strata are to producing too fast. Therefor… they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive; long unemployment should be a ground for sterilisation.


This is the core of what trans-humanism really is about – eugenics. This is the common theme within the Archons, they are obsessed with genetics, both their own, and those of the target population.


These are the people directing and influencing our world, through bribed governments, authorities and business leaders. This is Insane but the Truth, it all is written in the Archon Agenda. If we the people don’t understand what is going on, and what the game is, then the plan will inevitably play out. Most of what has been described in the Archon society is clearly stated in Agenda 21documents, and is already in many facets operational and visible, some of it is unstated to hide the truth from the ill-informed public ‘servants’ lower down the line of command, as their own families will be entrapped in the Agenda 21 nightmare, like everyone else of us.


It does not have to happen, but this danger will not go away by looking away from it. If we don’t face it now, when we still have a chance, we will have to face it down the line when challenging will be near impossible. This is the world we are currently heading towards. – For confirmation look around and you’ll see the world is changing precisely the form envisaged by Agenda 21 documents. If we don’t have the guts, balls and unshakable commitment to put an end to what is planned then we are convicting ourselves, and our children to undergo this.


The Final Transition and Defeat of the Archons:

Urgent Action requiredDon’t expect that others, more influential powers, are going to do it for us. If a powerful group takes the initiative the danger will be another oppression later on by them. When we start on ourselves we have got the initiative and could ask powerful groups for help, without giving away our control as initiators. If you still believe in the strength of your nation, than this is the time to do something now. Later, is too late. Be committed we still can win the battle, but quick action is top requirement.


If you do nothing you deserve what you’re going to get.


There is no excuse for ‘not coming into action’ a first step to betaken is learning more about Agenda 21, and to share this knowledge with others. Therefore create a team of equal minds to jointly convince others about the seriousness that requires large numbers of participation for mutual action. Inspiring them into action too. Again, this totalitarian evil is happening all around us, most people have joined social networks, watch digital television, use a smart phone, and have got a smart electrical meter installed, but they don’t connect the dots, to realize that they are under control 24/7 and have lost a great part of their freedom, while the rest of it is disappearing by the day.


At this time you’re living in the most exciting and challenging period in history. You have the opportunity to make a wonderful contribution. Evidently humanity faces a psychopathic otherworldly driven agenda. The Archon forces have the ultimate power tools available, so we increasingly are forced to deal with them on a daily basis as they steer towards their totalitarian fascist nightmare.


The Matrix:

The out-dated matrix programming by the Archons can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding the Archon’s capabilities. The imitators of creation can’t maintain the current operating system any longer in the face of this massive Universal shift we’re undergoing. It’s driving them nuts.


Just look at the desperation that is viewed all around us. Crude military and police state manoeuvres like Ukraine and the Middle East, the downing of MH17, the demonizing of Russia, are only some of the aspects, then the shameful economic manipulations and the outlandish dishonest propaganda from the MSM. The biggest clue is seen in the hitherto incremental and now exaggerated use of technological programs from mass surveillance and data gathering to the advent of cyber warfare and artificial intelligence, while crazed maniacs at CERN try to crack into other dimensions. The magnitude and desperation of their insane agenda has become completely transparent to just about anyone awake!


This immense program is not going to be swept aside by any given imagination. Too much has been at work and covertly engineered for far too long to stop entirely their progression; without total change of the regime.


It’s up to us. We have everything going for us but our will and actions need to be aligned with this transition. We can ignore it or respond to it. But remind: The sacrosanctity of our free will cannot be violated. Either we fully awaken and get the energy and ride the wave change, or it crashes upon us and perhaps disintegrates over time for lack of recognition and/or response. And the whole cycle may need to be repeated. Not a nice prospect.


We people are, in fact, a rare human race that has an incredible range of emotion and creative power, our minds and emotions can either fuel chaos on this planet, or restore it to its rightful place of peace and cooperation, by caring for others at least as much for ourselves.


What soon will be understood is that for ages our governments and politicians are bribed and manipulated by the ‘Khazarian Mafia’ to hiding important facts. In an effort to change the world and make it their own planet, the Khazarians and bribed governments have been lying to us about every thing been taken for granted, until too many of us became conscious to see the real world, as it truly is, fascinating and indeed the truth.




Shake Up and wake UpIf enough of us don’t want this continued and repeated, we’ll win. Otherwise, as many of us are not willing to respond, even though their lives and their children and grandchildren’s lives are at stake, and the future of humanity too, we are lost through self imposed defeat and impotence. So, people, lift your bottom, SHAKE UP AND WAKEUP!
Either way, the matrix will collapse in our time, or over time. We have an opportunity to make it in this one round. Let’s take it. The true civilization of love, peace, harmony and abundance for everyone on Earth waits manifesting, as our reward.


Please continue playing your role for the benefit of us all. It is clear that something big is going to happen. Use this information to move forward with optimism and hope. Share with your friends. Discuss with your friends. Continue to search and dig for the truth.

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