A prosperous economy is always tied to a strong currency:


The transition of power:

With the recent transition of power in the United States, the world is entering into a New Era, a unique energetic time in history on the doorstep of great changes, with higher dimensional frequencies surrounding planet Earth continuing to raise energetic vibrations, carrying with them the light to raise consciousness. It is the birthing of a brand new era of peace, prosperity, abundance, joy, hope, love, and all good things of higher dimensions. Planet Earth can no longer sustain the toxic poisons that the cabal has been purposely emitting through chemical pollution from Monsanto c.s. and chemtrails, poisoning humanity, our waters, land, air, and seas. Our collective consciousness, spearheaded by the rise in power in the new Republic of the United States – USR, has reached a tipping point wherein the common people, with the exception of the cabal paid protesters, are preparing for a new era of peace and abundance.


Collective change must happen and is happening now. Wars will end. Poverty will be eradicated. Free energy will be released. There will be a total, peaceful and loving clean up of planet earth from all toxins, for which is envisioned the reunification with living beings from other planets. Mother Earth is capable of cleaning herself up and ridding herself of all sprayed toxins, with the help of higher vibrational beings living on the planet, who interact with their galactic neighbours. This is slowly unfolding and becoming a reality.



No strategy exists that can successfully eliminate the distortions caused by the fake-money system, with its fake interest rates, fake wealth, and fake savings. Only the implementation of the Gold Standard is the right solution to avoid the cabal planned economic crash. But this fact will be denied and delayed, resulting in a very tough fight between the Trump team and the Deep State allies that will fight to the bitter end to prevent this correction.

The curtain is now being pulled back to fully expose the Khazarian Mafia and its evil plan to infiltrate and tyrannise the entire world and eradicate all Religions allowing only their Babylonian Talmudism also known as Luciferianism, Satanism or ancient Baal worship.



Hate campaign:

The elite is constantly attempting to frame Donald Trump. The mainstream media hates him. Hollywood hates him. The “Intellectual Yet Idiot” academia class hates him. The CIA hates him. So does the rest of the Deep State, or the permanently entrenched “national security” bureaucracy. – They have done everything possible to stop Trump from taking office. None of it has worked. They have fired all their bullets, but he is still standing.


Of course, the Deep State could still try to assassinate Trump. It’s obvious this possibility has crossed his mind. He has taken the unusual step of supplementing his Secret Service protection team with loyal private security officers including 317 Russian special guards.


The Deep State’s next move is to pin the coming stock market collapse on Trump. So, that people think “Greater Depression,” automatically equals “Donald Trump.” The economy has been on life support since the 2008 financial crisis. The Fed has pumped it up with unprecedented amounts of “stimulus.” This has created enormous distortions and misallocations of capital that need to be flushed out. – Think of the trillions of dollars in money printing programs – euphemistically called quantitative easing (QE) 1, 2, and 3.


Stock market collapse:

If the Deep State wants to trigger a stock market collapse on par with 1929, it just has to pull the plug on the extraordinary life support measures it has used since the last crisis. It’s already baked in the cake. It’s just a matter of when they decide to trigger the controlled demolition. Donald Trump is the perfect guy to bring to the fall. There are signs the Deep State is already starting to get its revenge. The most important variables to watch are the Central Banksters, the establishment, and their TBTF-institutions.


Even though most politicians, economists, and experts in the mainstream media won’t admit it, central banks exist to help governments finance themselves, at the expense of the ordinary man. This is the hidden, but real reason Central Banks were founded. – The Fed accommodated Obama – effectively financing his regime’s deficits by creating enormous quantities of new currency units. It is doubtful, they will do Trump the same favour. While Trump will likely run up enormous deficits with his planned stimulus spending on infrastructure that is calculated at around $1 trillion, if the Fed doesn’t gobble up the debt created to finance Trump’s spending, it will result in interest rates being pushed up dramatically.


The establishment:

The establishment will get its revenge on Trump. The Federal Reserve is their weapon of choice. Trump seems aware of the situation. He recently said, “They’re keeping the rates down so that everything else doesn’t go down.” He also has said; “We have a very false economy” and the stock market is a “big, fat, ugly bubble.” During the campaign, Trump called Fed Chair Janet Yellen “highly political.” He said the Fed should raise interest rates but won’t because of “political reasons.” Because, raising rates before the election would have hurt Hillary Clinton.


King of Debt:

From an economic standpoint, there are three major traps woven into the Trump team.


  • The generals, who will fight to the death to defend the $1 trillion military-industrial-security complex in all its glory.
  • The Goldman Sachs boys, who want to maintain control for Wall Street and its privileges.
  • The “king of debt,” Donald Trump himself, who appears to have some good instincts, and probably bad ones too, but will not sit on his backside while the U.S. Empire of Debt collapses.


Debt, demographics, fake money, and zombie degeneration are all working against the U.S. economy. The elites have not only failed, they have also created a dysfunctional, parasite-ridden, wealth-destroying economy. “Better deals” won’t help. The point of no return with regard to usefulness of government and their policies has long been passed. Insiders are aware; Trump’s assets consist for 80% of debt that is held by China.


The monetary system was set up to be based on gold, which was to be the world’s reserve currency, supplemented by the American dollar, which was to be considered “as good as gold”. So the world’s monetary system was founded upon a lie:  the lie being that a promise is as good as the physical commodity it promises.


The Need for a permanent trade deficit:

The US is forced to run a permanent trade deficit with the rest of the world. Unceasingly, the US must purchase more from abroad, than what it sells to the rest of the world, in order to generate a permanent flow of dollars to the rest of the world. This flow creates the needed Monetary Reserves for other Central Banks in the rest of the world.


Without this constant flow of dollars from the US to the International Reserves of other Central Banks, their issued currencies would cease to exist. If other Central Banks, do not have dollars in their Reserves, then they don’t have money: without dollar Reserves, local currencies, in international terms, would be worthless.


In order to obtain dollars, it is necessary to sell products to American customers at a lower price than that which is demanded by an American producer. It is self-evident that there is no other means of introducing an export product into US territory, then by means of underselling an American competitor.


For this reason, the global elites created the IMF, as they have long wanted a supranational global currency, in the form of SDRs; a basket of several paper currencies, recently including the Chinese Yuan. The SDR is not based on sound economics or the interests of the common man. It’s just another absurd invention of the economic witch doctors in academia and government.


The SDR is dangerous. It gives the government – in this case, the global government – even more power. The SDR is nothing new. The IMF has been slowly building it up since 1969. They’ve just been patiently waiting for the right moment to use it to displace the US dollar as the world’s premier currency. – Another 1929- or 2008-style financial collapse would be the perfect excuse for the globalists to execute their SDR solution. Again; Problem – Reaction – Solution; the elites’ preferred strategy.


The coming financial collapse will sweep the world; chaos will spread out to every corner of the global economy. Stock prices, currencies, and commodities will thrash up and down. Tens of thousands of businesses will go bankrupt. However, in a crisis, valuable assets, such as precious metals, real estate, gold mines, oil deposits, and technologies are not destroyed. Instead, ownership simply changes hands, often abruptly, for cents on the euro. Most people don’t realise it, but this transfer of wealth is now set to accelerate.


The Reason for the deindustrialisation of the US:

This is the reason why a large part of what was once the great American manufacturing industry disappeared: the overwhelming need for the rest of the world to export to the US, in order to obtain the badly needed dollars, has caused the deindustrialisation of the US.


It is rather unfair to blame the rest of the world for having caused the deindustrialisation of the US. All nations have simply been operating according to the rules established by the US itself in the Bretton Woods Agreements: the dollar was implemented and enforced as the world’s reserve currency, and at all costs, it was pushed as imperative to have dollars in order to have a monetary system.


Should Mr. Trump attempt to eliminate or reduce the US trade deficit and protect and encourage US re-industrialisation by means of tariffs on imports, what he is going to achieve is a gag into the economies of the rest of the world with a scarcity of dollars that must be obtained by exports to the US, as there is no other way to get US-dollars. So, either way Trump has to follow the global elite with their SDR implementation, or alternatively, the implementation of the gold standard worldwide, with all national paper currencies being backed by Gold.


Gold preferred reserve asset:

For many seeking a safe haven, gold has become the reserve asset that is preferred to US Treasuries. True money will result in a world of balanced trade where there can be no trade deficits or trade surpluses.


Mr. Trump seemingly does not know it, but applying a policy of protectionism for American industry through tariffs on imports will result in the death of the world’s monetary system based on the dollar.


Trump fears no one:

A billionaire as commander in chief; Trump fears no one. Not the media. Not even the spooks at the CIA. He appears to be a brave truth-teller. This approach to politics has several advantages.

  • It is more entertaining than traditional party blah-blah;
  • It is more engaging and easier to follow.
  • It turns Mr. Trump into a champion: It sticks to the simple formula for a TV drama – with a hero, bad guys, and the inevitable triumph of good over evil.
  • It sidesteps the soft, ambiguous mud of real policies, and real political negotiations with Congress, which would likely make things worse.


Trumpism plays into the hands of the masses. Their hero takes on the Washington bureaucracy one day, ISIS murderers the next, and when necessary, private companies or even individuals that are subject to his Twitter-attacks.


Great Advantage:

Under Trumpism, the people’s hero is not held back by any particular loyalty – neither to individuals nor to creeds. Conservative? Liberal? Democrat? Republican? Voters don’t particularly care. And neither does their leader. Instead, he is free to pit one group up against another, surprising his enemies by attacking from unexpected angles and taking daring and novel positions for which the challenged parties lack “talking points.”


Nor is Trump forever at odds with yesterday’s enemies or forever bound to today’s friends. That’s why he can so easily embrace Goldman alumni. Though they were completely against him during the campaign, the Goldman boys will be useful to him now. And he will fire them with as much ease when he needs someone to blame for the failing economy – just as he demonstrated to the audiences during his first press conference refusing CNN the right to question him. Unrestrained by permanent alliances and unanchored to an ideology, Mr. Trump will be fun to watch.


The Elite Are Not Finished with Trump Just Yet: by Paul Craig Roberts

A recent example of how the elites made a miscalculation was their assumption that they could control peoples’ minds by controlling the mainstream media. This was a big miscalculation by overrating and overestimating the influence of the mainstream media. These days, people have an incredibly fast exchange of information via the Internet. Indeed, in the past, far more time was needed, to dig through libraries, dictionaries and other sources of information. A huge amount of time was spent on reading through all sorts of information from books, which were hard to find in the first place. Not anymore with the Internet. This is the reason why getting rid of free speech and the alternative media is the cabal’s main goal, as can be clearly seen from the drive for ‘political correctness’ and ‘fake news’ campaigns and the further censoring on various social media outlets. It’s an act of desperation as the fact of the matter is: the genie is already out of the bottle.