Personal Sovereignty:

For as long as can be remembered people’s collective awareness has been disempowered through the illusions of external authority, which has governed every aspect of life. Due to constant manipulation and deception our society has been transformed in the advantage of authorities themselves, consequently many struggle with the realisation that people can script their own live rather than relying on outside authority. So, WAKEUP and integrate your soul into empowerment, embodying your personal sovereignty, and learn to act from within, to practice and apply your own free will. Start with realising that our money is an illusion in the belief that it has real value. But in reality it is the creation of central Sovereigntybanking – owned by the Khazarian Mafia – that is practiced and consequently deserves the greatest public wrath, which should be abolished rather sooner than later.


New World Order:

In the New World Order there will be no independent existence, no governments, no royal families, no republics, no states or provinces. The ruling power behind the New World Order has already mastered the global flow of funds through central banks and large multinational corporations. It is this power that decides who the “democratic” countries rule by means of control of the press and the media. Today’s financial system is based on Babylonian debt slavery, which has got to be replaced by a transparent system controlled by the people. The current system transfers over 50% of the world’s wealth into the accounts of a tiny group of about one hundred elites, and 80% of all people owns just 5,5%, turning this 80% in debt slaves, with lower standards of living since the 1960s. When 1 in 9 people do not have enough to eat and more than a billion people still live on less than $1.25-a-day. In comparison when all the stolen assets by the cabal are distributed over the rightly owners, the public, you and me, and every child, that would make available to everyone the average sum of €250.000 in the industrialised world alone, and most likely for every living individual on the planet!



By providing large-scale loans to practically all countries, those have become dependent of the hidden ruling power. Governments that want to remain independent are vigorously addressed and enforced; their leaders are unseated, or murdered. If this is not possible through means of political propaganda, or being economically sanctioned, the CIA, Mossad, or military force will achieve their objective to submit them to the NWO-regime.


Abolish Central BanksThe bloodline families want to control the world, which required the joining of forces of the 13 influential families. Professor Adam Weishaupt drafted a plan in 1773, on request of Mayer Amschel Rothschild. The ultimate goal was, and still is, to create a world dictatorship with one leader at the top, located in Jerusalem -Israel.


In order to control mankind information has to be manipulated and freedoms be curtailed. By owning and manipulating the media and censoring the truth, it would be possible to influence people in a simple way, so that the rich families obtained optimal economical, financial and political domination over the world, with the ultimate goal to reduce human involvement to the point where they would accept everything. – To implement their world dictatorship, while the few opponents left, Illuminati-Vectoreasily could be eliminated.


Weishaupt founded in 1776 the Order of the Illuminati; actually a fascist Nazi organisation, which includes as their puppets all of today’s ‘accredited’ world leaders. – Treason or resignation is punishable by death.


The motto of Weishaupt’s organisation; ‘the goal justifies the means’. Each quality of civilisation, honour, decency, honesty, morality, ethics, and humanity is despised and casted aside as a sign of weakness to ensure civilized opponents are handed over to the conspirators. – Lies, deceit, dishonesty, cruelty, ruthlessness, and murder are seen literally as ‘virtues’: being the source of their power.


Money manipulation:

Consequently gold and silver are manipulated: Gold is described as the “barbarous relic”, however gold is neither barbarous nor a relic. The real barbarous relic is central banking. Those banksters are barbarous, because they conspired to put an end to Sir Isaac Newton’s brilliant invention – ‘the gold standard’ – that safeguarded sound money for 200 years.


Money is a fundamental building block of society because it allows people to interact with one another in the market process. Money existed long before governments and central banks began to “manage” it. Tragically, instead of being a neutral and unfettered tool in commerce, fair to one and all, money has become corrupted as an essential product of free markets. Money has become a matter of force and decree, which is disruptive to the free market process and therefore harmful to society.


The only way for financial survival is investing in life saving gold and silver, which represent real money, and shows disdain for the paper Money manipulation puppetssubstitutes ruled by the central banks. This will force nations to issue honest sound money.


Prior to the creation of the first central bank, which is the Bank of England, privately owned by the Rothschild family, offered every exchange in the trading activity called “market process” an exchange of value for value. In other words, gold was exchanged for land, silver for food, etc. – assets were traded for assets. The Bank of England changed this process by creating money substitutes, called ‘banknotes’ that are not a tangible asset, like gold or silver. Banknotes are merely money substitutes and not money itself. Money substitutes are a liability of the bank that issues paper currency, which creates all kinds of payment risks that does not exist when using tangible assets as currency.


The Federal Reserve Bank is not only responsible for the crisis of 1929, but also the global crisis that prevails since 2008, all crisis were pre-planned according to the script of the Illuminati-protocols to suck financially the people empty and force them on the knees. As is read in protocol 2:13-14:


“Using the gold, which is entirely in our hands, we will by all hidden means initiating a general economic crisis, to disrupt the financial markets, the industry and business and whole armies of workers in all countries Europe simultaneously will lose their jobs. This will do no harm to us, because the time of the attack will be known by us, while we will have taken measures to protect ours.”


Central banks like the Federal Reserve Bank, actually are not banks and don’t have reserves, they act in secrecy and are not held accountable for their actions. For example,


“…the so-called Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve is far from open. It meets and makes decisions behind closed doors. The minutes released one month later are thoroughly redacted, leaving outsiders in the dark about the members’ deliberations. Central bankers consider themselves – and act as if they are – above the law. Moreover, this secrecy favours insiders, and it is this fundamental principle, upon which central banks’ market intervention has been constructed, including, for example, their intervention in the gold market.



Central banks can acquire government debt and use it to create currency out of thin air against charging interest for governments to spend wherever they like, by creating inflation, enabling governments to steal hidden from their citizens.


Disinformation from central banks makes people believe that inflation is “climbing prices.” Which is a lie and nonsense by changing the definition of inflation to “rising prices” rather than what it really is –THEFT – it ordinary is monetary debasement engineered by central banks!



To give just one example, consider how central banks account for their gold holdings. “They carry both gold in the vault and gold out on loan as one line item on their balance sheets.” In effect, central banks are saying that they can ignore the truthful disclosure established by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). As a result, they can report both cash and accounts receivable as one and the same thing. Which in normal business practice is called fraud.


Command and Control Economy:

Central banks have, in effect, turned the market into a command – state-run – and control economy. The power to create money out of thin air brings with it the much greater power to control a nation’s economy, and therefore the economic destiny of millions. Central bankers today act like the former Soviet Union politburo members, who pulled strings and pushed buttons to try to make the economy – meaning each and every one of us who participate in the economy – bend to their control. But it is not only the economic destiny of millions that is determined by central banks. The exercise of power by central banks raises subtle, but potentially more disturbing, issues.


Proliferation of Control and Restrictions:

Central bankers and their comrades in government know that the power of the command-economy they have claimed requires them to walk a fine line between prosperity and economic collapse, given the intrinsic fragility of the credit-based monetary system they operate. To try to reduce this ever-growing fragility – in a vain attempt to make it easier for central banks to control the command economy effectively and totally – governments have taken away peoples’ freedom. Central banks usher in controls, like the reporting of bank accounts and funds transfers, and policies. Further the “too big to fail” policy underwrites bad decisions at banks with taxpayers’ money. Controls preserve a central bank’s stranglehold on power regardless of whether they are doing a good or a bad job – which usually is bad – in the command-economy.


The command-economy that central banks operate encourages the growth of debt, rather than savings. Banks want to expand their balance sheets – by making more loans – in order to earn greater profits. – Credit expansion provides the public with opportunities to acquire new things, which creates an illusion of prosperity that makes people believe their wealth, is rising.


Control EconomyThe result of this debt-induced pseudo-prosperity is a satisfied populace, which tends to prolong governmental power and politicians’ privileges. Instead of following a sound and time-tested “pay as you go” policy, consumers, businesses, and governments have adopted a new belief – “buy now and pay later.” The mountain of debt that exists today, and the excessive consumption that continues to enlarge that mountain, are the direct results of central banks’ activity and their need to grow more debt to avoid the inevitable bust that would follow if the debt growth were to stop.


Richard Russell explains this in three words: “Inflate or die.” That reality explains why former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said, in effect, that he would drop $100 bills from helicopters if necessary to inflate the economy.


Not far in the future, when the world reserve currency the U.S. dollar collapses as partner in a long list of other fiat currencies that may have collapsed before it, people will look back and ask themselves how it was possible that barbarous institutions like central banks could have deceived so many people into thinking they were good institutions acting in the public interest. The answer is that central banks have created the illusion of prosperity. Because people think that they are well off, they have no reason to question basic principles that they are led to believe. For this reason, people are easily persuaded into believing that gold is the barbarous relic, that central banks are doing a good job, that officially measured inflation is low, and that their financial future is secure. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.


The Final Solution:

Understanding the evil practices of central banking now people’s empowerment should end their blatant fraud. Apart from a few, most central banks are privately owned by the Khazarian Mafia. Rothschild established and owns the first central bank of the world – ‘the Bank of England’. Money is an illusion indoctrinated publicly through lies and deception, this must end, since the central banks are the Mafia’s main source of income to dictate, manipulate, and conquer the world and markets. Fortunately, anonymous individuals are balancing their hubris against the risk of failure to help us the people to liberate our world from the centuries long tyranny, and are scheduled to build a more dynamic economy, with new social contracts that will come in existence thereafter. The only question is whether sufficient good people in governments are hospitable to these efforts. By being alert to the many signals around us anyone can better navigate through the turbulence to the treasures of the world economy instead of being continuously overwhelmed, suppressed, and surprised by it.



Austrian economics:

What better way to silent demands for a return to sound money and the gold standard, than by making them equivalent to jihadist terrorism? Why, there are none, which may explain the hilarious appearance of the “Islamic State’s” latest pro gold standard video clip, which is nothing but a crash course in Austrian economics.



Dollar ollapseEconomic collapse in progress… Bill Holter says “Something Just Happened”. In fact, something changed three weeks ago and a series of events began which has led to a cascading collapse in global markets and some very strange happenings in the precious metals markets.

In silver last week there was confirmed volume of 122,482 contracts traded in a single day which represents 612 MILLION ounces of physical silver … or over 87% of annual global silver production. Meanwhile China has sold $100 billion worth of Treasury bonds over the last two weeks.

Bill warns, the leverage in all markets suggests a bank “holiday” will occur because the unwinding cannot be orderly. The “unwinding” by the way will need to undue the credit built upon credit going all the way back to Aug. 15, 1971.

Mr Holter concludes:

“We’re going to have an absolute Biblical collapse of our standard of living, and no one even has a clue that it’s coming.”


Gold price to soar 50% overnight:

Rumors have been swirling that China is quietly hoarding gold for one purpose: To unseat the United States as the world’s largest holder of gold, and to “dethrone” the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.


The “official” update released earlier this summer by the Chinese government shows it will still be years or decades before they reach that goal. – But analyst Matt Badiali has researched this story closely, and thinks China could be fooling the world.


According to his research, China could already have more gold than the United States. And it could be preparing to shock the world with that announcement. He believes the news could “light a fire” under the price of gold. Instead of resuming its gradual, long-term rise, gold prices could soar as much as 50% overnight.



Rob Kirby discuss the latest from the CRIMEX, which at this point in still known more widely as the COMEX, where available registered, deliverable PHYSICAL gold has fallen to an all-time low of 202,000 ounces! There is now 228 ounce of PAPER claims for every ounce of deliverable, registered gold.
“The Comex has been a Ponzi scheme for a great many years and what they’ve been playing is a shell game,” says Rob Kirby. “The gold market has been rife with criminality and fraud for a great many years now. We used to think that the gold that’s available is hiding under a shell and they move it around, and the day might be coming in the very near future where we turn all of the shells over and find out there’s nothing.”



Global Economy Is Imploding: “Take Possession Of Your Physical Gold”

Financial analyst Michael Pento warns, “The market is extremely overvalued. If revenue and earnings growth is negative, if global growth is falling, if U.S. growth is falling, if margin debt is at a record high and cash is at a record low, and the only thing we had going for the markets is trillions of dollars in QE and 0% interest rates, and now we are going to lose that. Why would anybody think the stock market is going to hold up very well? I think the stock market crashes, and I think it is going to be the same thing that happened in 2007. As the stock market goes, so goes housing and so goes the economy. It happens over and over again throughout history. It will never be more so true than today.”