The trap is set to bring the economy down

The truth is about to come out



Central banksters are doing whatever they can do to stay in power

The Central Banksters want control. That is their business model. They put governments into debt to control them by creating fake currency and loaning it to the government who then have to listen to what the banksters say. Otherwise they go after the real assets and that is the reason why governments and the populace are put into debt on a massive scale. The central banks don’t want to give up this control. That is the reason they don’t want Brexit to happen, so these talks may end in failure. There is a 60% likelihood of a no deal outcome, as the central bankers insist on maintaining their debt-based control system. The entire economic system has been breaking down since 2008. The central banks created an illusion to make everyone believe the economy has recovered, but as is known by many, it did not. Now the same central banks are getting ready to bring down the economy, but they first need someone to blame. That’s why they have started announcing that it may happen as soon as 2020.


The central banksters are doing whatever they possibly can, to make sure the UK does not leave or not break away completely. They will never give up their control. They will fight back till the very end, as they don’t need an army for this.


Simply put, the bankers control almost every government. This has been the case ever since the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and it was further solidified with the removal of the gold standard in 1971. For the most part, the public believes that the government receives money via the taxes collected from its citizens. This money in turn, so it is believed, is what pays for all of the services and programs needed to keep the country functioning. But, this is not the case at all. Instead, not one penny paid to the government by the people actually pays for any services or programs.


The money collected from citizens goes directly to the privately owned Central Banks. This is the way central banks actually work: The C-Bank loans money to, and buys the debts of the government. But, the banks do not really have the money they borrow, so when they need it, they just print more. The money that they print is not worth anything because there is nothing backing it. In the past the United States Dollar was backed through the so-called “Gold Standard” and that was what determined the value of the currency.



Trusting the Government is an Axiom

The average person has been programmed to trust the government. It starts with their grade school civics books, and continues through college courses on “political science,” where they are pre-programmed to manipulate and deceive the people.  Sure, everyone knows governments make mistakes and are occasionally clumsy. But the average person actually thinks the government is his friend.


This is why they’re perfectly willing to give up privacy for convenience. They think their interests are in the hands of competent, good humoured, and good-natured people. But that’s not the case at all.


The government is an entity with its own interests. It’s like a parasite or a predator that is living off of society at large. This trend will likely continue until there’s a crisis.


The current banking system is very dysfunctional. It’s politicised and distorted, while today’s “too big to fail” institutions are already practically arms of the State. Horrible practises; paying their management mega millions, while socialising their losses.

Banks have historically provided two banking services; the storage of money and the brokerage of money. Money was a commodity, not just an accounting fiction. It was a floating abstraction. The distinction has already been lost, with checking accounts that pay interest, and “fractional reserve” policies with currency created from nothing. But people would truly live in dreamland if the Central Bank truly became everyone’s bank. For now, the Central Bank is totally in charge of interest rates and all lending policies, without any competition.


The Gold Clause

In order to deal with mounting debts and the printing of money to pay for dozens of new social programs, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made in 1933, two extraordinary changes to the financial system. First, he closed banks for four days and forced Americans to turn in and exchange each ounce of gold they owned for $20.67 in paper money. Then the government raised the price of gold, wiping out 69% of the savings of anyone who followed these rules.

Many frequent readers are familiar with this part of the story, but that was only the beginning. Roosevelt also eliminated the “gold clause” in all contracts, including loans, bonds, and other financial instruments. At the time, people became worried the government might inflate away the value of their money. So they added a gold clause, which stated; repayments could be required to be made in gold.


These gold clauses were in federal loans, bank deposits, insurance contracts, and other private agreements. When Roosevelt outlawed the gold clause, he stole billions from investors. In fact, a Harvard paper estimates this rule took $700 million a year in 1933 dollars from private investors who bought government bonds.


Billions more were stolen from folks who lost money from the elimination of the gold clause in private contracts, bank accounts, and insurance deals. Eliminating the gold clause was so controversial that investors sued the government. The case went to the Supreme Court. Roosevelt was terrified his Debt Jubilee would be overturned. He even drafted a speech saying he would ignore the court if it ruled against him.


Ultimately, his political pressure worked and the court ruled 5-4 in Roosevelt’s favour. Of course, there were consequences; Tens of millions of people lost massive amounts of their savings. And after booming, the stock market soon fell 50% in a single year.


Investor confidence was crushed. Supreme Court Justice Harlan Fiske Stone vowed he would never buy another federal bond.


Debt Jubilee

Another Debt Jubilee was about 40 years later; starting in the late 1960s, another populist uprising took place; it was a combination of economic and social upheaval. All over the country, there was one clash after another; small farmers fought banks and railroads; Union workers battled with their bosses and federal judges. On college

Protesters in the U.K. call for a jubilee.

campuses, students fought anyone with authority. Election rallies routinely ended in violence. In 1968 alone, there were violent uprisings in more than 120 U.S. cities.


At the same time, a major financial crisis was brewing. The government and individuals had borrowed exorbitant sums of money and many had a hard time repaying creditors, because at the time every dollar was required to be backed by $0.25 worth of gold. So the government couldn’t print unlimited amounts of money out of thin air.


Also, foreign creditors who owned U.S. government bonds were allowed to collect repayments in gold bullion, instead of dollars, so gold reserves were quickly disappearing. From 1958 to 1968, 52% of America’s gold reserves left the country in the form of repayments for US-debts. The government was scared. It knew there was only one way out; another Debt Jubilee. First they eliminated the 25% gold-backing of every dollar. Then, in 1971, President Richard Nixon completely defaulted on the US promise to pay gold for dollars to foreign creditors.


Fake Dollar

It was the Central Bank who put the post-1971 fake dollar in place when Nixon cut the dollar’s final connection to gold. And it was this fake dollar that turned America from the world’s biggest creditor to the world’s biggest debtor; and turned it from having the world’s biggest trade surplus to the world’s biggest trade deficit.


This turnaround destroyed breadwinner jobs, leaving the baby boomer generation with declining real incomes, part-time jobs, and no surpluses to save. Finally, it was the Fed, with its ultra-low interest rates – the Fed still lends at rates below inflation – that made saving money uncool, unprofitable, and unnecessary.


How will a trade war – with higher consumer prices – help keep old people from going broke? How will bigger deficits reduce federal debt? How will continuing to spend real resources on phony wars make Americans safer or better off? Clearly this is going to end in chaos, if nothing is undertaken to stop this.


The trap is set to bring the economy down

The plan to bring the economy down has been put into motion; GDP, savings and unemployment calculations are being changed for one important reason: to take the narrative away from the Central Bank. The system is about to come down and the Fed will be blamed for the entire system collapsing.


The Central Banks kept the system running longer for the purpose of bringing the world into the one world government. For the same reason, all countries have to be brought down equally to the lowest standard of living in order to create a level playing field for even integration into the NWO system. However, the cabal became interrupted in their obscure plans through the election of Trump. Their plans began to fall apart when Hillary was not elected.


Subsequently, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a cabal-designed trade agreement was struck down by Trump and cancelled, followed by the NAFTA-trade deal, now under negotiation. This is also one of the reasons that Brexit is being obstructed by Theresa May, the British Premier.

Specifically through these trade agreements, the wealth of the west has been off-loaded to other countries via the WTO.


Now, the Central banks are working hard to implode the economy in order to blame it on Trump, because, the Central banksters want to control the narrative. Meanwhile, the economy is being pushed to the edge. But the patriots have a different plan. The entire Alliance plan is to make it seem as though the President is allowing the economy to get back on track, and is doing better than ever.



Destroying the Central Banks

The corporate media and the Deep State do not know how to handle this information because they were hoping that the trade war and interest tariffs would destroy the economy. However, this entire Alliance plan is to push the Fed to do what they do best, bring down the economy. They will fight back and they will try to resist, but in the end they will have no choice but to raise interest rates.


GDP has doubled, the savings rate has gone up, and the unemployment rate has been cut in half. The economy is not doing poorly and the MSM cannot handle this any other way then to give Obama all the credit for the improvement instead of Trump. But Trump and the patriots have set up this trap in turn in order to be able to control the economic narrative and force the FED to bring the economy down by raising interest rates, as they have been saying for such a long time. Now they are saying it is not necessary, because the economy is much stronger – even though it is all based on fake numbers.

They are trying to figure a way out of this trap, even though it has become very difficult, as they have been hammering on raising interest rates for such a long time and Trump has confirmed this by saying that the FED does what they think is best. – This is the set up to let Fed bring down the economy. In the meantime, in addition to this, Congress is on the verge of requesting a FED-audit.


Everything was made to look better to trick the banks en de MSM, as their narrative has been for so long ‘to raise the rates as everything looks better’. Now the central banks have to continue with the interest rate hike.


The whole farce is a set up, since only the statistical numbers were changed to provide the illusion that the economy is doing better. – Now the narrative belongs to Trump and the patriots, as confirmed by the statistical numbers.


The economy is not going to collapse due to Trump, but due to the Central banksters. The Alliance needs to push in a certain way to get the Deep State out, for the necessary transition from a crooked financial system into a brand new QFS – Quantum Financial System.


With that in mind, a few weeks ago Trump explicitly said to the Fed; ‘Raise your rates, you know best how to run the economy’. – At an interest rate of approximately 3% the economy will collapse.


Destroying the old Economy

The Cabal have been using Western nations to serve as their main platform to financially dominate the global economy. So, what Trump is doing is destroying the old economy and getting it ready for the new economy. The only way to do this is to destroy the central banks, because if the central bank destroys the economy they will only make a temporary fix and the same thing will happen again a couple of years down the road.



This ‘trap’ opens the possibility to take over the fed and all other central banks as a consequence. It is the beginning of the next phase. Once the Fed has crashed the economy, because they are pushed into this predicament by raising interest rates, then Trump and the patriots will control the narrative.


All privately-owned Central Banks will become obsolete and will cease to exist. The whole monetary system will be moved to the new QFS-system, already waiting in the wings. The SWIFT monetary transfer system will be stopped internationally. Meanwhile the new CHIPS transfer system has become operational. Gold is going to be reinstituted as money. The Cabal Central Banksters have been pushing to force the collapse of the financial system before the new QFS is fully implemented. The Alliance have been actively countering this push. They also knew that the Cabal banking system applied hidden rules that were designed to confiscate people’s funds. For this reason the QFS was created.


After this transition, Governments will no longer have any involvement in the issuance of money – this will be the responsibility of the people – while all central banks will be abolished. The world does not have to wait for another reserve currency, all countries need to do, is to use their own asset-backed currencies.


Banks will no longer hold clients’ funds, but only serve as financial advice centers. Accountholders will have complete control of their monies under the transparent and digital Quantum Financial System.


The Truth is about to come out

Many people are tired of fake news and increasing numbers of people are saying that they have switched off the BBC and in some cases they don’t watch TV at all. The movement is growing more and more each day. People want closed borders instead of open borders. Meanwhile Trump is building up the military to protect citizens against the Deep State, and not to intervene in foreign wars.


On a final note, Q has reported that Trump is looking to declassify the FISA memo. The clock is ticking for the Deep State; the ruling cabal, as the truth is coming out.