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New World Order

Planetary Transformation

Negative Forces Sabotage Positive Initiatives The Power of the Sovereign Conscience They try to stop us, but they know they can’t!   Negative Forces Sabotage Positive Initiatives Today’s theme calls attention to an important detail, to reassure most of us…. Continue Reading →

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Eye-opening secret information almost nowhere to be found   The Intention is People without Wealth Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands WW2 traitor It is all about Speed of Communication Documents from 1954 prove all this!   The Intention is People… Continue Reading →

One World Government

Open your Eyes Government is people’s greatest enemy The Bankers Control Government Everything is a lie can you imagine a world without lawyers? Disclosure of the past Democracy is the problem – Anarchy the natural solution   Open your Eyes… Continue Reading →

Global Swamp

How Planet Earth is being Ruined  Introduction To defeat our oppressors, it is essential to know their organisational structure and tactics used. The previous article outlined their structure, apparently still understood by few. The following exposes their applied modus operandi…. Continue Reading →

Who murdered God’s Banker?

Banco Ambrosiano  Scandal Suicide Corrected as Murder Prince Bernhard vetoed Pope John Paul I House of Cards Scandalised Money Laundering   Banco Ambrosiano Scandal The apparent suicide in June, 1982 of an Italian financier known as ”God’s banker,” who was… Continue Reading →

Fake money bubble bursts

The Chains of Your Slavery Let Mr. Market set prices and interest rates Fake interest rates provide fake capital What readers write   The Chains of Your Slavery All countries are stalled. They have built their economies on fake money… Continue Reading →

Invisible Government

Economic Royalists Centralisation of Power Financially Suppressed Citizens Robber Barons Deprogramming Brainwashed People Virtually Impossible Graphene Rain, Scientists Sound Alarm   Economic Royalists Governments once were called our government before it was taken over by Wall Street gang; the mega-corporations and the… Continue Reading →

Swiss Octogon Templars

Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda Don’t Fall in the Frequency of Fear   Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda Vibrational frequencies via 5G, connect man’s consciousness with the Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda. It is the Anunnaki-Archon groups on planet Saturn that manipulate Consciousness energies to spread… Continue Reading →

New World Order

Government is people’s greatest enemy The world of Agenda 2030 Dancing to the beat of music Transhumanisme paradise of technology Transition and Defeat of the Deep State Cabal    Government is people’s greatest enemy If humans do not realise this,… Continue Reading →

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