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End of Cycle brings Economic Collapse

Dominos start to fall Wake up, read the headlines, see another bank panic… Precious metals are your safe haven Major sovereign debt crisis Banking crisis unfolding The Final Card   Dominos start to fall A “Too Big To Fail” Bank… Continue Reading →

How money enslaves humanity

Freedom from slavery begins with freedom from corrupt money systems Money creation privilege is extra funding for banking sector Fractional Reserve Mistakes Fake money The fraud summarised Collapse of Global banking system    Fractional reserve banking fraud Once this issue… Continue Reading →

Consciousness and Oneness defeats Cabal

Babylonian Moneychangers Money from nothing Consciousness and Oneness defeats Deep State Power Banking system on the verge of collapse Our liberation becomes fact by self-destruction of our tyrants Discovery of Truth opens to you the Future The Collapse of the… Continue Reading →

More about Consciousness

Consciousness or being programmed?     Global Suicide Cult Be happy with your sanity and life, forget corrupt governments because they will soon be removed. Some say money makes you happy, but money only buys material things.   Happiness and… Continue Reading →

Eyes-opening Truth

Our future under the Cabal Regime Jesuit Conspiracy Knights of Malta cooperate with Jesuits Hegelian synthesis; communism versus capitalism How Hitler made Germany prosperous The true Winston Churchill   Our future under the Cabal Regime The ruling power behind the… Continue Reading →

Consciousness is Key to 5D-World

It’s all about Intuition and Logical Thinking Energy Filters Get ready for the biggest transformation into a new reality   It’s all about Intuition and Logical Thinking Consciousness is the password to enter the world of the 5th Dimension. You… Continue Reading →

Our money system proven corrupt

Introduction How Hitler defied the bankers German government issued its own money Own money not backed by gold creates more jobs No debt and no inflation Twist the Truth to repeat History Conclusion and Solution Who controls our money?  … Continue Reading →

The Creation of Mankind

Servants and Workers Noah and the Great Flood The new Earthly Being Story is Secret Important to Know Who and What You Are At the Source We are All One    Servants and Workers The aim was to develop a… Continue Reading →

Liberation Planet Earth

Introduction Pleiadian mechanics of multi-dimensionality Earth Alliance Space Weather Intel Introduction Over the centuries, the Pleiadeans have always been a guiding light for the beings on planet Earth, bringing clarity and hope to our inner world! The following information comes… Continue Reading →

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