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Everything is Revealed

Unique Event This moment is unique yet unprecedented in our Cosmos; Two worlds in one, the 3D enveloped by the 5D world. Everyone who is ready and passes the 5D exam stays on planet Earth which is now in transformation… Continue Reading →

Historical Research 4

Don’t be modest Our true history tells all about our future, when this series of ‘historical research’ is understood, more people will be open to it. From then on, historiography will be popular, widely known, studied and taught in schools,… Continue Reading →

Eye opener of this Century

Unfortunately, humanity has sunk deeper into negativism than initially expected. If the number of irrelevant, poorly edited comments is any measure, the prospects for the number going to the new 5D world are pathetic. While expecting a third to successfully… Continue Reading →

Historical Research 3

Unknown Makes Unbeloved In this series of historical research, the culture of our ancestors is revealed step by step; they possessed a wide knowledge of the universe; had various skills that  are unknown to us today, but were fortunately preserved… Continue Reading →

Planetary Transition Biggest Event Ever

Crossroad in our Civilisation You Must be Strong Now   Crossroad in our Civilisation Planet Earth and its humanity are now experiencing a unique moment of change called Planetary Transition. Everything will be very intense! Profound changes are taking place… Continue Reading →

The immortal magician Rodamir

Translated and edited by Peter B. Meyer – Jan 8, 2024 Recommended!   Mythology Mythology is a genre of folklore or theology consisting mainly of stories that play a fundamental role in a society, such as base stories or origin… Continue Reading →

Historical Investigation 2

Our real history provides more information about where we have arrived and are going as humans than the so-promoted future which is fake, phony and false. FWC tries to educate readers with reliable historical facts. Without this knowledge, ascension is… Continue Reading →

Planetary Transition from 3D to 5D

Humanity is Thoroughly Brainwashed The Old Frequency becomes Unbearable     Humanity is Thoroughly Brainwashed The Anunnaki lowered the Earth’s frequency and its polarisation from positive to negative, meant for war and destruction. The more people are killed, the better… Continue Reading →

Historical Investigation 1

It is time, to realise that just ten generations ago, humanity was much more advanced than we are today! This startling conclusion is based on architectural facts that show shocking evidence by mediocre quality of today’s constructions.   Our Fatherland… Continue Reading →

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