Electromagnetic Dance

Humans live their lives in a daily electromagnetic dance with Mother Earth. The Earth is hardly a stable world. In fact, it pulsates every day with powerful rhythms of electrical and magnetic force, and so do we. This essay explores some remarkable aspects.


The Earth produces a magnetic field much like a bar magnet. Any compass needle will tell us that the North Pole of our Earth’s magnet is close to the physical North Pole, which is one end of the axis on which our planet rotates.


Life on Earth would be impossible without this field, called the geomagnetic field. The geomagnetic field also deflects the solar wind, a deadly blast of electrically charged, high-energy particles from the Sun. Mars has no magnetic field, which makes its surface hostile to life.


But the geomagnetic field takes a beating while doing its job. The field is depressed when it is hit by ‘gusts’ of solar wind, much like a warrior whose shield deflects a powerful enemy sword thrust, but recoils in the process.


An aurora can be caused by an unusually strong solar gust, and is roughly analogous to the ringing of the shield under a particularly vicious blow. During the northern lights, air molecules at the top of the atmosphere are so excited by the impact of the solar wind that they glow.

As our part of the Earth rotates into the sunlight at dawn, the geomagnetic field recoils from the impact of the solar wind and this affects the field lines. Field lines can be thought of as linear incarnations of the magnetic field. Scatter iron filings on a piece of paper over a magnet and you will see the filings arrange themselves along these invisible lines of force.


At dawn, the magnetic field lines shrink and become stronger. This means that the strength of the geomagnetic field that runs through the land, our homes, our bodies and our brains increases at dawn.


Conversely, at night, the geomagnetic field lines are no longer compressed by the solar wind and they gradually stretch out into a long tail emanating from the dark side of the planet in a pattern reminiscent of a comet. This stretching of the field lines weakens them. The end result of all this is that the geomagnetic field weakens at night, only to roar back quickly as dawn approaches.


There are places where the local geology makes this effect stronger than in others, due to the principles of electromagnetism.


Magnetricity is a single word for a reason

Magnetism and electricity are inextricably linked. A moving electric current creates a magnetic field, and a changing magnetic field creates an electric current in anything that will carry it. This is how our power stations work. The physical force of coal, oil or falling water moves a mass of copper wires past a giant magnet, and an electric current is generated. This is the physical principle of induction.


The Earth itself is subject to the same forces. When dawn brings a change in the strength of the magnetic field, it actually generates weak DC currents in the ground. Like all electrical currents, these telluric currents pass through some media better than others. Soil with a lot of metal or water in it conducts these natural, everyday currents particularly well. Drier or less metallic soils conduct them less well.


Where these two types of soil meet is what geologists call a conductivity discontinuity, and this is where interesting things happen. The ground current that hits this boundary tends to either strengthen or weaken these daily magnetic variations.


This change in magnetic field strength in turn generates more electric current. Conductivity discontinuities are therefore ‘happening places’. Their magnetic fluctuations and ground currents are much higher than in the surrounding areas.


Fortunately for us, it is the z-axis of the geomagnetic field – the axis our magnetometer measures – that is affected in this way. The trick for the ancient mound and pyramid builders – particularly in the lightning-rich Americas – was to build a mound on an electrically active spot, such as a conductivity discontinuity, then make the embankment high enough and narrow enough to attract a dense cluster of atmospheric field lines – all without attracting lightning.


Neither these dams nor the pyramids of the New World had pointed tops, as in Egypt, to reduce the chances of a lightning strike. However, many of the larger Native American earthen dams had wooden temples on top, which were struck by lightning every few years and burned to the ground.

There are other methods that ancient architects used to concentrate and harness natural electromagnetic energies. One important effect of these ground currents is that they attract electrified air molecules of opposite signatures. A positive electric current in the ground will attract negatively charged air molecules and vice versa. These effects are amplified on islands and peninsulas.


Although we are familiar with the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, the truth is that these structures are not confined to these two countries. There are more than 1000 pyramids in Central America alone. There are 300 pyramids in China and over 200 in Sudan. The original pyramids of Egypt and other places may have played an even more important role in the production of electromagnetic energy, and for this they were the first to be neutralised.


The ancient pyramids and star fortresses were so strong and powerful that many had to be submerged, such as the ‘Bu hen’ fortress in Egypt, now at the bottom of Lake Nassar, in one of the world’s greatest floods (1958).


Next to it was an old copper factory and a town of 100,000 people. The pyramid-shaped power stations were called “tombs of the pharaohs” and were covered by sand, water, ice or vegetation, like the pyramids of the Faroe Islands, Antarctica, Bosnia, Russia and China.


The world’s most famous pyramid site is Egypt, with around 120 pyramids. Wikipedia says there are 118 pyramids. But the mainland of pyramids is Latin America or Mesoamerica!


Everyone knows the pyramids of the Yucatan Peninsula and the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico, but there are actually more than several hundred flat-top pyramids with terraces and stairs.


There are 18 famous Mayan archaeological sites in Yucatan, and each site has between 3 and 20 pyramids. This means that the average number of pyramids in Yucatan is 230-250. It is impossible to know exactly how many pyramids there are in all of Mexico.


Peace on Earth ~ Free Energy Everywhere

Ancient Europe still has many secrets. In 2005-2006 the great pyramid structure was found and studied in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later some pyramid mounds were found by amateur researchers in Italy and Slovenia. In addition, there are nearly 10 pyramids in Greece, one in France, several in Spain and dozens in Sicily (Italy) and Tenerife (Spain), a large hill pyramid in England known as Silbury Hill.


In western Russia, there are also several hill pyramids around the city of Samara and in the city of Volgograd, known as Mamaev Kurgan, where the largest monument dedicated to the victims of the Second World War now stands on top of the man-made pyramid mound.


In 2011, a group of researchers from Moscow found two pyramids on the Klosky Peninsula, far from towns and roads. These pyramids have the shape of stone mounds.


Pyramids in the Asian region

The main country interested in pyramid research is China. There are more than 200 pyramids of various shapes and sizes in central China, in Xi’an and Luoyang, built from local clay and soil materials.


The Great Pyramid may in fact have been a kind of Tesla Tower. Nikola Tesla built his own tower in 1903. Tesla claimed that there was a layer of rarefied air at 30,000 feet.


The Tesla Tower was a transmitter that sent millions of volts into the atmosphere. Then, with a kind of rod in the ground and some special modifications, the energy would be received and the voltage lowered for use by consumers.


Since induction works between copper wires over short distances, the same principle can be applied over longer distances by converting acoustic energy into kinetic energy and matching their frequencies.


This can be seen in practice when an opera singer shatters a wine glass with her voice: the frequency of the singer’s voice matches the resonance frequency of the glass, at which the acoustic energy is converted into kinetic energy.

In this way, a magnetically oscillating current with a second current of the same frequency can travel wirelessly through solid materials over long distances. The frequency emitted by the pyramid would have to match that of the surrounding area.


Perhaps this would explain why large stone obelisks, such as the Washington Monument, with quartz stones on their surfaces, could have acted as receivers, like Tesla’s specially modified rods.


The pyramids and obelisks were made of granite, which is huge and heavy and extremely difficult to work, move and transport from the quarry in Aswan, 500 miles away, which would have been a gigantic task, and even then only for purely religious or decorative purposes?


In all, the Egyptians made 28 obelisks, so it would have been a massive undertaking. Only 8 are still standing in Egypt today. However, there are also standing Egyptian obelisks in Istanbul, Rome, London, Paris and New York. It has been suggested that these were stolen from Egypt, but considering that even the lightest obelisk weighed 110 tonnes, up to a maximum of 323 tonnes, who would bother to transport such a heavy object thousands of miles just to steal a huge block of stone for decorative purposes?


It is far more likely that the Egyptians were in the process of building a global power distribution network that was neither completed nor destroyed thousands of years ago.


If the ancient Egyptians had electricity, it would explain why so many ancient carvings seem to depict giant light bulbs. It would also explain why there are no soot marks from burning torches inside the pyramid; in other words, they may have had electric lighting.


Think about this and write your thoughts in the comments section.

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Information taken from the book “The One World Tartarians”

The greatest civilisation of all time, To Be Erased From History

By James W. Lee


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