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Very little is known about our past history. More is found in the Slavic culture, because the cabal was not able to intervene in it for lack of knowledge, as it did in the West? Fortunately, therefore, much more has been preserved than originally thought!

In order to raise a worthy generation of descendants, we are taken through a special initiation course where our souls are placed in mortal bodies under the worst possible conditions to train them, provided there is always a balance of power.

This article has attempted to combine much unknown knowledge and science with Western insights to provide a clear understanding.


Book of Wisdom of Perun

Perun Vedas Santies, the Book of Wisdom of Perun, is one of the most ancient Slavic-Aryan sacred legends, preserved by the Sages-Keepers of the Ancient Russian Yngliistical Church, in short ARYC.


Santies, in the original form, could only be called a book in a figurative sense, because Santies – are plates, made of noble, non-rusting metal, on which Ancient H’Aryan Runes are inscribed.


Ancient runes are not letters or hieroglyphs in our modern understanding, runes are secret images that store vast amounts of information. This ancient form of runic writing hasn’t disappeared like many other ancient alphabets and remains the main form of writing used by the Wise Ones of ARYC.


In ancient times, H’Aryan runes were used as the basis for the creation of various simplified forms of writing: Ancient Sanskrit, Devanagari, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic-Scandinavian runes and various other runic inscriptions. In order to preserve the H’Aryan Runic script for our descendants, it is taught in the theological seminaries of the ARYC, so that the ancient wisdom doesn’t disappear in hard times and is passed on from generation to generation.


To imagine what Santies look like, remember that each Santy consists of 4 plates. Each plate has 4 shlocks (2 on each side) and each shlock has 9 lines. Each line has a single upper “heavenly” line under which 16 runes are written. 9 Santies on 36 plates form one circle, and these plates, containing 144 shlocks, are fastened together with 3 rings.9 circles of Santies, containing 1296 shlocks, or 11664 lines, or 186624 mutually controlled H’Aryan runes, make up the pictorial collection called VEDA, since ancient times.


The Norse word Edda probably comes from the word Veda, but this is not confirmed.


The content of the Book of Wisdom of Perun has the form of a dialogue and was written almost 40 000 years ago. In the First Circle it is told what commandments God Perun gave to the nations of the Great Race and Heavenly Kin; about forthcoming events during the time of Svarozhich Circle and 99 Circles of Life [40176 years]; and many others.


The Book of Wisdom of Perun is only a small part of the Aryan heritage. There are many more Santies, but they are kept hidden by the Keepers of the Wisdom because they contain strategically important information that can’t be released to the public at this time.


The first translation into modern Russian, from H’Aryan Karuna [ancient H’Aryan language], was done by Slavic Sages in the summer of 106772 [1944 AD], since the founding of Irian Asgard. Since then, it has been republished several times, but in a very limited number of printed copies, available only to the communities of ARYC.


The last edition was published in the summer of 7507 [1999 CE]. But it was not until the 2000s that the book was distributed via the Internet, where it gained great popularity and approval among Russian-speaking truth seekers.


If you’re a white man, it’s your duty to know your roots, your true gods and the Aryan way of life. White people will never win this war without the true knowledge given to us by the Aryan Gods, our creators.


The Ancient Russian Yngliistical Church [ARYC] is an association of people who follow one of the branches of the Old Faith called Yngliism. People who follow it are called Ynglings. Mention of the Ynglings can be found in “Heimskringla” – “Ynglinga Saga”. [According to the ARYC Word, Yngliism comes from the word Yngliya. Rough translation – Primary Divine Fire].


It is the faith of our white ancestors [Indo-Europeans] that was dominant until the period of Christianisation. It is also known as the Norse religion. Although it is not a religion, it is a code of knowledge.


In ancient times, when we [white people] lived as one race and spoke one language, our culture spread all over the planet and left its mark on many nations, including Hindu. Even now, when all languages are confused, we can see obvious similarities, like with the word ‘Veda’. In both Hindu and Russian it means “knowledge” [the Russian verb “ведать” means “to know”].

Foreign enemies have been destroying Aryan knowledge since the Christianisation of our lands, and they are still doing it. That’s why it is hidden. Besides, no one can prove the authenticity of other holy books like the Bible.


Aryans are mainly people with white skin. Actually there are many other genetic factors, but white skin is the main one.


The swastika is the oldest and our most sacred symbol on earth, it has nothing to do with Nazis. However, the Aryan faith shares many aspects of Nazi ideology, especially in terms of racial purity. Not because of politics, but because of common sense. And also because our gods said so.


What does the swastika actually mean? Where does it come from? It’s certainly a cosmic symbol, but you have to understand its meaning for yourself.


Alexander Hinevich is the leader of ARYC. He is the man behind the last publication of the Slavic Aryan Vedas. He didn’t translate runic texts, but he did write commentaries for old and unknown words. He is considered by many Old Believers in Russia to be the unofficial leader, but Hinevich never agreed to this.


This is not just a book. It is an instruction given to us directly from the Gods in the case of the events that are now taking place on Midgard (planet Earth). It is unlikely that white men will succeed without this knowledge.


When you have read the book and understood its meaning, you should spread it as far and wide as you can and propagate it wherever you can. You may not get the approval of many people around you, but you will undoubtedly find those who are able to understand the truth.


Before you start reading, you should understand the main points of the story. There is an advanced alien civilisation we call the Aryan Gods. We don’t know exactly when or where they came from. But we do know that they were behind the creation of the white race on this planet. In ancient times there was a continent at the North Pole called Daaria [also known as Hyperborea, Thule, Avalon]. And those Aryan gods and the first white men lived there.


Then something happened and the continent was destroyed [the details are in the book]. So most of the inhabitants moved to the Eurasian continent. The Book of Wisdom of Perun describes the events that happened after the destruction of Daaria.


Be truthful with your soul and mind. Worlds are held by truth. Their gates – truth; for it is said that on truth rests immortality. After turning away from sins, it is necessary to perform vows and commandments. Such conduct, created by the Unified God, leads to immortality through the Truth… Humans, keep the holy scriptures unchanged.


The awakening of man takes place only in understanding, and the eye of cognition saves him… Having attained knowledge, the human child again looks at the Vedas, and again the aspiration for spiritual life becomes duty, and the head of all actions becomes conscience…


When he listens to his conscience, he hates all evil, this makes his conscience strong, and man creates his happiness, and in his happiness man himself is created…


Tranquil people are always skilful in their deeds and unswerving in their duty to the kin…

They don’t imagine anything unlawful, and they don’t act sinfully.

Dishonourable or unreasonable people, be they men or women, do not succeed in fulfilling their duty before gods and kin, and become like aliens…

Those who have a conscience, honour gods and ancestors and go to immortality, but not to the hellish world…

Everywhere are the ruins of the Great Sanctuaries, and the cities are destroyed by the fierce fire that rose from Rutta to the sky…

There is no more life on earth without the sun, no plants, no birds, no animals … Only the wind carries the dust over the valleys, filling the gorges of the intermountain … Despondent and silent, in this world of ruins, where once there was life far and wide.


After the end of the wars, those who remained alive were irradiated with saran…

And the humans lost their consciousness and will, and on the orders of the alien enemies they extracted riches and minerals… And when those earthlings ran out of riches and all minerals were exhausted to the limit, all humans were destroyed by enemies who exported everything they had gained to those earths… But those earthlings were aliens and were expelled, so they sent Flush-Destroyer…


To restore the Zarbine Circle, to make the Stargate Spiral beam again, extract Movement Crystals, in part, which will fade in half a quarter… Instead of the Movement Crystals of Svarga, which are on the borders, install Yngliya Crystals for the Svarozhich system… The Light of the Outworld, manifested in Nav’, will glow in the Yngliya Crystals…, and casting a powerful stream, it will restore the Zarbine’s glow… As the Spiral manifests with straight radiance on the Zarbine Circle before you, the Crystals will return to their previous state, for the Outworld will be opened to you… Be warned, the Light of the Outworld is harmful, it absorbs the radiations of the Soul… and so the mind fades in it, unable to understand what is happening to the Soul…

The lives of unreasonable, soulless creatures do not go to Svarga, but to Hell… And there they suffer in a pitch of darkness, not knowing themselves nor what has happened…


So be careful what you do, and don’t tempt fate in vain… Many people have been destroyed by curiosity, those who tried to know Outworld… Outworld’s rays are harmful to health, and humans are incapable of understanding its nature… Life there flows according to different laws…


They’ve lived quietly on Midgard since ancient times when the world was founded… They remember from the Vedas, from the deeds of Dazhd’bog, how he destroyed the strongholds of the Kosheys, which were located on the nearest moon85 … Turh did not allow the insidious Kosheys63 to destroy Midgard, as they had destroyed Dea.


Many people died at that time, those who couldn’t ascend to Vitemanas or pass through the stargates and saved themselves in the Bear System…


Faith in the success of your glorious deeds is the most important thing at this time… If deeds are secured with faith, what can prevent deeds from happening… Only in the work created by community will you cover your relatives with glory…


Only by uniting all Kins through Ancient Faith will you defend your beautiful Midgard… Ancient connections will be restored, and to the calls of the descendants – the ancestors will answer. The aliens won’t be able to prevent this, for they will be banished from Svarga to hell…


But remember, people, this enemy is vengeful and only pretends not to care about Svarga. But in reality, they are hiding from sight, and a weapon of vengeance is ripening… They know nothing of honour and heavenly truth, for there is no conscience in their hearts.


The extraterrestrials have destroyed many earthlings, in various systems of the Svarozhich Circle… Black envy darkens their minds when they see each other’s prosperity…


Envy, deception, lust for others, that is their goal, even in a hellish world… And that is why the aliens try to conquer everything in Svarga and in the world between… Remember, people of the Great Race, everything I told you on this beautiful evening… The main thing is that this knowledge will not be useless for your descendants.


  • Midgard: Ancient Aryan name of our planet


  • Daaria-Thule-Hyperborea


Why have our gods allowed all this to happen? They are the creators, they can do anything. And they told us about everything that has happened and will happen on Midgard. But they left us, just before the appearance of the alien enemies. This sounds strange, unless you understand that the whole situation here on Midgard was planned by our Aryan gods from the very beginning.


The main reason for the creation of the White Race is the need to expand the Aryan civilisation. It can be likened to a giant family tree, with more advanced sub-cultures giving birth to new sub-cultures and then raising them to further expand the family.


Today we are just little children, under the guardianship of our gods. But one day we will grow up and become like our gods. But that’s the hardest part. How do you raise a worthy generation of offspring? If you just collect a bunch of souls and give them divine power, it will not lead to anything good. Because such souls would have no experience and would easily give in to the dark forces.


To raise a worthy generation of offspring, you should put them through a special initiation course. You should place these souls in mortal bodies, in the worst possible conditions, to train them into worthy Aryan warriors.


The most important part of this is to expose them to pure evil. The idea is that the universe is divided into two opposing poles, one being good and the other evil. Both sides have many different civilisations. And the main purpose is the opposition between these two sides. The main rule is that there must always be a balance of power. Otherwise, one of the two sides will take over and the whole purpose of the universe would be ruined.


Even ignoring the most obvious evidence of their presence, which can be found almost everywhere on our planet, you only have to look at Norse mythology to see that the main theme of these legends is an opposition between humans and reptilians-dragons-snakes.


Even official science, as you may recall, confirms the existence of reptilian beings, stating that they were destroyed by a meteorite, or perhaps it was just an advanced weapon of mass destruction? But it sounds too good to be a coincidence. Someone destroyed them deliberately, and most likely it was the Aryans who did it, in order to cleanse Planet Earth for some time for humans.


So those of the reptiles who survived moved inside the Earth. And note, this is not propaganda for the Hollow Earth theory. But there are huge underground caves, deep under the earth, where these creatures live to this day.


It also looks like these Reptiles/Kosheys have been isolated there for a very long time. And they are probably kept there against their will.


This was the case until recently, when unusual things began to happen, such as the destruction of the Moons, the destruction of Daaria and the appearance of the alien enemies. It is at this point in history that our gods seem to have begun their training programme. If in the times of Daaria our gods stayed on Midgard on a permanent basis, since the migration from Daaria all gods moved somewhere and at some time they took the most advanced technologies with them.


Most of the ancient structures built on Midgard, such as pyramids and temples, indicate the use of very advanced technologies. There are many documentaries about this, so you probably already know this.


The Kosheys appeared simultaneously in many different parts of Midgard. The most notable are Sumer, India, North and South America. You can easily trace the presence of Kosheys/Reptilians there. But the most influential centre of their power and probably their starting point was Sumer in Mesopotamia, known as Babylon.


First appeared alien religion on Midgard, which later evolved into most of the modern religions, reading the book called “Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop is recommended to get the full picture of these events, concerning religion topic.


As for the most interesting aspect; where are our gods now? The answer is obvious on our moon. On the dark side? No, they are inside the moon.


Moons are not just simple rocks, they are huge, man-made, working space stations. And not only the Aryans possess them. As you may recall from the Book of Perun, there were three moons in Midgard’s orbit, and one of them surely belonged to the Kosheys.


What are the remaining moons in our orbit, but Koshey? There are many things that support a theory. The main one is that we are still alive, living on the same planet as the hostile alien race, who are far superior to us.


They would have easily turned us into slaves if they had the chance, as they have done many times on other planets, as you remember from the Book of Perun. But that hasn’t happened yet, and it looks like they’re still hiding here. Why else would they need all this conspiracy? They are clearly waiting for something; perhaps an order from our gods to start some special event like the so-called Ragnarök in Norse mythology, as the final challenge of our test?


Anything is possible. But there are other facts that can’t be ignored. Where do you think our souls go when our bodies die? Of course there should be a place where souls are treated. Besides, if you were in the place of the gods and you were doing this kind of operation, wouldn’t it be obvious to set up an outpost to control and monitor everything that happens on this planet?


Probably obvious. And why do you think our governments are not trying to colonise it? Why do you think they have classified most of the footage from the moon landing programme? There are many more questions to be answered and understood. So we are not finished yet!


Moons are not just simple rocks, they are huge, man-made, operational space stations. And not only the Aryans possess them. As you remember from the Book of Perun, there were three moons in Midgard’s orbit, and one of them surely belonged to the Kosheys.


Stay tuned, more to come…


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