The Consciousness Trap

It is disappointing that, apart from a few very woke readers, there are few relevant responses, apparently humanity is not yet sufficiently engaged with its true past history. Surely the information given about the Hyperboreans, Arians, Mu, Lemurians, Atlanteans and Tartars should be an eye-opener for many!

Obviously humanity is more numb than thought? Clear proof that the cabal has succeeded in forgetting our true existence and personality.

The Sleepers must convince themselves to believe and see who their real enemies and tyrants are. In short, all government actions are propaganda lies to wipe out humanity on Earth.

The sooner humanity wakes up to the lies and deception, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be modest, let this be a challenge for everyone to join in and reach our maximum potential.

Remember, our liberation must be fought from below to ensure long-term peace on planet Earth!

Everyone is encouraged to take a stand against this by delving into our past, with relevant FWC articles as a helping hand!


We have no idea who we really are

The most important thing for people to realise is that our 3-dimensional reality is not real. This means it is nothing more than a mind trap. Who we really are is hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. That’s why all these dark forces spend so much time and money trying to make people forget. They use subtle techniques to keep us all trapped. This is where the real magic lies. If you cannot see in front of you, then you are defeated. It is all an illusion.


But soon people will discover how and what has really been going on, and who they really are, as they discover their true origins. On the one hand there are the Dark Forces who have had almost unlimited free rein on the surface of the planet for hundreds of thousands of years, and on the other hand there are the Light Forces who are making great efforts and progress to remove the dark negative forces from our planet as quickly as possible.


There are nine major areas where the hidden dark forces are heavily infiltrated. These are the military, government, religion, education, management, finance, media, health and science. Essentially they are everywhere in public life. They hold key positions in all these major areas, supported by a fully controlled and complicit media network, and with their ownership of the financial system and all the major financial institutions, they have virtually covered all the pillars. Since President Trump took office, his first move has been to bring the military back to his side by removing dangerous top generals and refinancing the army.


  • What is the true agenda of the Archon, Anunnaki and Draco cabal?
  • What are they really trying to achieve here on Earth, and
  • why do you need to know?


The true drive of the Deep State rulers is darker and more evil than most people can imagine, as it goes both “off-world” and then literally transforms, in a surprising way, into the Archon Bloodline Agenda 2030 to rule our world on behalf of the “off-world” Anunnaki and Draco Control Matrix.


The Great Awakening has begun

The hypnotic charm lies in the manipulative lying influence. The fabricated illusion of the Creator God Thoth, none of whom have any orientation to reality or truth. The reality is that we as humanity have been deceived and driven out of our eternal state of paradise. And that’s what they don’t want us to understand or even become aware of. For then the mass human awakening has begun.


The dark forces have formed strategic alliances under the popular signature of the Galactic Federation and have made contact with selected members of the Deep State cabal, the government and the Illuminati Archon bloodlines. Through extensive infiltration of secret societies such as the Freemasons, Knights Templar, Jesuits and other spiritual societies.


The propaganda of the Galactic Federation as a pro-human ET group is used to derail people’s spiritual awakening and channel them into the New Age movement and their respective mind control based belief systems, making them obedient to oppression, as attempted by the wearing of masks and social distancing protocols.


These alliances are responsible for directing scalar based weapons into the planetary field of Stonehenge 11th Stargate. Orchestrated by the Nibirians to erase the collective memory of the human race, and most importantly, to erase any trace of humanity’s recorded history, originating with the civilisation of Atlantis. It was the Luciferian pact behind the tragic events that led to the Atlantean catastrophe.


The period of the Atlantean civilisation in Earth’s history is not yet known, as the literature about it in the archives of the Library of Alexandria was destroyed 2,300 years ago. The rulers of Alexandria set out to fulfil one of mankind’s most audacious goals: to gather all the world’s knowledge under one roof. At its height, the Library of Alexandria housed an unprecedented number of scrolls and attracted some of the greatest minds in the Greek world. But by the end of the 5th century BC, the great library had disappeared. Many believed it had been destroyed in a catastrophic fire. The truth about the library’s rise and fall is far more complex.


Before that, Earth was a paradise planet, starting with the pure Lyrians who had to leave their planet because of the wars of the invading evil ETs from Orion, those evil fallen angels, and also against the pure of heart and soul divine Lemurians/MU on the vast Pacific continent, with Hawaii being all that was left after the flood..


The Mu people were more spiritually advanced as they were whole human beings with their sacred Twin Self embedded in their body to be a complete human being. According to Plato, Zeus separated them into two halves, always deserving to be reunited.


Unlike Mu, the kings of Atlantis learned both Aryan and Sirian technology and soon built more sophisticated cities and aircraft to fly between places. These machines were not allowed, or designed, to leave the Earth’s atmosphere, as they couldn’t penetrate the Grid.


Leaving Earth was only permitted for handpicked people

Only certain hand-picked people were allowed to leave Earth and travel through the solar system. Sometimes they needed miners on one of the other planets in the solar system, also these slave labourers had to have certain clearances to become part of the ‘solar mission’.


No one applied; who would? But the ‘Solar Officers’ of the ‘Solar Command’ chose the strongest and healthiest men from the population who could do the job. Hundreds of people could be seen leaving in large spaceships and disappearing into the sky.


The Sirians who selected them were merciless, making no distinction between those who had family and those who didn’t. Often enough the family members never saw their father, brother or spouse again as most of them were worked to death as usual.


There was also a genetically engineered species of ‘worker ants’, we call them ‘Grays’, created in the Vega solar system, re-engineered here in ARIDU[def] and specifically programmed to be worker ants for the Sirian Overlords.


They still work closely with them to this day, and when we see Grays, the Sirians are not far behind. The space uniform worn by the human workers was dark blue, with the winged sun disk tattooed on the upper-arm.


The ‘High Priestess’ in the Tarot card shows her in a robe of white linen.



Atlantean technology is the technology supremacy

In many ways, Atlantean technology has superseded the technology we have today, but we are not too far behind. It is worrying that we are moving in the same direction as the Atlanteans.


Unknown to most humans, we have the technology to travel across the solar system, but just as in ancient times, humans in general are not allowed to use this technology.


Again, only a handpicked elite are allowed to penetrate the Grid, but only with Sirians.


The Atlantean computer systems were in some ways more sophisticated than ours today, but like us, they used crystals to store computer memory. We used quartz crystals to store computer memory in the 1940s, but the Atlanteans had a more brilliant system of using crystals. They had the ability to tune into the resonance of Earth’s natural crystal forests, deep beneath the surface of the planet, and could store as much memory as they wanted.


The difference between then and now is that in Atlantis only a select few had access to the computer network. Computers were not for everyday use.


The Atlantean king being entertained by his harem of fire-women.


As in Mu, the shamanic priestesses could communicate with the animals and spent much time with dolphins and whales. These highly intelligent animals were more than eager to help humans with whatever they needed, and were often used both as couriers of physical material between the land and those who lived beneath the surface of the ocean, as well as for special telepathic messages.


The shamans and many fire people had developed telepathic and remote viewing abilities and used them to help people. The forerunners of modern tarot cards were used to make things look more sophisticated, as was the crystal ball.


None of this was necessary, but those who didn’t have access to the power of the 96% appreciated being able to relate to something physical, like a crystal ball or a deck of cards, when the Atlantean priesthood used their psychic abilities. It made it more real to them.


If the Atlantean technologies given to the human hybrids of power had been limited to computers and such, it probably wouldn’t have been so bad, but they were also introduced to weapons of various kinds. Gone were the days of using arrows, bows and swords to defend themselves; these kingdoms had access to laser weapons and nuclear power like we have in our world today. Although nuclear weapons weren’t used at first, it created additional tensions between nations to know that their neighbour had them. Who had the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction? Created fear.


In many ways, Atlantean technology is superior to today’s, so we are still behind. However, there is a concern that we are moving in the same direction as the Atlanteans.


Unbeknownst to most humans, we have the technology to travel across the solar system, but just as in ancient times, humans in general are not allowed to use this technology.


Again, only a handpicked elite are allowed to penetrate the Grid, but only with Sirians.



Stay tuned, more to come…


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To be continued as time will tell us more …