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Peter B. Meyer

The Atlanteans and their abuse of power

The importance of consciousness What should really frighten people is not the fear of dying from a non-existent Covid-19 infection, but the terror of those who rule the world and who frighten all people into submission with the aim of… Continue Reading →

The truth will be known

Our True History Although it may sound exaggerated, many people will be convinced once they read this version of our history, which will become popular and widespread in the 5D world, and eventually be studied and taught in schools, universities… Continue Reading →

True history

Your destiny is not in the future, but in the past Most people look in the wrong direction; our future lies in the past, not the future! Nonetheless how you look at it, it is much more rational and appropriate… Continue Reading →

Tartarian Transport Systems

In this article, some ancient high-tech utilities are shown to convince our readers how backward we are today, compared to previous generations, which ended in 1940 with their final destruction, organised with WW2. It is very likely that this war… Continue Reading →

Tatars reclaim their past

Knowing the future by studying the past Several episodes of human history on Earth have been marked by the succession of alien colonies exerting their territorial and cultural influence on the planet.   The historical archives hold many answers to… Continue Reading →

Who were the Tatars?

The past tells the future Many think they are awake. Sadly, they are not really awake! They look longingly into the future for change, but that future lies in the past. It is true history that tells what lies ahead…. Continue Reading →

The One World Tartarians

Part of this information comes from Marcia Ramalho A more advanced world What if the ‘Great Flood’ took place only 150 years ago, and the world of the past was far more advanced culturally and technologically than it is today?… Continue Reading →

Our real history

Admiration for ancient writers It is amazing that so much information is available today. Zacharias Sitchin expresses his admiration for the countless people who never received credit for recording ancient knowledge:   “When we consider that these ancient texts come… Continue Reading →

Harnessing Natural Electromagnetic Energy

  Electromagnetic Dance Humans live their lives in a daily electromagnetic dance with Mother Earth. The Earth is hardly a stable world. In fact, it pulsates every day with powerful rhythms of electrical and magnetic force, and so do we…. Continue Reading →

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