Energy abuse

Japan, the EU and the US all have failing economies. And they are all failing at the same time for the same reason: consumers in these countries are reluctant to borrow. And without borrowing, they have no way of increasing consumption. Households are cutting back for three reasons.

    • First, they are getting older.
    • Two, their real incomes are stagnant or falling; and
    • Three, they already have too much debt.

This makes the downturn similar across these countries; they are all led by consumers trying to repair their balance sheets.

Most people in the western hemisphere and Japan are experiencing significant inflation in food and energy prices. Real, non-manipulated food inflation is in many cases between 10% and 20%.  However, accurate figures are not published because the truth is hidden from the public.

The tens of trillions of printed dollars, euros and yen have for the most part not reached the real economy. They have been used to prop up the stock and property markets and bank balance sheets so that the money stays in the banks.

It is important to understand that asset markets such as equities, property and bonds are not measured in inflation figures. However, trillions of dollars/ euros/ and yen have been poured into these markets.

So to say that the newly printed money is to support the economy is a complete lie.

In reality, this money is only being used to bail out the banks and benefit the elite and the banksters. Most assets are being pushed into huge bubbles, but two categories of assets, gold and silver, are not in a bubble.

If all assets were included in the inflation figures, the reported inflation rates would be much more accurate and remarkable.

A small minority have benefited from this fudging of the numbers, creating bubbles in equities, property and bonds, but this is unsustainable because the real world economy has not benefited.

According to data that is more accurate and representative of today’s reality, there are more people unemployed than in work.

The average person’s standard of living has been falling for years. The average family can’t get their hands on $1,000. There was a recent survey that said if you had to get $1,000 in cash in 30 days, 40% of people couldn’t do it.

So things are pretty tight and when the economy goes off the cliff again, which frankly could happen soon, there’s going to be a lot of unemployed people with no money and a lot of debt. There is nothing the government can do at this point except print more money.

The mainstream media will not report much that is real or accurate, but the writing is on the wall. The truth is that inflation for food and services is already far, far higher than what has been reported for the last decade.

People know this from their own experience. They do not need a university professor to tell them.


Misuse of energy

What is meant by the misuse of energy? Well, in Atlantis, just like today, it’s done in many different ways, but mostly through advanced technology and the misuse of sexual energies.


There is nothing wrong with technology; if we are to remain an advanced society that wants some kind of assistance in meeting our basic needs at a comfortable level, then certain technology can be beneficial. Some people say that the washing machine is the greatest invention of mankind.


It certainly was a great invention. But there are other great inventions that mankind could benefit from; many of them were reinvented by Nikola Tesla, whose inventions were taken over and misused by the government.


However, some researchers have started to look into Tesla a bit more and have started to take away the “Godspeed” of this man by showing that Tesla to a greater or lesser extent reinvented what was already available in previous civilisations on the planet. However, time will tell to what extent this may have been the case.


When technology is used to control others, for warfare, espionage and mind control etc, or is only accessible to a few selected groups, it’s beginning to be misused. With the Sirians, this has a tendency and has happened many times. It’s up to us to see through this manipulation, otherwise we’ll end up in a much worse situation than the Atlanteans.


At least they were stopped by the Flood, otherwise we might not be here. It was ENLIL who manipulated events to cause the Flood, so when the Sirians have a finger in the pie, things really do get out of hand after a while. It always seems inevitable. This makes them untrustworthy, no matter what others say.


The technology of Atlantis was different from that of today, but there are similarities. The use of computers has already been mentioned. But they also had space technology, of course, and a wealth of knowledge about the stars and the Universe in general, and they flew to the Moon and Mars, and probably other planets within the Solar System. In many ways they were more advanced than we are today.


The Sirian Overlords and their minions fed on fear, as the Cabal does with us today, and in addition to setting up the Grid and the Trap System, they also used technology to control people’s minds and thoughts.


A relatively small population, less than a billion at the time, was much easier to control than today’s eight billion people. They taught humans about warfare and instigated wars to create mass events from which the Sirians could energetically feed.


Sometimes the wars were just for that purpose, sometimes they were over real estate or some petty conflict between Sirian authorities. This was nothing new; the Sirians, just like us humans today, couldn’t even live peacefully with each other, and conflicts and wars were very common.


As Zecharia Sitchin describes so well in his book ‘The Wars of Gods and Men’, they used human soldiers as cannon fodder for their silly wars, which could sometimes start because of jealousy between ‘gods’, or simply as a ‘show-off’; who was the most powerful and fearless?


The jealousy between the gods of Sirius is well documented, so there is no need to go into detail here. Crystals had a lot to do with it, because crystals, especially the ones they called Meš, pronounced ‘mesh’, contain memory and knowledge. They were also a means of communication between the gods, almost like today’s mobile phones, but they worked over longer distances.


Incidentally, today’s mobile phone technology is a watered-down version of Atlantean technology, but we see how quickly our mobile phones are becoming more advanced, as if someone is having epiphanies after epiphanies and inventing new technology on a weekly basis.


Of course, that’s not the case; mobile phone technology, as it will be used in the future, has been fully developed for a long time. In fact, it’s not a human invention, it’s been achieved through technology transfer programmes.


In Atlantean times, the gods fought over these devices to steal knowledge from each other and gain access to each other’s secrets. It was such a big deal that people were killed over them.


References The Urantia Book


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To be continued as time will tell us more …