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April 2024

Status Report

Awakening means understanding what is happening There are extremely powerful energies being sent to planet Earth in the coming weeks that people need to be aware of so that they can wake up and understand what is happening. Absorbing these… Continue Reading →

The Mu Continent Hides Our History 6

Message from the High Council of the Pleiades The time has finally come to present some revelations that many have been waiting for. This has been a difficult, but absolutely necessary decision, as these revelations will shock most of the… Continue Reading →

The Mu Continent Hides Our History 5

Wakeup call from the family of light The dark forces that have enjoyed unlimited freedom on planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years are now facing our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters of Light who have made great strides… Continue Reading →

The Mu Continent Hides Our History 4

The true history of humanity This is what it is all about for all incarnates now present, to participate in the greatest and most unique upheaval in the history of the universe. In these articles we read who and what… Continue Reading →

The Mu Continent Hides Our History 3

The Breakthrough to the New 5D World Awakening is a process that takes a lot of time and energy. Few realise this. Those who do are the forerunners of the new 5D world that will soon be a reality when… Continue Reading →

The Mu Continent Hides Our History 2

Point of mutation Planet Earth has entered an octave higher in the Galactic Spiral and this is changing its vibration and frequency. These frequencies will pierce the veils and release consciousness. A new age is dawning. Nothing will ever be… Continue Reading →

The Mu Continent Hides Our History 1

Several episodes of human history on Earth have been shaped by a succession of alien and extraterrestrial colonies exerting their territorial and cultural influence on the planet. The historical archives hold many answers to the frequently asked questions of ‘who… Continue Reading →

Great Tartary – 4th part

An Awakened Consciousness Inspires Our Revolution Reading the FWC articles on Tartaria and Atlantis is your preparation for your ascension exam. They show what really happened. Make this information your own to understand what really occurred less than five hundred… Continue Reading →

Great Tartary Continuation 3

Be aware that these are findings you won’t encounter everywhere!   Siberian cities and villages destroyed In Mugalia, in the area between the source of the Amur and the Sinskaya Wall, many towns have been destroyed, as can be seen… Continue Reading →

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