The true history of humanity

This is what it is all about for all incarnates now present, to participate in the greatest and most unique upheaval in the history of the universe.

In these articles we read who and what we are. Sadly, many have not yet understood this.

Read the essays on the Tartarians, Atlanteans, Mu and now the Lemurians to understand the evolutions we have gone through and that only five hundred years ago we were wiser and more capable than we are today. Think about this and do your homework.

The Pléiadiens often tell informative stories to take you to higher levels of consciousness.

This time they tell us the great story of the true past of humanity. There is a common story, but here at last is the true and complete story. To tell the truth and the full story is the reason why they came to Earth.

Many magnificent and advanced civilisations inhabited planet Earth in prehistoric times. Most of these civilisations were humanoid, but not one of these ancient human races originated on Earth.

Today, the wisdom keepers of every culture on Earth tell the same story about their ancestors who came to Earth from the stars.

Millions of years ago, small groups of 5D star people migrated to Earth. These first star travellers to Earth are known as the Pre-Adamites. They are formidable beings known as the Lemurians and Atlanteans from prehistoric times, advanced humanoids from the Pleiades and eventually from the Lyra star system.

These first humanoids to come to Earth were Earth’s original terraformers. They introduced advanced humanoids, the ancestors of Homo Erectus and Neanderthals, who were later evolved by the Anunnaki into modern Homo Sapiens.

These original advanced terraformers and world planners left Earth millions of years ago at different times for different reasons and returned to their 5th dimension.

These 5th dimensional humanoid creatures of the stars are a race with advanced knowledge, skills and technology. They can live for tens of thousands of years in their physical bodies. The telomeres in their DNA never degrade, allowing body cells to copy and reproduce forever. They achieve longevity by drinking the Wine of Life, fused with their own stem cells, and eating the Bread of Life, white cakes of monatomic gold powder.

Some aliens helped genetically engineer the human race, while the Anunnaki later crippled human genetics by severing 10 of our 12 DNA strands, making humanity their slaves.

Aryan symbolism in Mu

Another thing that is quite interesting is the symbolism of the Lemurians. It shows that they definitely practised the Mother Goddess religion. One of their main symbols was the swastika, which at that time represented the spiralling consciousness of the Milky Way Galaxy, a symbol of the Mother Goddess. In the centre of this symbol is the womb of the Mother, with lightning – symbolising the creation of consciousness, spreading across the galaxy, a symbol found on one of the hidden tablets.


The swastika is the oldest symbol on earth, and the holiest symbol, which has nothing to do with the Nazis. The Aryan faith, however, shares the same values. However, it shares many aspects with Nazi ideology, especially in terms of racial purity. Not because of politics, but because of common sense. And also because their God taught them so.


The numbers 12 and 13 have been sacred since ancient times, because creation is built around the number 12, and 13 is the number of the Divine – the Goddess. In numerology, these numbers can be broken down to mean something else. This is also true of other sacred numbers.


There were more alien races here on Earth during this time than just humans and Sirians, but to keep our story as focused as possible these are only mentioned. However, some of these ‘aliens’ that people still see today are not so, but are actually native to Earth. As, they were simply earlier experiments in genetic engineering and manipulation; experiments that were later abandoned by Lord EA and the Sirians and others before them. Most of them still live underground.


The Titans

Over the many millennia that Mu has existed, much has happened behind the scenes, unbeknownst to the Lemurians who have long lived their own lives.


One thing that happened was that the Titans, who had survived the destruction of Old Terra by hiding deep within the planet, now returned to the surface. They must have studied the Lemurians for a long time by nano-travelling – remote viewing – and saw that they practised the religion of the Mother Goddess, and the Titans felt that they wanted to be part of that society.


The Titans, who had survived the destruction of Old Terra by hiding deep within the planet, have now returned to the surface. They must have studied the Lemurians for a long time through nano-journeys and watched them from a distance, thus seeing that they practised the religion of the Mother Goddess, which made the Titans feel that they wanted to participate in this society.


The first encounter between humans and the Titans, in which the Titans were physically large, must have been a shock to humans. Some Titans could be very large. But once the humans understood that the giants came in peace and could communicate with them telepathically, they were welcomed into the tribes.


Over many millennia, the Titans helped humans gain more true knowledge and they enhanced their ability to connect with the remaining 96% by bypassing the Grid. This could be done by locating the gaps in the Grid and disappearing through it to the Goddess Universe, while still remaining grounded in their bodies here on Earth.


They also learned how to circumvent the Sirian surveillance system so that those monitoring their progress could not detect them. All in all, with the help of the Titans, who were now unfortunately very few in number, some Lemurian tribes learned how to become truly multidimensional and how to travel through the dimensions and into the 96%. These tribes flourished and prospered in a way that has not been seen since.


While interacting with the Titans, some Shamans, High Priests and High Priestesses, and even some ‘normal’ men and women of the tribes, learned that they were older souls and not created by EA. They were trapped Titans and Namlú’u who had been around in spirit when the Sirians sealed the planet and created the trapping system.


These souls were detected and captured by the Sirians using technology, and thrown into their recycling system along with the less advanced souls and those of the Fire. Of course, both the Titan and Namlú’u souls, the older ones, were also of the Fire.


However, the Titans, fearing the consequences, did not tell them about the amnesia trap and the true mechanism of soul recycling. Although the Lemurians were rapidly increasing in number, eventually reaching some 63 million souls, the planet was still not populated enough to pose a problem for the Sirians to control them via the application of their technology.


Today, now that the planet has reached 8 billion people and the Grid is full of holes, the Dark Lords have lost their tight control, so it’s possible to escape this trap, to be discussed later, but at the time of Mu it was very difficult.


Although there were holes in the grid even then, a soul from a dying body could be detected by electronic devices installed outside and on the planet, while the soul was being prepared for recycling.


If the Titans had told the humans at the time, it could have caused an uprising, followed by a devastating war – once the humans couldn’t win.


Afterall, the Overlords would have had to take even tighter security measures. The Titans, knowing the Sirians, and having had terrible experiences with them in ancient times when Old Terra was destroyed, would surely have wanted to avoid a warlike conflict.


The Titans arrived in the later part of the Lemurian Era, but a growing area of Mu

adopted their teachings and began to practice the religion of the Mother Goddess, much as is done in the Orion Empire.


However, Mu was a huge continent, and although it could be considered a huge country without borders, it still had its tribes that developed individually. Also, tribes from Mu travelled by boat to the American continent in the east and the Asian continent in the west.


As a result, not everyone had the opportunity to learn from the Titans, and this proved to be devastating for the entire Mu civilisation. If there hadn’t been any further interference, things might have turned out differently, but there simply wasn’t enough time, and the Titans were too few to have an impact on the entire Mu continent.


It was like hanging on by the skin of your teeth, but hope is the last thing that leaves us, as the saying goes. It’s probably no different with the beings from the stars.

There have been other giants who have had a great influence on the Mu cultures in other parts of the vast continent, and these influences have not always been in the best interests of the tribes. This time, the Sirians were not the only culprits.


Swiss archaeologist, researcher and author Erich von Däniken was discredited by fierce critics from within the establishment for years with furious attacks as a hoax. We might ask why.


Some of his conclusions do not hold up to closer scrutiny, and these are, of course, the theories that are viciously attacked in an attempt to discredit his entire work. No one wants to understand that many of his ideas are just theories; trying to put what he has found into context. It is up to his readers and followers to form their own opinions. That is the beauty of it; and good opportunity for us to think about it.


Looking at von Däniken ‘s work, there are many interesting findings that are difficult to explain. One is a follow-up to an earlier discovery on Tawara, an atoll in the Pacific Ocean, which is clearly part of ancient Mu.


A book, ‘The Footprints of Tawara’ was written by I.G. Turbott, from the Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vol. 58, No. 4, December 1949, Wellington, New Zealand, on the subject of giant footprints found on the atoll for all to witness.


Von Däniken was inspired by this work and decided to go there himself, and just as the material said, the footprints were there. Some could even be found on nearby islands, but the main site is in the village of Banreaba at a place called Te Aba-n-Anti, ‘the place of the spirits’, or Te Kananrabo, ‘the holy place’.


They were there, imprinted deep into the volcanic rock in many parts of the island. The footprints are huge and most had six toes on each foot. Reports say that the footprints are quite clear and often include the whole foot, with toes, heels and contours intact, naturally curved like a human foot. These particular giants, based on the size of their feet, would have been around 10-12 feet, about 3.50 m tall.


The natives had to fight these large creatures for food and to protect their women and children from these creatures, who were said to be cannibals and ate people alive. This is also directly in line with what the Pleiadians say in one of their more recent lectures, where they also mention that the Nephilim had a double row of teeth, something the critics can’t explain either.


According to the same legends, humans had to go into hiding while hungry giants roamed the land looking for human hiding places so they could get a good meal.


The Pleiadians tell us that the giants were not cannibals to begin with, but became so when they genetically degenerated, which would have happened towards the end of the Lemurian era.


These footprints and the legends are remnants of the very old story of the Nephilim, Anakin and Rephaim giants, all mentioned in the Bible. However, some of the giant footprints found in the Pacific Islands may well be those of the Titans.


Our history and literature are full of tales of giants and genetic manipulation. Homer’s ‘Odysseus’ is just one of them, but it actually tells us about both giants and genetic engineering.


To be continued


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