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March 2024

Trying to steal the souls of all good people

Reading is the best source of information, Think about it and start spreading the knowledge! We are about to enter the Golden Age, and here are instructions on how to beat the system.   The answer to the all-important question… Continue Reading →

A new reality is emerging

This essay opens up higher dimensions in people who are awake.   Our DNA – Upgrade People who have had a near-death experience come back with three, four or even five strands of DNA. In Australia a man who had… Continue Reading →

Great Tartary continuation 2

Introduction Unfortunately, history is written by the victors, and the same thing happened with the history of Great Tartary. It, as one of the most perfect forms of social structure in the history of mankind, that became a bone in the throat… Continue Reading →

Density Levels in the Universe

Enlightened Beings Inhabitants of higher dimensions do not have seven chakras like a human of the three-dimensional world, but 12. They also have all twelve strands of DNA activated.   Why exactly twelve? What is the secret behind this number?… Continue Reading →

Battle between light and darkness

Russia’s indestructible spirit As you can see, the puppets of the shadow government are trying to play their last card by unleashing an all-out war on the European continent.   Why are they doing this?   Mainly because their previous… Continue Reading →

Great Tartary

    The world’s greatest civilisation wiped from history Great Tartary was a developed power with advanced technology and knowledge. It had an abundance of natural resources, including precious stones, gold and silver, and even a well-established industrial production of… Continue Reading →

MedBeds keep us young and healthy

Please share this information with anyone who cares about their health! After reading this article, everyone will understand how to stay young and healthy. Make a hard copy of this and keep it close at hand for frequent reference.  … Continue Reading →

The Breakthrough

A different world with a new reality Today’s earth transformation is awakening more people every day. Fuelled by the protests, it is inviting more and more people to wake up and participate. It has also increased the number of people… Continue Reading →

Final Steps to the Liberation of Mankind

The Breakthrough The energy for the coming breakthrough is slowly building among humanity. On a day that no one can predict, quite unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies and deception will come to light and be perceived and understood… Continue Reading →

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