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Unknown makes unbeloved and foolhardy

There is ‘alien’ technology that can fix everything wrong on Earth and also keep us young and healthy.


Technologies like healing machines that have long been in use extra terrestrially, called MedBeds will keep us “young and healthy” for as long as we want, which could be about 1,000 years before a new race reaches the next level.

In their obsession with questions like;

“When will this happen?”

Most people rarely ask useful questions about what might happen next. Some of the most intriguing developments to come relate to science and technology.


What scientific knowledge might aliens possess; what technology and experience might they have developed; and what might happen if we were to gain access to such technologies? Rest assured that people on Earth today know only one thousandth of what will soon be available to us.


For example: Less than 500 years ago, our world was culturally and technologically far more advanced than it is today! Unknown cabal agents caused a cataclysm and used the chaos to seize power. Between 1865 and 1876, our ancient civilisation was destroyed under waves of more than 300 metres of mud, and today these buildings have their first floors buried under metres of sand and mud, the traces of which can still be seen in cities all over the world.


Soon we will have back the free energy that the cabal did not want us to have. Get ready for many shocking realities to manifest. The likes of which you have never seen.


Further, clarity on healing is provided in the following article, channelled by our extraterrestrial informant Michael Love.


Lemurian Med Bed Healing Technology

Read in the following double issue the latest development in the introduction of the long awaited Med Bed technology for health improvement and rejuvenation.



Pleiadian Light Force Transmission 26.02.2024

A special message to all Starseeds of New Earth for immediate planetary transmission. The Pleiadians often tell stories designed to bring you to higher levels of consciousness. This Light Transmission is coded to trigger your ancient divine memories.


The information in this data stream is derived from secret space programme information, from Earth Alliance data, and is channelled from the Emerald Records and the crystalline grid of the Akashic Records, which contain a complete and accurate record of the history of planet Earth.


There is a lot of information to process in this stream, so read it several times, if necessary to integrate this information. Make some notes as you go, because these will be your DNA triggers.


Begin the transmission…


Great One,

 Lemurians were the original humans on planet Earth. The ancient Lemurians are the most advanced race that has ever existed on planet Earth. As direct descendants of the first twelfth dimensional Lyran humanoids to settle on Earth millions of years ago, the Lemurians brought to Earth magnificent levels of healing knowledge derived from the Emerald Founder Records that are only now beginning to be remembered.


The Lemurians were the original human society on the planet, and they were located where the Pleiadians originally landed, on the top of the highest mountain on Earth, measured from the bottom to the top… Today the largest island of Hawaii, where the Lemurian “canoes” (craft) are still buried. Hawaiian elders will tell you today that this is the lineage of Hawaii, and these elders teach that this is how humanity began.


These great beings went to many other land masses, but no society achieved the greatness of Lemuria. The Lemurians had an advanced knowledge of physics, quantum physics, matter, light, sound, frequency and healing. They possessed a multidimensional DNA, operating at 90% capacity and achieved universal levels of consciousness.


Before the days of the great flood on Earth, the shining civilisation of Lemuria went to great lengths to preserve their advanced knowledge for future generations of Earth. Their universal Lemurian knowledge base was then shared with the entire Lemurian population, stored in the body cells of all, so that it would be genetically passed on and available to the descendants of the Lemurians.


This advanced extraterrestrial information was written in ancient scrolls that have been guarded and passed down through the Essences, the Sacred Lemurian Brotherhood, the Atlantean Mystery Schools, Egypt and the Knights Templar to this day.


As a safeguard, this same ancient knowledge was also encoded and stored in incredible Lemurian Seed Crystals for future generations to decipher.


When we say Lemurian technology, it is not technical in any way; it is natural and is simply a much deeper understanding of the natural laws and systems of the universe. The Lemurians were primarily known for their advanced knowledge of healing through various energy modalities.


The Temple of Rejuvenation, as it was known, was a place of profound healing. The healing techniques used in these temples were kept secret, known only to a special group of Lemurians who were able to use the Temple of Rejuvenation on a regular basis to greatly extend their lives. They were the Lemurian royalty and the “keepers of the secrets”. They outlived most other Lemurians by up to three times, but they had to, as they were the ones with the original knowledge. This was the way to preserve the ancient ways of Lemuria and keep the sacred information pure.


Inside these great healing temples were chambers of magnificent Andera and Quartz crystals that generated scalar and tachyon waves that would completely heal and regenerate the human body in a matter of minutes and the DNA template would be completely recalibrated back to perfection.


It is also recorded that spending just three days in one of these temples would make you three years younger biologically. If you did this every three years, you could literally maintain a certain biological age almost indefinitely.


What is interesting is that in each chamber there was a table-like bed next to the giant crystal and the person would simply lie on this Lemurian Medbed under the exotic energy waves emitted by the giant crystals until their body was completely repaired and rejuvenated.


We always say,

“I know I was there, but I wish I could remember how all that crystal healing stuff worked in a technical or advanced way”.


Well you absolutely do remember and we are here to help you recall the memories.

The Lemurians understood the multidimensional and electrical nature of crystals. They knew that crystals, mainly types of Andera and quartz, could receive energy, store it indefinitely and send it out again without any loss of energy. The energy stored in the crystal could also be amplified by the crystal itself to increase its power.


Lemurian Scalar Crystal Technology

The Lemurians were masters of frequency and resonance and knew how scalar energy works and how to harness and direct its power for positive healing purposes. Scalar energy has many names – zero point, infinite energy and scalar energy. They all refer to the same thing – the ability to cancel out a waveform by applying its equal and opposite.


As you know, a force cancels itself out when there is an equal and opposite force – in this case we are talking about a frequency and its amplitude (or how strong it is). When we cancel out the 3D part of the waveform, it takes away the 3D energy, but leaves the higher dimensional energy there, waiting for us to use it.


The higher dimensional energy no longer has a purpose because we have taken away the 3D part of it, and if we don’t contain the energy it will quickly dissipate into the surrounding field. This doesn’t mean we can’t use it, on the contrary, we can store these special scalar waves in the matrices of the crystals. The Lemurians knew that when they stored this scalar energy in crystals, they could direct this energy into their healing chambers and into the cells of the body, completely transforming the cells in a positive way and to a higher level of performance.


Scalar waves pass right through an object in 3D, because they travel in a higher dimension, but if we send the scalar information through a lower-dimensional object, such as a quartz crystal, that object will take over some of the scalar transmission and store it.


So how was the scalar wave created in the first place so that it could later be stored in the temple crystals for healing, and how was the energy transmitted in the Lemurian Healing Chamber?


Any form of external energy wave can be converted into a scalar wave as long as the 3-D part of the wave is cancelled out. While the Lemurians could have sent a pulsed UV laser or a collapsing magnetic field into the healing crystals to create their scalar wave, they realised that thought and intention are some of the most powerful and measurable energy waves in the universe that could easily be stored in their crystals, so the priests of Lemuria constantly sent powerful healing energy into these giant temple crystals.


The internal reflective geometric lattice of a crystal automatically cancels out the 3D part of the incoming energy, converting it into a scalar wave. Using light as an example of scalar energy, we can see how light bounces back and forth within the facets, moving down the crystal as it does so. As the light is refracted, a certain percentage of the light will go out of phase with the original beam and cancel itself out.


This is where the scalar or zero-point energy is generated, and because the cancellation takes place within the sacred geometry of the crystal, the scalar wave is also stored within the crystal.


While crystals naturally radiate their stored energy, the Lemurians gave this process more focus by cutting precise geometric shapes into the outside of the crystals in their healing temples, and like giant reflective mirrors or antennas, the temple crystals would radiate the healing scalar waves from these outer facets with greater power into the chamber and onto the healing bed.


The giant crystal facets were cut to precise Golden Mean measurements to maximise scalar wave generation and refraction in the Temples of Rejuvenation and Healing. It’s important to note that the person being healed was also guided into a deep, meditative, intense healing state while lying on the ancient Lemurian healing bed.


Since you originally worked in the great healing temples of Lemuria, you may be inspired to re-create your Lemurian Healing Chamber by assembling a few natural things.


Here is some helpful information that comes directly from your past:

All Andera and quartz crystals create healing scalar waves.

But how do I get the kind of power and results we had in Lemuria?


Here is how:

  • The larger the crystal, the more powerful and effective the scalar energy is for your healing.
  • The higher the grade of crystal, the more powerful this process is.


Isn’t it interesting that even a large piece of high quality quartz can cost thousands or even millions of dollars today? Some authentic Andara crystals are more valuable than diamonds, and we have seen Andaras containing gold, silver and platinum. Andara also contains traces of monatomic elements that are the equivalent of modern superconductors and have defied the laws of physics in university laboratory tests.


Here is some technical advice straight from the Lemurian records on the inner workings of ancient crystal healing chambers:


  • Use five to ten 1-2 lb, high quality quartz pieces around your healing chamber as all the pieces work in tandem and the same as one large piece of the same mass.
  • Place large pieces of authentic Andara translucent crystals close to the quartz crystals as Andara is known as an amplifying crystal.


How do I create the intention energy of 10 chanting Lemurian monks sending their combined and very high conscious healing energy into the crystals? Answer:


Have a group of high vibrational star seeds gather for one hour, focus and send this intent energy into your healing crystals. This can be done from a distance, even over the internet, as long as the energy is focused on a specific place and object.


What about the precisely cut golden facets on the outside of the quartz crystal that are used for reflectivity and to focus and concentrate the energy beam?


The closest thing we have today to the original Lemurian faceting is the Vogel crystal.


However, it is important to use natural high quality quartz crystals in your Lemurian Healing Chamber, and since it would be difficult to facet them as a bird, place the bird between the natural quartz and the body of the person being healed.


The quartz facilitates the transfer of energy and automatically couples with the bird crystals, which channel the scalar energy into the body with significantly increased power. The entire energy output is then amplified exponentially by the Andara crystals.


Ancient Lemurian temples were traditionally lined with granite, so simply placing several small pieces of granite around the inside of your modern healing chamber will suffice.


Some modern Medbed builders say that placing copper sheets around the inside of the room helps to increase the energy.


The healing technique used in the Lemurian Temples is called the Lahochi of the 13th Octave, which was originally brought to Earth by the Pleiadians. The purpose of the Lahochi is primarily to heal hearts. This is the Lemurian way and everything else follows.


Modern Scalar Wave Medicine Beds

Just as the ancient Lemurians created the first scalar energy med-beds in their great crystal healing temples, modern humans have created a modern version of this healing bed, currently used in the Secret Space Program, which works in a similar way.


The modern scalar wave med-bed works on the same principle, except that it uses artificial intelligence, a quantum computer, a low-power laser system and an external electromagnetic field to generate the healing scalar wave.


For added functionality, the modern med-bed also uses a 10k CGI and holographic projection system and can even 3D organically print DNA from a personal DNA database. This super-tech medical bed can literally recreate missing organic body parts and attach them to the body in a matter of hours.


There is also a DNA nebuliser system built into this advanced model that can recreate your entire body at short notice if required.


Your consciousness is another matter, but since consciousness is fluid, it can be moved from one body to another. Perhaps now we can see why it’s good to keep certain things out of the public eye. It is also very important to consider safety when releasing certain exotic technologies, and to ensure that things are only used in ways that benefit others.


The technology for this modern med-bed has been derived from back-engineered ET technology and some of it has been given directly to these groups by the Lemurians themselves. The Lemurians are very much alive and well and at this very moment are living in wonderful high vibrational inner Earth Cities of Light.


Let’s look a little deeper into this incredible scalar energy

Scalar energy is the energy waves that occupy the empty space between atoms throughout our universe. It is basically the energy that remains when all other sources of energy are removed.


Some call it dark matter, which makes up 70% of the universe. Scalar waves are non-local frequencies, which means they don’t travel in any particular direction. In fact, they are everywhere at the same time. They are not even bound by space and time. An example of something that transmits and receives this scalar energy is DNA.


  • Scalar is the magical energy that entangles all matter regardless of space and time.


  • Scalar waves are able to pass through solid objects without any loss of energy or field strength – even lead, solid steel and solid rock. Scalar waves are able to implant or shape their positive signatures into ‘solid’ objects – transforming them and increasing the energetic structures of that object.


  • Scalar waves, when applied to lower vibrational frequencies, neutralise the negative charge and allow that frequency to be transformed into something more positive and different – instantly.


  • Scalar waves seem to have a higher consciousness of their own to make these positive changes easily. They take their direction from your intentions, which means they are programmable by your consciousness (this is super important).


  • Scalar wave energy can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely, this is important because when scalar waves are applied to the human body for healing, they also have the ability to regenerate and repair the human body at the same time without losing any energy.


In other words, once the positive charges are implanted in the crystalline cells of the body, they can be maintained indefinitely.


The modern term for scalar energy is simply Tesla energy or a Tesla wave

Tesla waves are the framework of quantum mechanics and non-Hertzian energy (without frequencies) or referred to as standing energy or cosmic waves or zero point energies. Scalar waves are also called ‘longitudinal electromagnetic waves’.


Tesla waves, or scalar waves, have been studied for decades in many different living organisms, from plants to animals and now humans. Time and time again, it has been shown to positively alter living cells by increasing their ability to produce energy for the rest of the organism’s body.


In plants, it has been shown to drastically increase their ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the energy molecule of life) levels, rejuvenating and prolonging their ageing process.


When these scalar wave frequencies fill and activate the crystalline structures in our bodies, they immediately begin to charge the cells with regenerative energy and help the cells begin to repair themselves. This means that positive changes are made at the cellular and DNA level, causing the cells of the body to replicate with the correct information to be healthy, active and whole.


Scalar waves are one of the most important energies we can work with as they operate in a higher dimensional space. They can be generated naturally or artificially. Scalar waves work best when coupled with intention or crystals – both of which were used in the Rejuvenation Temples of ancient Lemuria.


The primary healing effect of scalar waves

The primary effect of scalar waves on the human body system is to increase the voltage level of all cells until they reach their optimum level of function.


A primary tenet of ancient Lemurian temple healing was


“to give the body optimum life force through the application of crystal waves”.


In modern scientific and electrical terms, we would say that our primary healing goal is to


 “to give optimal voltage to a cell by applying scalar waves”.


Tesla energy or scalar waves have been shown to raise the energy level of every single cell in the body to the ideal 70-90 millivolt range.


It is proven time and time again by modern science that all disease and illness is due to low energy or low voltage levels in the cells.


Now let’s use some more modern terms to remember more of our Lemurian knowledge. Instead of using the word voltage, let’s use the term pH, which refers to the alkalinity of the blood.


Here’s how pH relates to voltage.


pH: 0 7 14 : Voltage: +400mV 0hmV -400mV


Our cells need -25 millivolts of energy to function properly and -50 millivolts to make new cells.


This may not mean anything to you, so here’s another way of saying it:

  • our cells need a pH (a measure of acidity or alkalinity) between 7.35 and 7.45.
  • pH levels can be analysed by measuring the voltage in a liquid.


It’s a measurable fact that all cancers occur at exactly +30 millivolts.


The healing secret lies in the body’s pH – which is shorthand for ‘potential for hydrogen’ ion concentration – but more than that, scalar energy corrects the entire system almost instantaneously, raising the voltage of all the body’s cells at once to optimum levels.



this is exactly the healing technology behind the exotic Regenerative Scalar Wave Healing Medical Bed.


As you may know, there are of course other things you can do to raise the pH of your body and we cannot tell you how important this is.


The cause of low cell voltage or low pH is electron theft. An example is unhealthy free radical cells looking for an unsuspecting healthy cell to steal a valuable electron from it.


The solution is to add more electron donors

Until you can lie in the glorious healing rays of your scalar med bed again, here are some simple natural ways to add electron donors to bring your cell voltage levels back to optimum:


Electrons can come from many sources, including Antioxidants such as vitamin C or glutathione Low level lasers, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, being grounded and alkaline water, citrus, sea salt, vinegar. Be in running or moving water Far UV rays Gamma rays Unprocessed food Green leafy vegetables, spirulina etc.

Alkaline water Sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda) Sunshine working, or being barefoot on the ground, Fresh air, wind, sea etc. Taking exercise, Himalayan salt – contains 84 trace minerals, Sea salt bath, Sun, Sleep, Light, eating energetic food, Grounding, sound familiar? Don’t forget your crystals and your daily meditation time..


You want more revelation now. When can I have my Med Bed?

Well, you can have the different parts of it right now. We suggest that you learn how to connect all the parts together.


Some available ET-derived tech devices from the scalar med bed tech: *Cosmodic Healing Device *ENS Healing Device *Skenar Healing Device Just start researching these devices and learn what they can do. They are the real deal and they work. This stuff is still quite expensive but so were mobile phones and computers when they first came out and the prices are coming down every month.

These things have to be marketed to the public as pain relief devices, but that is not even close to what they can do. Look at these devices from a higher consciousness angle and through alternative sources to see what they really are and what they are capable of.


The Cosmodic device uses true A.I. and is said to have a form of living consciousness when it touches the body.


Other available ET tech derived from medical bed tech

Note: This tech is mostly used by medical professionals in the aesthetic industry, but it is becoming more and more available to the general public.


Our only note is to approach these things in a responsible, intelligent, positive and conscious way and follow the rules. Some of these technologies require a medical licence for good reason.


  • PRP/Stem Cells – amazing implications not only for aesthetics but for wound and body healing, anti-aging and body regeneration.
  • HIFU * Ultrasound healing/sound waves
  • LED Light Therapy / Low Level Colour Laser
  • PEMF devices – Biomodulator – a mini Tesla/Rife machine
  • Telermorase therapy
  • Monatomic white powder
  • Oxygen chambers
  • A2M Therapy
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Infrared light


Great One, every system built into these amazing medical beds has also been built into your amazing body bio-computer system and your body has a level of built-in intelligence that makes A.I. look like a joke.


Your body systems are incredibly advanced, well thought out and pre-programmed by incredible intelligences to heal and rejuvenate using the natural scalar energy of the ether that surrounds it.


So here is the Pleiadian deal:

  • Scalar healing technology was invented eons ago by advanced ETs. Their technology is quite easy to recreate as it is not really technical at all. Modern med-beds are slowly being released directly from the Secret Space Programme and governments and will eventually be available to the public.


  • In fact the ET’s have recently requested that this information be made available to those who are ready for it. That time is now and this article itself is a form of that disclosure.


  • The components of Scalar Med beds are sold individually as scaled down public health /beauty/pain management devices.


  • All dysfunction in the body is due to low cell voltage or pH levels and the primary function of a scalar med bed is to raise this cell voltage back to optimum levels. You can also raise cell tension in 20 other natural ways. Your body has all the systems of an advanced med-bed already built into it and it has been deliberately placed there by very intelligent and benevolent programming.

Many of you remember the ancient healing chambers of Lemuria and most of you have travelled out during your sleep to lie for a few hours in an alien healing and rejuvenation chamber.


Your ancient eyes are opening more and more and the information of how all your technology works is now flowing back to you. As your DNA evolves you are gaining intelligence and your consciousness is expanding to levels where what seemed impossible before suddenly seems quite simple and possible.


You have received light dear one and you are now full of light

Meditate on what has been said here and you will see new levels of healing come into your lives and into your bodies that did not exist before.


You have sent your intention to heal out into the universe and it has been heard and received.


Now you will begin to heal and you will be made whole.


Thank you for the spiritual work you are doing and for coming to Earth to help at this time.


Let us know if you remember your time in the majestic ancient Lemurian healing temples and if you astral travel to higher dimensional healing chambers during sleep to this day.


Divine Blessings and Godspeed.

Michael and the Pleiadians




Note; MedBeds will be provided free of charge after the Breakthrough for the Liberation of Planet Earth.


Please share this information with anyone who cares about their health!

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Med bed Quantum Technology explained – How it works

A technology hidden from humanity for years, these pod-like beds have healing powers for a wide range of ailments. Depending on the type of bed. Typically the bed scans your body much like an MRI, based on the readings it receives through AI – Artificial Intelligence, the computer determines what is going on inside your body and provides a diagnosis, based on the diagnoses the technology proceeds to heal you. For basic healing, make sure your cells are working optimally.