Enlightened Beings

Inhabitants of higher dimensions do not have seven chakras like a human of the three-dimensional world, but 12. They also have all twelve strands of DNA activated.


Why exactly twelve? What is the secret behind this number?

First of all, it has to do with the system of twelve levels of the subtle plane that surround each planet in our galaxy. And Earth is no exception.


When the sixth and seventh chakras are fully activated, you can reach the consciousness potential of the higher levels, the sixth and seventh density of the subtle plane of our planet, with the potential to interact with the beings that live there.


This is the level of the enlightened beings, the ones you call saints. They can hear you because the level of your vibrations already resonates with their vibrations, even though you are still in the world of the third dimension with your physical body.


This is why prayers or petitions are answered by some and not by others.


Twelve Chakras and DNA Strands

What should the etheric structure of a high vibration being ideally look like?


It should have twelve chakras, twelve subtle bodies, with a fully activated pineal gland and all twelve sets of DNA strands.


Of course, this does not mean that such a being is already an inhabitant of the Twelfth Density.


This density is the highest attainable goal of our evolutionary development, to which every Divine Soul aspires and where they are able to create new worlds of their own.


This is literally the level of the Creator.


Typically, the twelve chakras and the twelve subtle bodies are activated step by step as the soul ‘matures’ to form a kind of internal ‘reserve’ for the soul, the potential for further development.


As for the twelve strands of DNA, their activation is the means by which these souls achieve their goal. So, with each newly activated DNA spiral, you move step by step closer to the divine gradation of the subtle earth plane, which determines the level of different densities by the concentration of energy, or in other words, the higher the density, the lower the energy density.



The same will happen to your physical bodies when you eventually move into the world of the Fifth Dimension. They will become energetically thin, flexible and mobile, allowing you to give them any shape you wish.


Density levels of the earth

Imagine the Earth as you once did, in the shape of a globe, and let this be your physical body.


Now start to imagine the shells around it, each shell moving exponentially further and further away from the previous one. This has to do with the fact that each new level of density represents more and more of a rarefied substance or, in other words, higher and higher levels of vibration.


The earth has 12 such layers.


Below you will find something about each of them.


The first density represents the density in which the lowest astral entities reside; the souls that have reached complete and final degradation. These are the souls that cannot be saved because they have sunk too low, to the level where there is a kind of recycling of waste material. This density is like a disgusting black floating mass.


The second density is where souls go who have failed to free themselves from the lowest passions, but who have at least tried. This attempt, however, allows them to retain their souls and continue the struggle in subsequent lives.


The souls that dwell in this density suffer the most. It is what you call hell in the religions. Here all the vices inherent in a particular soul are ‘highlighted’ and it experiences in ‘concentrated’ form all the suffering that other people on Earth have been subjected to by them.


This training is hard, but you must understand that it is not you or anyone else who punishes human souls. It is that the Law of Reflection is at work here in an amplified way, working not only on the dense but also on the subtle plane of the Earth. So each soul receives what it has drawn to itself: it continues to learn and process the unfulfilled lessons from birth.


The third density is the level that the majority of human souls fall to after leaving the earth plane. This is the ordinary ‘average’ person – one who is not subject to excessive passions, but who lives by inertia, boring, grey and uninteresting – as most people do, whose soul has not yet awakened and is not yet ready to realise individuality in order to take the path of spiritual development.


Many people’s stay in this density is just as dull and grey as on Earth, but here they get a chance to get to know the laws of the Universe and to realise their purpose, in other words they get a chance to “awaken”, many of these souls then consciously choose their next birth and the lessons they want to go through.



The fourth density is a kind of transition level from unconscious to conscious existence. This is where the souls come who have begun to think about the meaning of life on earth, what they were born for, but have not yet rid themselves of the vices of the dual world that have prevented them from restraining their ego.


Such souls are given their greatest opportunity for development here, to consciously choose to ‘correct their mistakes’ after their next birth.


Fifth Density is the starting point for souls who have taken the path of spiritual development and consciously come to God, not blindly performing church rites and memorising prayers. These are the ones who are called ‘freedom-loving’ people on Earth, ‘those who have broken away from the fold’. Their divine essence began to awaken in these people, who lived according to their hearts and not according to the structure of thought or public opinion.


Such souls, who go to the subtle plane of earth for a while, use the time between two births to great advantage. They eagerly absorb all the information available to them in any quantity and try to make up for lost time on earth.


Very often, when such souls return to earth with a specific mission in their next birth, they seek to benefit other people in that next life. They are often born as teachers or healers.


The sixth density is close to what you call Paradise. People who have left to serve are attracted to it; they are those who have dedicated their whole life on earth to others, who have revealed true divine knowledge to others, who have guided people into the ‘true spirit’ from close by.


They are great scientists, illuminators, healers of the human soul and body; they are those who have managed to go against society, to break age-old habits.


During their stay in the subtle world, they receive knowledge from the Higher Powers in the Universe, which prepares them for further service, on higher levels.


And here is the boundary that allows them to make a choice: to ascend higher to seventh density, or to serve permanently on the subtle plane of Earth, or to return to Earth with a mission of their own choosing to lead people to God.


Seventh density is the level to which the highest souls who have ever lived on Earth fall. These are those who are later canonised and those who have lived ascetic* lives for the benefit of humanity but have not been widely recognised. This is the level of enlightenment.


*People who renounce material comforts and lead a life of strict self-discipline.


The one who descends to Earth from this level truly comes with a Great Mission, called to lead humanity to a new level of existence.


There are now several such Great Souls on Earth, for they have come to complete what they could not do in their previous incarnations, when humanity was not yet ready to recognise its divine origin and accept the true universal laws.


Eighth Density is the level of the Celestial Angels and Archangels, the Ascended Masters whom you call the Forces of Light, who have chosen to serve in Heaven to protect and defend the human souls incarnated on Earth.


They are the ones you turn to in prayer, they are the ones who send you the Divine Energy of Love, they are also the ones who protect you from danger and give you strength in the most difficult moments of your life. And they are the main helpers and representatives in Heaven.


Their lives are filled with righteous work, which each of them has chosen to do according to their abilities. But this work is an everlasting joy to them, for they bring comfort and love to people, and that is their greatest reward.


Ninth Density. This is where certain beings reside who are called to check the vibrational levels of the three previous densities – from the sixth to the eighth – and to correct them if necessary. This is necessary to maintain the balance between them, as the boundaries between these densities are blurred and the inhabitants of each density can move within these three densities.


This means, for example, that the souls of the sixth density are able, by desire and effort, to grow to the level of the eighth density, and the inhabitants of the eighth density are able to descend to the sixth density to teach the souls there.


The task of the beings of the ninth density is to lower or raise the vibrational levels of these “travellers”.


The tenth density is the Divine Space where the best representatives of the planets meet at a very high level of development. This is the Pan-Galactic Council that oversees the state of the planets in the lower densities. They make decisions and correct them if necessary, that is, if the situation becomes a threat to them or to other planets in the galaxy.


The eleventh density is the home of God the Father, the “caretaker” of your Earth, who has “supreme responsibility” for Earth and the ten densities around it.


Finally, the twelfth density is My abode from where I, Father Absolute, can observe everything that happens on your earth and in your galaxy throughout the universe.


I want you, My beloved ones, to have a complete idea of the structure of the subtle plane of planet Earth, so that you can see what vast horizons lie ahead, and that there are no limits to your spiritual growth, so that each one of you can become God.


Note: This article is a good guide to determine if you are awake and in what density you are.



English, unlike the Slavic languages, is a much rougher, more primitive language, which takes humanity further away from its natural and sensitive compassion.


By “cutting up” the flowery and rich language that carries the message of the light of knowledge, it is gradually transformed into a language that is austere, grey and philosophically empty.


The Agenda 2030 has already decided, centuries ago, to reduce every language to a few words, so that the lazy people do not think and do not look any further.


Srila Prabhupada* once mentioned that “English is the language of horses, German is the language of pigs, and French is the language of prostitutes”.


*Srila Prabhupada was born Abhay Charan De on 1 September 1896 to a devout Hindu family in Calcutta.


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