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We are about to enter the Golden Age, and here are instructions on how to beat the system.


The answer to the all-important question is simple:


“Why was I born and what am I doing on this planet?”



How the system works

It all begins with the birth of a child, whose soul enters the foetus in the mother’s womb during the third month of pregnancy with the help of an energy code. This is how the game begins for each individual.


Each of us has two brain hemispheres, right and left. The right hemisphere is intuitive and the left is logical. After birth, each person begins a “struggle” to decide between right and left. Intuition usually says something very different from logic. In most people, logic wins because it suits the dominant system that educates us.


Immediately after birth, the defenceless child is attacked by a system called the “Matrix” with a terrible force that is supposed to block the child’s brain, especially the pineal gland and it’s intuition.


The child, originally born as a king and complete sovereign, is taught by its parents that it’s completely stupid, dependent, incapable of making its own decisions, so everything must be decided for it by others. If the child shows displeasure and starts to argue or cry, it’s punished. This is a basic preparatory stage for further demoralisation of a little person, because in order to accept a complete programme from the Matrix, it must first deny itself internally.


To understand that he is unworthy, inferior, stupid and useless. They say we should be grateful that we have a system that tells us who we’re supposed to be, what we’re supposed to believe and what we’re supposed to do with our lives.


You are told that you don’t need to invent anything new, because other people who understand it much better than you have already invented everything for you, so it would be a waste of time.


So a lot of people find it unnecessary to think for themselves, and even more of them are incapable of doing so. They always have to go and ask someone else what to do.


Taking responsibility for one’s own life and health really scares a lot of people. Much to the delight of the pharmaceutical industry, the church and other systems that drain people of energy, time, health and money.


It’s not just about how individuals who are not dangerous to the system are brought up, but they themselves form the system. The individual is thrown into the hands of slavery and transformed into a person who’s perfectly suited to the system.


Do you ask why?

Because they want you not to be able to escape slavery. The whole system is pyramidal. Down there are the ordinary people and up there are the people who control them. There are two pyramids in the system, the maternal and the secondary. Both pyramids have to be bypassed, otherwise you get lost in them.


The system tries to prevent you from circumventing them in every possible way and puts obstacles in your way – temptations and manipulative demands. It offers you loans to make you a slave to money. It steals your time so that you don’t have the opportunity to fulfil your true mission and find the reason why you were born here. An abundance of time for people is pure poison for the system.


It offers you a tempting job or project that you can’t turn down, or perhaps enjoyable hobbies to obsess over and waste your time with.


The maternal pyramid is dominated by six fallen angels whose orders are received by the Vatican. The Vatican then passes them on to other levels, the secondary levels. The secondary levels are churches, governments, police, courts, schools, laws, offices, soldiers and all the authorities that control and limit humanity.


Another trap in the system is called the “pendulum”. Now we are talking about mechanical harm to people. These are car accidents, murders and others that prevent you from continuing on your path.


You are offered poisonous food and if you eat it, you get into a secondary pyramid. The secondary pyramid is supposed to catch all the people who never got caught in the clutches of money and credit and never allowed their time to be stolen.


Their bodies would begin to fade after eating unhealthy food, their minds would deteriorate and they would go to the doctor.


The secondary pyramid is a gigantic pharmaceutical apparatus with all its stages in the form of doctors and poisonous pills. Each person is responsible for his own body and must never leave it in the hands of others.


The system is always trying to steal your soul. Some people even sell it willingly for money and fame.


But don’t worry, this message is actually very constructive. It was created at the request of an indigo girl met in person. She has tremendous psychic abilities, she can levitate, astral travel, but above all – she is psychic. This girl saw the future of this planet and asked me to bring this message to all of humanity.


Why The Matrix was made

Imagine a council of seven elders sitting around a round table. There is only love and good intentions between them. They are interested in establishing a new higher system and have agreed on what it should look like.


But because they can’t be sure what the outcome will be, they’ve agreed to give it a dry run first. It’s the best way to build something that’s flawless and will last as long as possible.


So the Council of Elders split into a constructive side and a destructive side to play their parts in a dangerous game called Matrix. The wisest and most respectful member of the Council suggested that he stand-alone against the others.


All agreed. His six brothers decided to play for the destructive side to the very end.


It’s a game of cosmic importance for the future of mankind, and it’s an unrepeatable one. You can be grateful that you have been given the opportunity to be a part of it.


The Universe is a vast family of many trillion members. We have been allowed by the Council of Seven to voluntarily play its game. Nothing you see here is real, it’s a simulation.


The one who brought you to planet Earth is YOU, and your guide through the Dark is your right hemisphere, whose instructions you should have listened to all your life. Everyone who lives here is like a character, but their real source is in a completely different dimension.


The character you move around the planet with is just a small particle of your real being.


Time doesn’t really exist, it’s just simulated for the purposes of the game. Therefore, a few million years on our planet is like a second to the creators of a new civilisation.


The Council of Evil has allowed 144,000 constructive beings of Light to incarnate and play for the good side. These beings know the whole truth and are to help humanity to victory.


We are taking part in an experiment in which either the humans will defeat the machines and create a new civilisation and the Golden Age, or the machines will defeat the humans and the sixth Matrix will end badly and destructively for humanity.


The destructive side has decided that it’s only possible to play the game up to the sixth Matrix, where it must be decided.


All five previous systems have been destroyed in a nuclear war. Now the game is over. On one side of the chessboard is the constructive power of the universe, along with 144,000 Light Beings and other constructive humans, and on the other side of the chessboard are the six fallen angels, along with all the traps of a system designed to destroy and deceive humanity. Either humanity wins, or the machines.


The Solution

This is a message to all people currently working against the system,


“Remember that you are constructive and if you are struggling to help others open their eyes and finally see the truth, you must continue with your actions. Do not let the matrix lead you down the wrong path.

You must not begin to think destructively. For now we are winning over the dark force, but this can change, the outcome is not yet decided. Do not listen to cynics and people who only think logically when they tell you that you are strange, naive and stupid if you make decisions intuitively, believe in angels and live a healthy life. Ignore them when they tell you that you believe in fairy tales and that the real world is something else.

These are agents to drag you back into ignorance and chaos. The system wants you to waste your time with rubbish and not worry about what’s really important, so that neither you nor your loved ones can fulfil your destiny and move into the Golden Age.


Your mission is of the utmost importance to you and humanity, don’t let anything jeopardise it.


Remember, when someone decides to end their mission, it often has an effect on other people who would otherwise have been brought on the right path by their actions. Every person matters, and every person who stands on the right side of the chessboard can decide the fate of this world and the new one. But beware!


Only constructive people will enter the new Golden Age. None of those who deliberately harm others will pass through. The future of the Golden Age is prepared only for the good and kind people.


The Indigo Girl also said that we had the same opportunity in 2012 as we have now. We all waited for the Golden Age, but it didn’t come. The energies needed for the transformation were not activated because we did not have a critical mass of conscious people.


We have been given a few more years to find more constructive people to wake up and see the truth. Not all people have to wake up, but a certain number have to be reached.


The transition to the Golden Age is still possible. The Indigo Girl reminded us that none of us can take anything from this world to the next, so there is no point in collecting matter and seeking glory.


The only truly valuable thing you’ve been born here for is the transition to the Golden Age of Humanity, which will come after you have successfully overcome all these pitfalls.


Pass this information on to everyone you know!

The New Age has finally begun! It is clear to see that governments are obsolete. It is pointless to continue with the present cryptically bankrupt system that oppresses and contributes nothing. Stay up to date with new developments daily on our Telegram page.

Many will ask when? If the protests of farmers, truckers, citizens, taxi drivers and others who are active today continue to manifest worldwide, the breakthrough will come at the end of this March.