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Siberian cities and villages destroyed

In Mugalia, in the area between the source of the Amur and the Sinskaya Wall, many towns have been destroyed, as can be seen on many maps. There are no towns, forts or stone buildings left in this area. It is just empty land. In many places in Siberia you can see the ruins of old walls and piles of rubble where great cities once stood. There are also valuable monuments that prove that this land was inhabited by people of high culture.


The mountain ranges: Alanus, Vorosus, Imaus, Sikhius, Belg, Rifeus, Alkhas, etc., which were known in ancient times, are difficult to define today because of the deliberate frequent changes of names.


The same applies to the names of rivers, e.g.: Tahmin, Uhardes, Margus, Koskar, Kossin, Sossa and many others, which were known in ancient times, and can only be identified with some probability today.


One misconception was that the Caspian Sea was connected to the Arctic Ocean by the Ob River. Many of the cities the ancients spoke of, no longer exist. Either they have been destroyed or their names have been changed. For example, Arbam, Sema, Aybair, Sianfur, Naiman, Kantkorakur and entire regions and peoples known from the earliest descriptions of the land can no longer be found under their old names. However, many places such as Ung of Gog, Siorza, Kavona, Baida, Bargu and countless others can be clearly found on old maps and descriptions.


Many old Siberian towns and villages have been destroyed, but their remnants have retained their names, even if there are almost no houses left. Between Tobol and Astrakhan, and between Astrakhan and Sina, there are many rivers, lakes, roads and many more destroyed towns and fortresses.


If you take a boat down the Indiga River, opposite the island of Kolguev, near the Samoyeds who live by the sea, you will come to the town of Gorodishche, which used to be home to several peoples called Chud, and now no longer exists. Only the walls of the old city remain.


As there are no permanent towns in the modern Kalmac areas in the north, east or central parts of the country, it is likely that the Kalmac kings, who are said to have lived in towns, lived here.


Ancient maps mention many places, and in this area, near or between the Caspian Sea and Sino or Sina, many states, regions, cities and rivers are mentioned, that are unknown or do not exist today, even if they were accurately recorded. There is no doubt that incredible and powerful events took place here.


Many cities and nations were destroyed, and the names of others were changed. The northern part of the Imai Mountains, called Alkai, may have been the small, now destroyed state of Altyn.

Tartaria, named after the river Tartarus, which flowed from the land of the Mughals into the Arctic Ocean. The Tyumen region fell under the Great Khan of Tartaria, and the peoples who lived in the north were called Mekrit, Molgomsau, Badai and Samoyed, and they worshipped the sun. The famous trading city of Grustina on the Ob River has also disappeared.


Centuries of manipulation have made the people accustomed to kneeling and crawling.


Never think that you are ‘poor worms’, as the Church advises. No! Never be afraid of God. As one Upanishad says, ‘Fear me not, for you are me’ (Atman). When true knowledge declined, man began to kneel, to fold his hands, to grovel before the Lord. As long as man still possessed knowledge, they stood upright and spread their arms”. (František Drtikol)


Unfortunately, through many centuries of manipulation and intimidation, people have become accustomed to kneeling and crawling and listening with their heads bowed.


Nowadays they have been indoctrinated, and what is worse, they no longer care to whom they bow and grovel. They even seek out their own perverted idols and it seems normal to them.


“If someone is afraid, they certainly don’t understand the situation they are in. There are 7.8 billion of us on earth and only 2.5 millions of them, why and for whom are we afraid? It doesn’t matter who did what, we should forgive and forget. It only matters what we become as a whole because that is what we are creating now and if we are stuck in the past we will be stuck in the future. So we have to get rid of all the rubbish and focus from a place of love on what we want…”.

“The loving aliens are here to help us, they are not here to rule us and be our gods or to be worshipped. This is about us, and humanity needs to take responsibility for its own evolution. Everyone has to let go of their power over each other. We must encourage each other to do this, but each of us must take these steps towards freedom for themselves…”.


There is great promise and hope in today’s world, even for those who are just learning about extraterrestrials and accepting for the first time that we are probably not alone.


What they don’t know is that incredible technologies already exist, developed or invented over hundreds of thousands of years ago. The truth is that all this has nothing to do with aliens, but with us, humanity.


We have been and still are at war and most people do not even know that, they only know about government structures, religions and other dark capacities created here by the nobility, governments, royal families, Vatican officials etc. People do not know that we have been at war, which has also taken place underground and in the sky. But they will find out, because it is very important that righteous information comes out about it.


And what is even more remarkable, is that an entire galaxy is supporting us in our liberation.


But the best kept secret on this planet is not about them, it is about who we are. In all, we are made up of 22 alien races, species that have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, interbreeding with humanity and leaving their descendants behind. That’s the physical side.


The spiritual aspect of who we are is even more illuminating and wondrous. Some of us already have fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional structures in our brains. Just think about it. There are people who have seventh, eighth, ninth, some tenth and eleventh dimensional structures in their brains. These are dimensional structures. While, they are physically of the third density and yet they have multidimensional structures in their brain.




More about recent ancient discoveries

Not far from Kamenskaya, in the woods on the banks of the Iset, the left tributary of the Tobol River, lies the best refractory clay, which was used for foundries, casting moulds and other test vessels for the furnaces of the Ekaterinburg factory. ….


In a lumpy and black soil, and on a layer of white clay, many pieces of scattered wood were found, almost transformed into coal, mixed with sulphurous fire pits.


Elephant bones were found in two different parts of this area, about 50 kilometres east of Kamenskaya, in the village of Tamakulskaya, on the banks of the Iset, local farmers found many preserved bones and ivory tusks in trenches. All the skeletal remains belonged to elephants. Smaller bones and vertebrae were also found, which turned out to be those of large buffaloes.


A blue, sandy and hard clay was found at the bottom of the steep bank of the trench, containing pieces of wood that had been turned into charcoal, mixed with ivory. Remarkably, shark teeth of all shapes and sizes were also found in the blue-black clay. It is clear that the layers in which the bones were found were at the bottom of a clay-rich sea, and that the upper layers covering the bones were made up of earth coming down from the mountains, as evidenced by their pebbly nature.


House roofs have also been found here, along with mammoth bones. This suggests that everything was suddenly flooded at the same time. However, it is unlikely that the roofs of the houses would have survived for long. We can therefore conclude that the catastrophe occurred in the relatively recent past, as these finds were made in the 1860s, i.e. around the 17th century.


Small shells were also found, similar to those from St James, but more distorted and with a convex ribbed hump of a whitish colour. These are no longer found here, but are common in eastern and western India. How did these sea creatures and elephants get so deep underground?


It has also been proved that in the Netherlands, in Friesland and in some places, especially in North Wallonia, whole forests and large areas two metres below the turf have been found where trees, especially of walnut and other species, have been half burnt, and above them many metres of peat soil.


Similar findings have been made in Suriname and other places in the Americas. Scientists, if they could, would certainly study all this in detail.


In any case, it shows that the Earth’s surface has recently undergone a major change and catastrophe. This catastrophe was global and radically changed the climate, especially in Siberia, because elephants, like mammoths, which are herbivores, cannot stand snow and freezing temperatures. An adult elephant consumes 250kg of plant food a day, all year round, not just in summer. And not just hard needles, but succulent grass and leaves. It is also hard to imagine an elephant wading through a marshy, semi-frozen area. So the vegetation in Siberia was very different before… and after. And not just in terms of vegetation, of course.


A map by Giacomo Gastaldi (1500 – 1566), Cosmographia universal en exact, is further evidence of the ancient world. According to this map, unicorns, dragons, griffins and centaurs were roaming and growing trees in Antarctica in the 16th century. Camels are also depicted in Canada, for example.


Be aware that you won’t find these things everywhere!


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