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Reading the FWC articles on Tartaria and Atlantis is your preparation for your ascension exam. They show what really happened. Make this information your own to understand what really occurred less than five hundred years ago. People back then were much smarter and wiser than we are today!


Correlations you won’t find anywhere else

Few people know the Vedas, – ancient sacred scriptures revealed in Sanskritalthough many have heard of the Indian Vedas. There is no doubt that spirituality in India operates in very different spheres from the materialistic world of the ‘West’. Until recently it was strongly argued that the history of the Slavs only began with the Christianisation of Russia. But the Slavs have much deeper roots and history.


The word Slav comes from the words glory, conscience and honour. The original symbols of the words, the people, the homeland and the way of speaking always form a whole.


This symbolic way of speaking was a manifestation of high culture, highly praised by all other surrounding cultures. These tall, white-skinned people who came from the north are still regarded today, especially in the border areas of Great Tartary, such as northern India, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, as the carriers of this knowledge.


Today we are living in a wonderful time of awakening. It is called the morning of Swaroga and it has been happening since 2012. People are opening up to a higher consciousness.


The time has come for our direct roots to become visible. In addition to the Indian Vedas, the Asgard Academy in Omsk has been revealing the Slavic Aryan Vedas for several years, which have been published in writing since 1996.


Now we can draw directly from our own roots, instead of looking for something else in the surrounding cultures. Clarity comes primarily through the artefacts and symbolic traditions of the Old Russian language, which is almost identical to Old Sanskrit.


The Vedas should be studied thoroughly today because they are the oldest known traditions and information about ourselves. The Perun Santia Vedas, the first and oldest part of the Vedas, are said to be over 40,000 years old.


This part contains the words of the Slavic “God Perun” when Perun visited Midgard Earth for the third time and answered the questions of the oracles and the people. At that time he gave the children of the great Rasa observations about the passage of time and especially gave recommendations for the Dark Ages (Night of Swaroga, the Age of Ice Rigidity, Indian Kali Yoga) and up to the present day. Santia Vedas by Perun is the 1st volume of the nine-volume series “Slavic Aryan Vedas”, of which 5 books have already been published in “new Russian”.


He repeatedly refers directly to people as descendants of the “Great Race”. These were the white-skinned people, the Da’Arians, the Cha’Arians, the Sviatorus and the Races. They were the descendants of the Celestial Family who travelled to Midgard Earth some 600,000 years ago. These tribes came from other star systems (Ursa Major and Minor, Dipper, Orion, Beta Leo). It is for this reason that white people also have different eye colours according to the colour of the sun in their home country – silver grey, blue, green and brown.


Other people with black, red and yellow skin come from completely different solar systems and originally all had the same dark eye colour. They had to leave their destroyed planets and were brought to Earth by our ancestors about 100,000 – 130,000 years ago.


In the galaxies closest to us, the White People are the oldest, and as the elders, they rule the spaces of the three worlds – Jaw’, Naw’ and Praw. It may come as a surprise that we ourselves are “aliens”, meaning that we once came here from other solar systems.


This was done by a giant Waitmara, a large interstellar transport ship (several kilometres in size) which also carried smaller ships such as Waitmanas and Wimanas. Their blueprints and operating instructions still exist in India today.


The Indian Vedas also describe massive battles involving aircraft and huge space stations orbiting the Moon and Earth. Not surprisingly, the most advanced beings were considered gods by the people on the surface.


Something similar is known from other cultures and their artefacts. However, among our Vedic ancestors it were those who had reached the level of creation, i.e. the most educated, experienced and wise people – people who were exceptionally gifted, clairvoyant and experts in their field.


Originally their knowledge was passed on orally, but later it was written down as the Vedas. Some of these writings were transferred to gold plates, stone, wood, bark or papyrus scrolls and kept in secret caves and halls of the sanctuary, guarded by guardians of ancient wisdom. The originals were written in Kha-aryan rune, a very special, multi-dimensional form of writing that can only be interpreted by initiated priests.


Alexander Hinewitsch translated these writings into Russian in the 1920s and 1930s. These ancient texts formed the basis of the Indian Vedas, Greek and Roman mythology.


Here is an important note about so-called Sanskrit. In fact, it is not a separate dialect, but an ancient Russian dialect still spoken in Siberia.


Those who have studied Sanskrit will have no difficulty in communicating with the people of Siberia who still speak this dialect. Unlike German, for example, and even less so English, Russian words still carry symbolic messages and are an important factor in interpreting the ancient Vedas.


Our ancestors were masters of symbolic rhetoric. The great masters were called writers. Thanks to their perception of the world, our ancestors had a good understanding of the Dark Ages and took certain measures accordingly.


Today, you can tap into the repositories of knowledge in ancient meeting places and burial mounds. If you can resonate with the ancestors who once lived there, you can intuitively receive messages in a seemingly miraculous way.


Images and symbols, especially the swastika, as well as certain words, were seen as a threat from parasitic forces. They were destroyed, hidden and distorted in every possible way and given the opposite meaning and message.


Even the term Aryan has become more than problematic in our modern times. Much like the term swastika, over which a dark veil has been placed. Aryans see themselves as the master race. We can derive both the word Aryan or Arya (Sanskrit: आर्य, ārya) and the word rasa in detail.


The breed is called RACA / RASA in Russian. This is where the word race comes from, as well as the Russian word for our first ancestors (Ras). According to the Vedas, they were light-skinned people, those great tribes of Rasas who felt that they had a duty on earth because of their higher consciousness. In the countries mentioned (Tibet, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq) it is said that tall, light-skinned people came from the north and brought culture with them.


As mentioned, more people came to Earth from other solar systems and the races that first landed here took it upon themselves to help everyone build their new home.


Even today, words and their meanings (symbols) can be derived very well using the old Buchwitza (an old Russian alphabet with 49 letters). For example, RASA stands for R stands for ROD (tribe, origin) + A for Ase + S for Stranitz (land) + A for Asen = Asen tribes from Asen land.



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