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May 2024

Our real history

Admiration for ancient writers It is amazing that so much information is available today. Zacharias Sitchin expresses his admiration for the countless people who never received credit for recording ancient knowledge:   “When we consider that these ancient texts come… Continue Reading →

Harnessing Natural Electromagnetic Energy

  Electromagnetic Dance Humans live their lives in a daily electromagnetic dance with Mother Earth. The Earth is hardly a stable world. In fact, it pulsates every day with powerful rhythms of electrical and magnetic force, and so do we…. Continue Reading →

Skyscrapers are energy storage

Unlimited energy A highly advanced civilisation known today as Great Tartaria disappeared from our history books less than a century ago. Its remnants can still be seen everywhere. This civilisation mastered technologies more advanced than ours of today.   For… Continue Reading →

The falsification of history

Global Awakening brings unexpected surprises After the Atlantic Cataclysm, the records of the Founders were captured and reversed to falsify the historical record of our past. Truthful accounts have been twisted into criminal histories. The Global Awakening may be accompanied… Continue Reading →

Aftermath of the Lemurian Cataclysm

Past, present and future are one in 5D Without knowledge of the past and present, the transition to the 5D world is impossible. So prepare yourself by learning true history now. To this end, FWC has published a series of… Continue Reading →

Lucifer’s Rebellion and the Pleiadian Angels

Planetary shift from 3D to 5D People on planet Earth are now at a unique moment in the Universe, where two different worlds exist simultaneously on our planet; the negative 3D world and the positive 5D world. This situation has… Continue Reading →

Corruption of Wisdom

Wealth transfer More than at any other time in history, people can increase their standard of living exponentially during this coming financial collapse, without taking much risk. Conventional wisdom in the precious metals community is that gold and silver are… Continue Reading →

Atlantean Technology

The Consciousness Trap It is disappointing that, apart from a few very woke readers, there are few relevant responses, apparently humanity is not yet sufficiently engaged with its true past history. Surely the information given about the Hyperboreans, Arians, Mu,… Continue Reading →


Translation, editing and revision from Russian INTRODUCTION Very little is known about our past history. More is found in the Slavic culture, because the cabal was not able to intervene in it for lack of knowledge, as it did in… Continue Reading →

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