Past, present and future are one in 5D

Without knowledge of the past and present, the transition to the 5D world is impossible. So prepare yourself by learning true history now. To this end, FWC has published a series of truthful, historically accurate articles. Use them!

The Deep State Cabal matrix has been broken, it is now all about our mass awakening. The criminals must be seen with your own eyes to know who and where they are. The Deep State disappears the moment the populace awakens en masse.

On a day that no one can predict, the full extent of the lies will suddenly come to light and be observed by the masses. Humanity will realise that it has been massively deceived by its authorities.

At that point, due to the large number of awakenings, everything will change for the better and everyone will turn to the Light. See this time as preparation, but know that the breakthrough will surely come.

The deeper you are rooted within yourself, the more connected you are to your soul, the greater your understanding of the cosmic connections and the easier and more harmonious you can live.

Everything revolves around unguided, independent thinking; unfortunately few have been taught this. Autonomous thinking and individual intuition will teach you experiential knowledge to demote the classic follower attitude.

The power of the Deep State will give way the day the population rises up en masse and shows that Planet Earth belongs to them. Remember that many have yet to tune into this positive shift and it takes time.


The Mu Continent Finally Sunk into the Pacific Ocean

Planet Earth must have been a very strange place, with all those genetic

Where was the lost continent of Mu, anyway?

experiments by ENLIL and his associates, in those days, with all those prototypes running around on the surface and underground.


It seems that EA and NIN were greatly inspired to experiment after the Pleiadians came, and humans were again crossed with animals, but this time in even more sophisticated ways. You could see human bodies with bull heads (a Pleiadian trait), bird heads (more Pleiadian) and other grotesque abnormalities.


When the great flood was over, millions upon millions of humans and many of the Nephilim giants who roamed Mu had died. Exactly what happened to the Titans is unknown, as no information about them can be found from what is known. Some of them may have survived, however, as elongated skulls of both humans and giants (Titans) have been found in the western part of South America, particularly around Peru. Many of these have been dated to around 1,500 AD. (For an overwhelming amount of evidence and proof, visit archaeologist Brien Foerster’s Facebook and his YouTube account [type in his name]. His research is greatly appreciated!) or watch his video series;


Eventually, the islands were left with dispersed land masses, more or less as we see them today. The oceans calmed down and the extreme weather phenomena subsided. What is now more or less at sea level was high ground in the Lemurian era. That’s why we can still see the ruins of statues and volcanic footprints of giants, etc. The giants, as the legends say, preferred the mountains and the heights in general, and that’s where many of the remains of ancient civilisations are found.


There are many places in the Pacific Ocean and on the American continent that still show us the glaring truth that the Lemurian civilisation existed, and they are too many to mention here. The most famous are probably the statues on Easter Island, the ruins and wall carvings in Arizona and New Mexico, which are proof of the history and evidence of the Mayan culture.


From the Bible is learnt, and even more from other ancient texts from which the Bible was developed. The Flood wiped out most of the world’s population. The conflicts that went on behind the scenes between the Sirians and the Pleiadians, which eventually led to the great Flood, are here not mentioned, as this article focuses on the Lemurian civilisation, while in a future article we’ll tell what happened in the rest of the world, and in particular on another huge landmass in the Atlantic Ocean, which was also wiped out by the Flood. This, of course, was Atlantis.


The misuse of energy, the misuse of technology and elitism eventually became dominant in Atlantis, which was the main reason why the Flood happened.


Going back to the place and time when the split between human groups occurred, when EA had his creation spread across the globe to develop their abilities as part of the experiment.


Lord EA himself did not go to Mu. Those who chose to follow him did, and ended up in Atlantis, a civilisation that began much later than Mu. However, while the Mu civilisations concentrated on spiritual matters, EA and his followers eventually chose technology. Though, this was not the case in the beginning, but rather the result of choices EA and others made along the way.


Going back in time to when the Mu civilisations were at the height of their spiritual power, before the Guardians came. This was around the time that Atlantis was known to have been populated by EA’s people.


Misuse of energy

What exactly is meant by the misuse of energy? Well, in Atlantis, just like today, it’s done in many different ways, but mostly through advanced technology and the misuse of sexual energies.


When technology is used to control others, for warfare, espionage, mind control and so on, or it’s only accessible to a few select groups, then it begins to be misused.

Where Sirians are present, there is always a tendency for this to happen. It’s up to us humans to see through their manipulation, or we’ll end up in a much worse situation than the Atlanteans. At least they were stopped by the Flood, otherwise we probably wouldn’t be here today.


ENLIL manipulated events to create the Flood, which will not be forgiven here; be aware that the Sirians also had a finger in things that really got out of hand after a while. It always seems inevitable. This is why Sirians are not to be trusted, despite what others may say.


In Atlantis; technology was a little different from what we use today, but there are similarities. As already mentioned, computers, but they also had space technology, of course, and a wealth of knowledge about the stars and the universe in general, and they flew to the Moon and to Mars, and probably to other planets within the Solar System as well.


In many ways they were more advanced than we are today.


The Sirian Overlords and their minions fed on fear, and in addition to setting up the Grid and the Trap System, they also used technology to control people’s minds and thoughts.


A relatively small population, less than a billion, was much easier to control than today’s eight billion. They taught humans about warfare and instigated wars to create mass events that the Sirians could energetically feed off.


Sometimes the wars were just for that purpose, sometimes they were over real estate or some petty conflict between Sirian authorities. This was nothing new; the Sirians, like humans today, couldn’t even live peacefully with each other, and conflicts and wars were very common.


As Zecharia Sitchin describes so well in his book ‘The Wars of Gods and Men’, they used human soldiers as cannon fodder for their silly wars, which could sometimes start because of jealousy between the ‘gods’, or just ‘bragging rights’; over who was the most powerful and fearless.


The jealousy between the gods of Sirius is well documented. The crystals had a lot to do with this, because crystals (especially the ones they called Meš, pronounced ‘mesh’) contain memory and knowledge.


They were also a means of communication between the gods; almost like today’s mobile phones, but they worked over longer distances. Incidentally, today’s mobile phone is a watered-down version of Atlantean technology, but our mobile phones are getting more and more advanced, as if someone is having epiphanies after epiphanies and inventing new technology on a weekly basis.


Of course, that’s not the case; mobile phone technology, as it will be used in the future, has long since been fully developed. In fact, it’s not a human invention, it’s been achieved through technology transfer programmes. In Atlantean times, the gods fought over these devices to steal knowledge from each other and gain access to each other’s secrets. It was such a big deal that people were killed over it.

Stay tuned, more to come…


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To be continued as time will tell us more …