This essay opens up higher dimensions in people who are awake.


Our DNA – Upgrade

People who have had a near-death experience come back with three, four or even five strands of DNA. In Australia a man who had been dead for an hour and 45 minutes woke up in the morgue and when they examined him he had six strands of DNA.


Nothing they have taught us is true, they have told us nothing at all about who we really are. The body is the physical form that is the holographic imprint of the soul. When the soul joins the body at conception it creates a hologram and that is who we are.


We are remarkable spiritual beings stuck in a really evil system and everyone is beginning to realise this. We see a lot of contradictions now, we see what we don’t want, that’s one thing, but we have to work on what we do want, that’s our real work now.


  • If you don’t want a new world order,
  • If you don’t want a medical mafia,
  • If you don’t want a global government,
  • If you don’t want any of that


then you have to decide what you want and you have to start focusing on that because you are powerful creators. And, that you really are.


We can’t create dimensions but we can create realities. You should know that you can create whatever you want.

We have been abused by our ignorance and enslaved by a belief system that has limited our thinking.


If you take away all the technology that we use on the planet today and just focus on the psychology of civilisation, we are stuck in most cases at the level of the Middle Ages, which is the way we think, the way we treat each other, the way we see each other.


We are governed by governmental structures and other kinds of structures that control and manipulate humanity. All of this is done deliberately and intentionally to keep us down, to keep us oppressed, to keep us divided.


So, those of you who follow the Schumann Resonance know that for 10,000 years it was 7.85 MHz and now the new norm is 23 to 28 MHz and it is not uncommon for it to peak above 200 MHz


And whenever that peak occurs, our DNA, which acts as an antenna, begins to expand, then it contracts again, but whenever it reaches that peak, we learn to hold more light within us. And the more light and frequency we can hold, the more pressure is put on our DNA and it expands as well.


So, everybody, whether they know it or not, you are ascending, even if you don’t believe it, your body is ascending, because the Earth is ascending. The earth is expanding, it is not collapsing, it is growing to support more people. The earth is not finished with us, we are not its enemies, we are not a virus, a virus is a parasitic alien on planet earth.


Note: Many healthy new-born babies today are already being prepared for the 5D world, this is a very well-kept secret.



The Awakening of Humanity

Our Galactic brothers are making the awakening of humanity. In fact, their presence on Earth has been constantly observed, as they monitor everything that happens here, both from the subtle plane and by incarnating in physical bodies on our planet.


Some of them have even attempted to influence the course of events at turning points in your history, but unfortunately the power of the Draco-Reptilians is too firmly rooted on Earth.


And now, as our planet moves steadily into the space of the Fifth Dimension, our Galactic brothers see it as their duty to correct the mistake they once made by immersing pure human souls in a too low vibrating world of the Third Dimension, which has proven to be cruel and unpredictable.


They especially admire people who have managed to overcome the barrier of misunderstanding and condemnation from others, and who feel in their hearts and souls the inevitability of Earth’s Ascension and their participation in it.


They are living examples of the indestructibility of the Divine Principle in human beings.

And such people are given all kinds of help on their part.


It lies in the fact that in addition to the natural process of DNA activation due to new energies coming to Earth, these people also receive energy ‘infusions’ from highly developed civilisations.


This work is usually done at night, as the subtle body of a sleeping person is deprived of mental and emotional nourishment and is therefore much weakened and receptive to influence from the subtle plane..


Thus, people whose vibration already allows them to communicate with representatives of highly evolved civilisations ‘sleep’ their DNA strands at night, contributing to their closer contact with the subtle plane.


This is why many of you are beginning to feel your upper chakras and pineal gland more clearly.


While this is happening to you unconsciously, you can also consciously connect to this process, which will increase its effectiveness and also create an energetic connection between you and your assistants from other worlds.


Father Absolute, who loves you immeasurably, has spoken to you.



Manipulation and intimidation, get people used to kneeling and crawling

Never think that you are ‘poor worms’, as the Church tells you. No! Never be afraid of God. As the scripture from above says: ‘Fear me not, for you are me’ – Amen or Atman, Sanskrit for the true or eternal Self. When this knowledge fell, man began to kneel, fold his hands and crawl before the Lord.


“Before that, man stood upright and spread his arms”.


Unfortunately, over the centuries, people have got used to kneeling and crawling and listening with their heads bowed. Nowadays, they’re tired of it, and what’s worse, they don’t care who they bow and crawl to. They even seek out their own perverted idols and it seems normal to them.


“If someone is afraid, they certainly don’t understand the situation they are in. There are 7.8 billion of us on earth and only 2.5 million of us are oppressors, so why and for whom are we afraid?

It doesn’t matter who did what, we have to forgive and forget. It only matters what we become as a whole because we create that now and if we are stuck in the past we will create it in the future. So we have to get rid of all the rubbish and focus from a place of love on only what we want…”.


The loving aliens are here to help us, they are not here to rule us or be our gods to worship. This is about us, if humanity is to take responsibility for its evolution. Everything has to be reversed, including power over each other. We must encourage each other in this, while each of us must take these steps towards freedom by themselves…


There is great promise and hope coming into the world, even for those who are just learning about extraterrestrials and accepting for the first time that we are probably not alone.


What they don’t know is that incredible technologies from hundreds of thousands of years ago have already been discovered, reverse engineered or found.

Truth be told, none of this has anything to do with aliens, it’s all to do with us, humanity. We have been and are at war and most people do not know about it, they only know about the government structures, religions and other dark organisations that have been created here by the nobility, governments, royal families, Vatican officials, etc.


People do not know that we have been at war, which has also taken place underground and in the sky. But they will find out because it is very important and information about it is already inevitably coming out.


And what is remarkable is that there is an entire galaxy supporting us in our liberation.


But the best-kept secret on this planet is not who they are, but who we are. In all, we are made up of 22 alien races, species that have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, intermingling with humanity and leaving their descendants behind. That is the physical side.


The spiritual aspect of who we are is even more illuminating and wonderful.


Some of us already have fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional structures in their brains. Think about that. There are people who have seventh, eighth, ninth, some tenth and even eleventh dimensional structures in their brains. These are real dimensional structures. You are physically of the third density and yet you have multidimensional structures in your brain!




Pass this information on to everyone you know!


The New Age has finally begun! It is clear to see that governments are obsolete. It is pointless to continue with the present cryptically bankrupt system that oppresses and contributes nothing. Stay up to date with new developments daily on our Telegram page.


Many will ask when? If the protests of farmers, truckers, citizens, taxi drivers and others who are active today continue to manifest worldwide, the breakthrough will come at the end of this March.


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