The Breakthrough

The energy for the coming breakthrough is slowly building among humanity. On a day that no one can predict, quite unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies and deception will come to light and be perceived and understood by the masses. They will see that they have been grandly deceived by their authorities.


At that point, through the supremacy of the people, everything will change for the better and everyone will turn to the Light. Consider this time as preparation, but know that the breakthrough will definitely come.



Money from nothing

All money in the world is based on debt, first debt must be created to create debt money. Which is actually a contradiction in terms. Because money is paid to pay off debt, which makes debt money the opposite of real money. Therefore debt cannot be used as money, except in the world controlled by the Rothschilds.


Read this paragraph again until you really understand how we humans are being deceived and robbed of our hard-earned money, money that we have created from our precious energy that flows into the cabal’s pockets, because the Rothschilds equate our energy money with their worthless debt money!


  • We must stand up for ourselves
  • All parasitic beings can be destroyed
  • Humanity deserves to become what it is meant to be.
  • There are 138 different star nations that have come to our rescue.
  • All is light, there is nothing solid.



The speed of completion of this final phase depends on the timing and extent of our mass awakening, the tipping point is actually in our hands.


  • If you do not fight for your own liberation, freedom has no value for humanity.
  • There will be great upheavals on planet Earth.
  • Many new technologies will be introduced and new professions will be created.


Our consciousness and oneness is a direct obstacle to the plans of the Deep State. Millions of puppets and criminals have already been executed without any fuss. Most of the famous figures still walking around are clones to keep the sheeple quiet.


When the people realise that they have voluntarily allowed themselves to be poisoned by Covid injections, Marshall Law will be enforced to keep the chaos to a minimum. An exciting and unique time is about to begin.


The Cabal’s 2030 agenda has failed, the Alliance continues to purge all secret cells.


The Quantum Financial System, Free Energy, New Internet, etc. have been ready for implementation for years.


Continue to trust the plan and do your part by sending Light and Love to each other to ease the transition into the new 5D world.


If we look at the situation on Earth as a multidimensional chess game, because in this chess game we have third, fourth and fifth density components and we have four final moves to achieve the liberation of humanity. So we only have four moves left.


The dark side doesn’t want to move and doesn’t want to make the last move it has left. Instead of really leaving, it is creating confusion like Covid, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Israel and other false alarms that will go on for a while to create chaos or war.


The only reason for their efforts is to try and delay their final move. The forces of Light and the loving star nations are forcing them to make another move and want this situation to end as soon as possible. But be warned, the events that follow will be truly ferocious. Their fall will be ugly.


The controllers of this planet have controlled it for over 10,000 years and they literally have nowhere to go, for once they are removed from power they will no longer exist. The plan is not to imprison them but to bring them to an end, which they undoubtedly deserve.


Mass awakening will bring about the reversal. All those who are not sufficiently awake will be systematically removed from planet Earth, they will have to repeat the 3rd dimension on another planet until they have learnt their lessons. Earth has been an educational planet for the higher realms. Those who plan to ascend to 5D are advised to read this article a few times before planet Earth moves permanently to 5D and higher.


There was a big shift recently where you could learn about child trafficking and all that goes with it. The souls that are coming to this planet now are incredibly evolved, they are avatars. Their mission is to come and take humanity to a higher level so that in the next hundred years this planet can become part of the galactic community.


We will live like the beloved Star Wars and travel not only in our solar system but throughout the galaxy. That’s the plan. In 25 years we won’t even recognise this planet, everything will change so quickly. And for that to happen, humanity has to accelerate.


That means we have to increase our own power, because if we keep going backwards, because of the fake pandemic, because of the media that is allowed to lie about everything all the time, all that is holding us back.


The earth’s frequency is slowly being raised to about 40 Hz to prepare the awakened among us for the 5D world. Extraterrestrials on our planet, such as the criminal Dracos and Grays, cannot live at a frequency higher than 8 Hz and are automatically eliminated.


The cabal is defeated, what is still going on is a rear-guard action by the puppets who do not yet know that their leadership has been definitively eliminated, so they too have lost. Nothing stands in the way of the cleansing and transformation of our planet.


We have to stand up for ourselves, we have to stand up for each other and of course we have to defend our personal freedom, because if we fail it will set the planet back hundreds of years and we will still have to deal with these parasitic villains.


Almost everything has been done. It has been an extremely difficult journey for many of us, but the time has come for the parasitic beings to be destroyed or to escape. Humanity deserves to be given the opportunity to develop normally and become what it is meant to be.




Many of us are part of groups of souls from different star nations, different parts of the galaxy or even other galaxies who have come here to assist in the evolution of not only Earth, but the third dimension in our galaxy as a whole.


Remember that everything we see, even what we perceive to be very solid, is a hologram. This is difficult for many people to understand, but if you take any physical form, anything on this planet, and put it under a micro-electron microscope, all you see is light.


There is nothing solid, everything is light created by some intention. Intention creates a gravitational wave, the gravitational wave then creates DNA, which you literally pull into yourself from the ether.


All this is proven in physics. In fact the DNA is moved from one place to another and in the process of being moved the DNA literally disappears as it goes into another dimension and then comes back.


You are all this already, you just have to understand it, you have to discover it and you have to start the process.


Stay tuned, there is more to follow…


The New Age has finally begun! It is clear to see that governments are obsolete. It is pointless to continue with the present cryptically bankrupt system that oppresses and contributes nothing. Stay up to date with new developments daily on our Telegram site.



Many will ask: when will the changeover happen? If the protests of farmers, truckers, citizens, taxi drivers and others active today continue to manifest themselves globally, the breakthrough could come by the end of March.