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Final Steps to the Liberation of Mankind

The Breakthrough The energy for the coming breakthrough is slowly building among humanity. On a day that no one can predict, quite unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies and deception will come to light and be perceived and understood… Continue Reading →

Restoration of Mother Earth

Change from carbon into crystalline body Humanity is deeply brainwashed Control over the Money Supply Corrupts Society Signs You’re Already Living in The 5th Dimension   Change from carbon into crystalline body The planetary change from 3D to 5D requires… Continue Reading →

Tavistock Mass Psychosis and Mind Control 2/2

Foreword Moral, Spiritual, Racial, Economic and Cultural Bankruptcy Tavistock Brainwashing and Social Engineering Cuban Missile Crisis Controlled Presidents Trump Drains the Swamp   Foreword Tavistock mass psychosis is the backbone of the Deep State Cabal in the oppression of humanity… Continue Reading →

New World Order

Government is people’s greatest enemy The world of Agenda 2030 Dancing to the beat of music Transhumanisme paradise of technology Transition and Defeat of the Deep State Cabal    Government is people’s greatest enemy If humans do not realise this,… Continue Reading →

Money is your slave chain

Stupid! Money enslaves you! Read on; Wake-Up; Be Free Crooks run our world!     Loans Create Deposits Money to pay interest is not created Debt obligation Secrets of the Money Magicians   Loans Create Deposits The creation of money,… Continue Reading →

Brainwashing and Mind Control

Thought Control From freedom to slavery Psychological Violence Political Correctness   Thought Control More commonly known as mind control, brainwashing is coercive persuasion, or thought control, thought reform or forced re-education. It is the concept of altering the human mind… Continue Reading →

The Money System is your Slavery Chain

When credit money fails your slavery ends   Petrodollar system is broken Major paradigm shift Turn off the television Banking system a fantastic business Quantitative Easing   Petrodollar system is broken The economic law of fair exchange, demands only things… Continue Reading →

How money enslaves humanity

Freedom from slavery begins with freedom from corrupt money systems Money creation privilege is extra funding for banking sector Fractional Reserve Mistakes Fake money The fraud summarised Collapse of Global banking system    Fractional reserve banking fraud Once this issue… Continue Reading →

The true story of the Kennedy Assassination

 The Arranger of de Kennedy Murder was Cardinal Spellman of New York   Ninth Circle Satanic cult sacrifices A document from the Vatican secret archives being held by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels stated that it was… Continue Reading →

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