When credit money fails your slavery ends


Petrodollar system is broken

Major paradigm shift

Turn off the television

Banking system a fantastic business

Quantitative Easing


Petrodollar system is broken

The economic law of fair exchange, demands only things of real value as currency and cannot be revoked. Today’s chaos is the result of more than 50 years of experimentation with global fiat money and demands a return to money of real value.


That day is now approaching as oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil, instead of dollars or euros.


Think about it; What is the incentive to keep pricing oil in dollars and hold large dollar reserves, if the US is no longer your biggest customer?


“The petrodollar system is broken, now that oil is no longer paid in dollars internationally, that is essentially the death knell for the US dollar as a reserve currency. This means the US can no longer borrow with ‘exorbitant privileges’, and it means the US Treasury market is heading for an out-of-control interest rate spiral.”


“According to experts, there is some $15-20 trillion in currency held by the Middle East, much of it in ‘paper’ dollars. How long will they want to keep all those dollars lying around?


US one hundred dollar bill on fire

Especially when Asia and Pacific countries now account for more than a third of global oil consumption and the US only 20%. Meanwhile, the world’s biggest oil importer – China has already taken that crown away from the US some eight years ago. This severely undermines the petrodollar.


In recent years, China has made agreements with many of its trading partners to do business in each other’s currencies. China and Russia, China and Brazil, China and Australia, even China and its old/new enemy Japan, they have all made currency swaps and other arrangements to circumvent the US dollar.


Major paradigm shift

The world is now in the global monetary system about to undergo, a huge paradigm shift, and hardly anyone is aware of it. Many business people are planning and spending capital as if the world is not in recession.


The people are spending little and saving whenever possible. But, investors continue to invest as if everything is perfectly fine. Many are struggling to find the truth about the global economy, which is in debt like never before.


The world is so deeply in debt that these figures are mind-boggling to humanity. Trillions of dollars/euros of capital may be lost as a result and the world will end up in something that will be written about for centuries to come. And, called the darkest periods in human history, under the title Gigantic Fiat Money Collapse.


And yet, not one in a hundred people is aware of this, or even thinks it is possible.


Those who are aware, and who have internationalised their wealth and keep most of it in hard assets like precious metals, which are outside the financial system, preferably even outside their own countries, stand the best chance of successfully surviving the coming changes.


The days of the mighty “petrodollar” are numbered; and the “exorbitant privilege” or, economic windfall that America has enjoyed as the issuer of the world’s reserve currency is now coming to an end due to their arrogance, meddling and war interventions.


When US and EU politicians began economic sanctions against Russia, they probably never imagined the serious consequences for the US and the EU. But now Russian media report that the Russian finance ministry has pulled the trigger on its “de-dollarisation plan”.


For decades, virtually all oil and natural gas worldwide has been bought and sold at US dollars.


Turn off your television

Never before has it been so important to turn off your television, do your own research and take your financial affairs into your own hands.


“All major central banks are printing staggering amounts of money. There is an artificial ocean of liquidity and it has to end at some point. When that happens, it will be very difficult.”


Banking system a fantastic business

The banking system is a fantastic business; they lend money they don’t have and charge the borrower interest on it; add to this the ‘fractional reserve lending’ that allows the banks to lend ten times more than what they have on deposit. In other words, they are lending ‘money’ that they do not have and that does not exist, correctly called – credit money – while charging and collecting interest on it.

Loans are not booked, so every repayment and interest payment is 100% profit. In case of bankruptcy of the borrower, there is no loss! Another source of income is inflation to continuously steal money from the people.



There are two kinds of money in circulation, the first is the money based on energy, the work or intellect of people, called energy money which is valuable because of the energy input; and the second kind is credit money created by the bankers out of nothing, without any value! The fraud committed by the banks is the equalisation of both kinds, with which they pluck the people bare.


There are two kinds of money in circulation, the original is the money based on energy, people’s work or intellect, called energy money which is valuable because of the energy input; and the second kind is credit money created by the bankers out of thin air without any value! The committed fraud by the banks is the equalisation of both types, enabling them to rob people bear.


To summarise;

The unsecured money system is our slave chain. The people are not allowed to become prosperous under any circumstances because then the oppression and docility will no longer work. So it is deliberately kept in poverty by sucking off all surplus earnings from labour and intellect to flow into the pockets of the cabal. Among other things, illegal taxes, nonsensical measures and inflation make this possible. Like, for example, this hoax;


That the US, with its oil fracking, has enough oil for the future, and will recover on that basis. But oil fracking is fraud, it is pure misallocation of capital to produce nothing, it is a hoax, based on Junk Economics.


Quantitative easing

In the depression of the 1930s, it was the money supply that counted, but after Nixon abolished gold hedging for the US dollar in 1972, he turned the “real money” system into a ‘credit money’ system. So now it is not the money supply that matters, but the ‘credit’ supply. As long as credit increases at a healthy rate of <2% or more, which basically is inflation, more precisely “theft”, markets and GDP go up.


If credit does not rise, expect a recession and a bear market. The idea behind increasing the money supply means more credit money, but because there was no market for it, it was called Quantative Easing (QE), a worthless tool, because this QE did not create more lending capacity.


“QE does not create new borrowing capacity. To explain it as simply as possible; Reserves are bank assets. Lending is constrained by capital. QE shifts assets but does not change capital. “If the Fed buys $2.6 trillion worth of Treasury securities from the non-government sector, the non-government sector sells $2.6 trillion worth of Treasury bonds to the Fed.


“How can have the Feds ‘injected’ $2.6 trillion of liquidity into the system? “As the net effect is zero?


“So to say that a bank can go to Goldman and use that $2.6 trillion as if it were something new is not correct. They could do that before they used Treasury bills as collateral.


“The idea that excess reserves indicate future hyperinflation is also absurd. The assumption is that the banking system will somehow ‘lend out’ those excess reserves. That cannot happen. That is impossible. Banks cannot lend out reserves. Full stop. It getting tiresome pointing that out. Even very smart people are wrong…”




“The Fed knows that credit has to increase or it will become a depression. And today, debt levels have risen so high that a depression would be catastrophic. The disaster will be global, not just in the US. Causing people to die.


“Because a depression in the US means tens of millions of maybe hundreds of millions of people in China and Southeast Asia could lose their jobs. Companies go bankrupt. Governments go bankrupt. People living on the margins – with no savings – will then quickly become desperate and perhaps wake up? If not, civilisation will not survive. That is why the Fed has to allow a real credit contraction anyway.”


Conclusion; The financial system is in a situation of many fingers in the dike, but it is not possible to say in advance which finger will be removed first that will cause the dike to collapse.  But at least, it is more certain that the end of US dollar hegemony is in sight. The only questions at this moment are:


When will it end and when will the real panic begin?

Either way, the demise of the US dollar is a certainty.

It is expected, that gold will trade for 20 times or more its current price.  Count on it to happen. People need to own gold/silver because the central planners are leading them to ruin.


Silver will also see extraordinary long-term gains. Copper will also see fantastic profits, if they continue to modernise and invest in infrastructure in both India and China.


The bottom line is that people will have to be patient for a while, as the day approaches when the world will shift its attention to gold, silver and other commodities.


Smart investors continue to buy physical gold and silver all the time. Gold and silver are both undervalued, and more importantly, they are money outside the banking system. That means your money is not at risk in a bank failure if you own gold stored outside the banking system.


This article has analysed the financial money system in understandable language. It shows how humanity has been enslaved by the money system. Not one in a hundred people has ever understood or noticed this. Please be helpful in informing many others among us about this. Send this explanation to everyone you know, asking them to read and understand how they are enslaved.


If many readers come to understand this, we can collectively free ourselves from this chain of slavery that gags us.


Together we will be stronger to reject this money system and replace it with a new value-based money system made available to us by our Extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.


The wait is on us, others will not do it for us!


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