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Deep State disappears as population awakes en masse

On a day which no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies will come to light and be observed by the masses. Humanity will realise that they have been grandiosely conned by their authorities.


At that point, due to the large number of awakenings, everything will turn for the better and everyone will turn towards the Light. Consider the period now as preparation, but know that the breakthrough will surely come.


The Deep State Cabal matrix has been broken, it is now only about our mass awakening. The felonious criminals must be seen with own eyes to know who and where they are.


The deeper you are rooted in yourself the more connected you are to your soul, the greater your understanding about cosmic connections, and the easier and more harmonious you can live.


Everything revolves around unguided independent thinking; unfortunately, few have been taught this. Maria Montessori, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition, took advantage of children’s natural eagerness to learn to teach this experiential knowledge in order to demote the classical follower attitude.


The power of the Deep State will give way the day the population rises up en masse, and shows, that planet earth belongs to them. Remember that many are yet to tune in to this positive transformation, and that takes time.


Many incarnated souls on Third Dimensional Planet Earth have forgotten who they are, where they came from and what they came here to do. That is the rule in this 3D School, because it is exactly what learning is: creating something while the soul is subject to the veil of oblivion.


All souls come from the Light. From the Light we came and to the Light we will one day return. Even those who have been in other worlds of trial and reconciliation before, long before they came into Dimensions 5D and above.


Remember, only a small part of an exalted soul can descend to worlds of the Third Dimension, for the risk of staying in this low-frequency realm for a long time is great.



Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi below is helping humanity on Earth with soul preparation needed for the transition to the World of the 5th Dimension.





The soul plan is an incarnation project that the soul makes during the period called ‘between lives’, i.e. in the afterlife. The soul, freed from the body, has expanded its consciousness, allowing it to remember previous lives and thus evaluate its journey up to that point. In this state, she can also see into the future, at least for a period covering the time needed for her next incarnation.


Once she has assessed her current point in her individual evolution, the soul formulates an incarnation plan to make her evolution as fast as possible. Knowing what the future will be like and what will happen in each region of the Planet, she also chooses the country, city and place where she should be born, grow up and live, as she will depend on all these factors to experience her Trials and Expeditions.


She also determines the necessary time, to complete this project when incarnated. She then asks for the time of material life for the next incarnation. And, except suicide, an act that would be a free will choice, nothing and no one will stop her from completing this time of life in a physical body.


She also asks that during the next incarnation, necessary situations come to her, to learn, save or cure still existing flaws. Such situations can only occur in the geographical region where she will live, or situations related to her health, finances, relationships, profession, etc.


At the right time, the Universe will bring her everything she asks for on this soul plane. This is why we say that no one goes through what they don’t have to go through, and no one runs away from themselves.


Everything is always planned down to the last detail, even before reincarnation. And no one will go through what does not need to be gone through. It would be a waste of time, not only for the incarnated soul, but also for its Spiritual Team that constantly guides it. The Divine Laws are so deep and so just that the human mind still cannot comprehend their depth.


Someone asked for example the question whether the soul can include murder in its incarnation plan? This question led me to write today’s text because it is not possible to answer this in a few lines. It is necessary to go much deeper and understand the true purpose of souls who have decided to experience life in a world of trials and reconciliation.


3D-Earth is a school for souls. We are its students. The rule here in the Third Dimension is to experience duality within every action a human consciousness can experience, act, create or imagine. To experience the two polarities of every action, sometimes at one extreme and sometimes at the other. At one extreme is what we understand to be good, and at the other extreme, what we understand to be bad.


Moreover, the soul has always been subject to the veil of forgetfulness, at least during the period in which it was incarnated. The forgetfulness of past lives is essential, because without it, it would not be able to experience and feel every lived emotion as real, whether beneficial or evil. It is only in the period between lives that she can remember, as this facilitates the evaluation of her journey, as reported here at the beginning of the text.


Planet Earth as a school, has offered ample opportunities to all souls in all times. All souls have been able to experience every possibility within their creative minds. And every possibility in its two extremes, that is, in its polarities. So, you, me and all people have experienced them. We have stolen and we have been robbed; we have killed and we have been killed; we have betrayed and we have been betrayed; we have experienced everything you can imagine, sometimes on one side and sometimes on the other, because, as has been said, the polarities are alive.


The most interesting thing is that today we know the consequences of every action that can be done on a daily basis. This means that all humanity has already been given the opportunities to learn all the topics taught in this School. This is also the defining reason for the Planetary Transition. There is then nothing more to learn at this level of learning.


What happens now is the recurrent repetition of actions and attitudes of your students. But everyone who repeats these actions in the polarity of evil knows and is aware of what he is doing.


Repeating the negative polarity in this present incarnation, except in situations that can still be rectified before dis-incarnation, will send the soul to another School of trials and penances. This is the risk we all face.


This is why “being awake and praying” is very important. A misstep here and there can still be fixed, as long as there is the good will to get better. And as we always say: it is enough to average to be approved. It is not necessary to achieve top marks. The frequency of the soul determines approval or rejection for the New Earth.


In the early days of humanity, even when the soul exercised her character in a bad state, the lessons learned were not punished in her later incarnation, because the pupil should not be punished because she has experienced the lesson. Not least because she will naturally experience the other side of the act in subsequent incarnations. And so we all learn, through every experience, what is moral or not.


The big problem is when we are put to the test, that is, subjected to the trials. Having learned every lesson, both in the polarity of good and evil, the conscience already knows whether it should act in certain circumstances or not. These are the moments of trial to which we are all subjected. Opportunities arise that prompt us to commit a crime that we have already experienced in the soul’s past. Often, for personal gain, man succumbs to temptation and repeats an act that goes against the ethical and moral principles of the Laws that govern this School of Souls.


If the incarnated soul fails a test, it is subjected to compulsory redemption, which is nothing but what we know as negative Karma. So, when the soul is in the period between lives, out of the physical body, can remember such mistakes in the last existence, or even in previous lives, it understands the negative consequences, it makes a soul plan that allows it to avoid that consequence.


In the case of the question posed, the answer is as follows: The soul can determine to be killed in the next incarnation. This would serve as repayment for a debt from previous lives. In this way, the process is expedited, as otherwise it may take several incarnations, and then there is no time left.


Since the question leaves room for two interpretations, since it talks about the possibility without saying whether it will commit or undergo murder, we will give two answers here too.


  • The soul’s plan does determine whether it should undergo the situation of a murder because, as mentioned, it is a way of paying off an outstanding debt.
  • On the other hand, the soul would never include in its incarnation plan to commit murder, not in the present tense, because its first experience as a murderer has already been gained in previous lives.


This is the last incarnation in Duality on this Planet, and putting it on the incarnation plan would ordain her own exile. In reality, she did not need to commit that crime, only to be put on trial, and sadly that failed.


It should be clear that the soul, when disincarnated, has a broader conception of life. It would never make an incarnation plan and purposely place situations that would harm it in its progress, or in its evolution.


Only that happened in the first incarnation in this School, when she actually had to understand and feel what it is like to go through each experience. After experiencing every situation, falling into the trials she is subjected to will always require compensation commensurate with every action.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.



Very exciting good news!

The 5th Dimensional Earth has arrived