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April 2023

Planetary Liberation

The battle against the world mafia has been won Huge changes with great improvements The Ascension Gates Open The Great Collapse   The battle against the world mafia has been won The Light Forces bombard the planet with one powerful… Continue Reading →

Hidden secrets of our money

Money without value biggest scam in history   Unmasking the money system Central banks run the printing presses Quantum Financial System – QFS Hidden Secrets of Money – video   Unmasking the money system Who owns the central banks? You… Continue Reading →

Immutable Divine Plan

Who we are Where we come from The one who is afraid stays home Frightening truth about pyramids   Who we are Several episodes of human history on Earth have come about through succession of extraterrestrial and extra-terrestrial colonies exerting… Continue Reading →

The Shocking Truth becomes known

Newly ‘crowd-sourced’ media Major revelations are coming Khazarian mafia largest organised crime syndicate Banking crisis is imminent HELLSTORM Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany   New ‘crowd-sourced’ media The story of what is about to happen is the biggest… Continue Reading →

The Origin of Humanity

Open the Book of your Lifetime History   Human history is based on loose fragments Why do we know nothing more about our past and the many artefacts found? Presumably, over the centuries, much of the literature and artefacts were… Continue Reading →

Destruction of Evil

Everything is about to blow up as God destroys Evil Upcoming events are Biblical Money is a bondage tool Quantum Financial System BRICS countries announce plan for common currency     Everything is about to blow up as God destroys… Continue Reading →

The Divine Plan

Don’t Give Up Now! Trust The Divine Plan!    Consciousness and Oneness break power of Deep State When people wake up and realise that the purpose of life is different from the government policies applied, such as tax increases, among… Continue Reading →

Inflation the Invisible Theft

Inflation phenomenon explained Better solution is to deliberately create inflation Velocity of circulation of money 1950s Prices as proof of inflation The Breakthrough Begins How much money is in circulation?   Inflation phenomenon explained Inflation is invisible theft, a secret… Continue Reading →

Join the ‘Shakeup’ of the Sleeping Mob

Freedom, Abundance and Prosperity is your Reward   It is time to stand and shake up everyone Worthless paper money does not create wealth Through money creation unlimited Power The power of money Banks never can fail     It… Continue Reading →

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