Don’t Give Up Now! Trust The Divine Plan!


Consciousness and Oneness break power of Deep State

When people wake up and realise that the purpose of life is different from the government policies applied, such as tax increases, among others, it can be established that this measure has never had any positive effect!


The fight for the liberation of planet earth and humanity, will soon come to an end. Don’t give up now but continue with augmented energy. We already have the sight of the harbour, it is now just a matter of sailing safely in, to enter a world of prosperity, abundance and unlimited love. Remember; Freedom, abundance and prosperity is the reward.


The truly awake are now wondering if they are eligible for ascension to the new 5D world? It is expected that at least a third of the world’s population will be able to pass the final 5D exam. Basically, all currently incarnated people have the chance to take part in the 5D exam. Top marks to pass are not required, even the mediocre have a good chance of passing. However, the prerequisite is honesty, sincerity; being open to others and unconditional love for people, animals and nature.


Be happy with your common sense and life, forget the corrupt government as it will soon be removed. Some say money makes you happy, but money only buys material things.


Happiness and real wealth comes from within by e.g. making real things and providing services, which are opposed to debt. This needs no further explanation.


Behind the scenes, the house of cards of the oppressors is crumbling. As a result, more and more of us see the strings the puppets are tying their conductors. These are the supposedly elected politicians; the people now observe how the puppeteers direct and set them, they are no longer hidden in the shadows as before.


Everything that comes to us is at the right time and moment, it is Cosmic Intelligence that is in charge of all movements in the infinite Universe and that also determines the timing of the long-awaited breakthrough.


The global, vaccine-induced suicide cult is very real, and it is the result of mass hypnosis combined with a widespread desire for self-destruction. Driven by mainstream media driven insane psychological terrorism, many people are now consciously or unconsciously trying to end their own lives. Suicide rates have skyrocketed since the Covid shutdown began, followed by the sinister solution of free Covid vaccination.


Apparently, many people lack self-esteem because they have turned their backs on God and instead they worship technology, science, money or fame.

So, they have nothing else to live for but more money and fame. When that does not satisfy, they seek self-destruction, not realising that every human being is a divine miracle, created in the image of God.


Getting yourself injected with a deadly biological weapon designed to end human lives is an insult to God and act of spiritual and physical murder.


The veil that imprisons our souls on this planet is now being lifted through the reincarnation process, in order to free humanity from oppression so that they develop as the Creator always intended.


Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi below informs humanity on Earth about the progress of the divine plan for our liberation.




Beloved ones!

This message aims to bring a little encouragement and confidence to those who are still vibrating in fear, and lack faith in the Great Plan. Over the past 10 years, I have done many messages and many acts to write about this on this page to bring enlightenment to incarnated souls thirsting for knowledge.


Most of the pain of suffering that afflicts people could be alleviated and even avoided if everyone understood life as it really is.


Though the veil of oblivion is a norm in this soul school, we have reached the end times of this long cycle of trials and reconciliation. Everything will now turn for the better, for this school will leave learning under such veils behind, and consciousness has become much more enhanced, making it possible for all to understand and learn without the need for pain and suffering.


The Third Dimension is an illusion, that is, a holograph. We can also say that it is nothing more than a projection. We, the incarnated, are the actors of this great Theatre of Life. In each incarnation, we play a specific character, and we are such good actors that everything seems very real. So real that we live every situation we experience really deeply, so much so that we record every experience in our soul chronicles for subsequent reincarnations.


In previous texts, we have already talked about the purpose of successive incarnations; why dis-incarnation is necessary and how each of us ended up in this earthly school. We have also talked about the Monads so that each one can understand himself better. We have talked about ascension and exile, and the two Timelines that now determine fate for each of us.


We are now experiencing the most important moment in our history as souls on Earth. In this current incarnation, each of us has the unique opportunity to experience the generation of two worlds: the Old Earth 3D and the New Earth 5D.  You also have the chance to ascend permanently to a World of Regeneration, that is, to leave the School of trials and penances.


We have said here many times that all those incarnated on Earth have at least one chance to ascend. No soul without the slightest possibility of ascending is incarnated on Earth now.


And this information should be enough for everyone to believe it. However, we see that many are still afraid of not crossing over to the New Earth.


Ascension depends only on you! It does not depend on luck. Nor can it be determined by the attitudes and actions of others. That should be enough for anyone to believe. But that is not what we see, because there are many people who live in fear and imagine that they will not ascend.


It has been written here many times that we are in a school for souls. And like any school, the student does not have to get all the maximum marks to pass the exam. So it is enough to achieve the minimum necessary coefficient. This should be enough to give some encouragement to those who still fear failure at the end of the course.


Yes, we know that more than half the students are still not ready to go to the New Earth. But, all those who work hard till the final classes and exams will be rewarded. Many have gone through some very difficult trials and lessons before this current incarnation. It is natural that such trials come at some point in this present life.


And even if you do not pass them all, it is enough to reach a reasonable average, which is necessary to enter the frequency that allows you to pass through the Ascension gate. The exams are tests that allow evaluation of learning. But do not require top marks, as mentioned earlier.


Most are repetitions of failed actions in previous lives. Such situations are repeated now to evaluate current consciousness. Those with good souls, already vibrating with good, unconditional love, compassion, respect and gratitude, certainly already have very high frequency averages. It will not be the few missteps committed that stand in the way of their ascension.


Many ask themselves anxiously, because they still have addictions and cannot get rid of them; will this addiction prevent me from ascending? The answer is always the same: the addiction in itself does not prevent, as long as the incarnated soul has other options that elevate it enough to reach the frequency of the New Earth.


In recent days, a lady made a desperate comment, reporting that she had undergone several abortions in this current incarnation. She said she was aware that she would not be able to achieve ascension as a result. As a result, I understood that she had indeed given up the fight for her ascension. It is unfortunate that lack of enlightenment leads many people to give up their soul mission. I leave here some clarification for these situations, for the case of addictions, and for so many other analogous states.


Divine providence is very wise and benevolent. She always offers us alternatives, knowing that incarnation in a world of trials and penances, subject to the veil of forgetfulness, is not an easy task for any soul. It will be no different now, in this final incarnation in Earth’s duality. If in previous lives the trials not overcome could be repeated in the succeeding incarnation, it is not possible now, because there will be no new opportunity.


But in case at the end of the current incarnation, there will certainly be other alternatives for that. Be it addictions, abortions or any other situation, the Soul Plan of each one provides some situation that can pay off the due debt, avoiding the loss of the opportunity to ascend.


Those who have no knowledge of certain diseases caused by the effect of cigarettes, smoking, drugs, promiscuous sex, etc., are the only ones who are not aware of them. Actually, they are resources offered to those who failed such tests so that they can buy off the failure. So it happens with abortions too, and with many facts that are not overcome in this last incarnation in the duality of Earth.


But one must be aware and accept the alternatives. One must make an effort to avoid adding other trials to the extent that no such alternatives remain. Every effort, no matter how small, can be decisive in the overall final score.


We must never give up! Not now that we are in the final stretch of the long Cycle of experiences that encompass all possibilities and polarities within this Planet of Atonements and Trials.


Trust the Divine Plan and take advantage of all the opportunities offered.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


Extremely important message.

They are trying to keep this hidden from you!