Open the Book of your Lifetime History


Human history is based on loose fragments

Why do we know nothing more about our past and the many artefacts found? Presumably, over the centuries, much of the literature and artefacts were deliberately destroyed to keep the people stupid and asleep?


After the destruction of the Egyptian library in Ptah’s temple in Memphis, nothing remained. Similarly, 200,000 precious works disappeared when the library of Pergamum in Asia Minor was destroyed. When the Romans razed the city of Carthage to the ground, they destroyed 500,000 books, then came Julius Caesar with his war against Egypt that resulted in the loss of the library in Alexandria that was considered the largest collection of books in antiquity.


Because of these tragedies, we now rely on loose fragments, random passages and meagre records, complains author Andrew Tomas. Our distant past has fallen into a vacuum that has been randomly replenished with tablets, parchments, statues, paintings and all manner of artefacts.


The history of this science would look very different if the book collection of Alexandria still existed today. However, there is one bright spot: thousands of ancient writings have recently been found and secured in the Vatican library. Presumably these contain the missing facts of the past?


The origin of humans on Earth is also different as told. Man originated from other planets in the universe. Studies of human DNA point in that direction.


So the origin of life on Earth goes back much further in time than is commonly known. The first adventure began beyond the confines of this planet and runs through star kingdoms, galactic federations; extraterrestrials visited the then existing civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and the only recently discovered civilisations.


The most important secret in this world concerns our origins, which have been hidden from us for centuries. Theories on this, like neither the “theory of evolution” nor the “theory of creation” explain the true origin of the human individual.


Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” does not explain how humans overcame the thousands of errors in human DNA structure, while creation theory ignores the impressive number of ancient fossils and artefacts found all over the world. So there is clearly a need for a new reliable model about our origins.


Only recently has confusion arisen around these theories about the origin of modern humans, with the discovery of fossils indicating that Neanderthal man, a primitive human, lived alongside Cro-Magnon man, i.e. modern man, in what is now Israel. Strangely, these races did not interbreed.


So only one solution remains to this conundrum, writes author James Schreeve in his book “The Neanderthal Enigma”: Neanderthal and modern humans did not interbreed because they could not.


In terms of reproduction, they were incompatible; they were two different species. In fact, scientific research has shown that the remains of modern humans in prehistoric Israel are as much as 40,000 years older than the remains of Neanderthals. That alone makes the theory of continuous evolution untenable.


This conclusion may also resolve the issue and the “missing link” between primitive and modern humans, namely that there is none. Thus, there have clearly been two completely different types of humans and therefore a new model for the origin of humans must be established.


A growing number of archaeologists, theologians and historians challenge the ready-made answers provided by conventional science. However, these scientists do not give in easily, consistently defending their ideas tooth and nail.


As intransigent and determined as those who declare that the earth is flat, they too continue to defend their theories to the bitter end, despite growing evidence to the contrary.


Many of the mysteries of our planet are linked to artefacts that are thousands of years old. Such as the clay tablets found and translated, among others, which describe the apparent positions of the planets Venus and Saturn with their seven satellites. Which apparently could be observed in ancient Babylon without telescopes?


British chemist Frederick Soddy discovered that isotopes could be used for dating in geology, he wrote in 1909:


“I believe there have been civilisations in the past that were familiar with atomic energy, while being totally destroyed by its misuse.”


Swiss author Erich von Däniken wrote extremely popular books in the 1970s about alien visitors and ancient astronauts.


Below, our extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi continues this enervating story by explaining what awaits us wakes.






Earth’s humanity is writing the final chapter of experience in a World of trials and penances. Every soul incarnated on this Planet has its individual history through the millennia. There is not the slightest possibility that two stories are the same because they are not written in words, but through the feelings of each soul.

Each soul felt differently about each experience, however similar they might be. The lessons were the same for everyone, but the emotions experienced were unique, individual and personal. Over hundreds and even more than a thousand incarnations, each soul has been in different places; at different times and with different people.


In this Planetary School, all possibilities are possible. Natural laws govern the rules within duality, and Cause and Effect. The polarities in each action are experienced by all, but each soul feels in a very personal way, as each situation is seen, understood and experienced according to individual consciousness.


In this World of the Third Dimension, there is no absolute truth in any situation. However, there are parts of it in everything. Therefore, everyone feels and understands according to the current frequency of their consciousness.


A long time has passed since you decided to experience 3D. The Great Book of Life that records your journey here is ready. Each written page corresponds to an incarnation. It represents an era; an environment; a time; a place; another family; different relationships and professions.


When writing each page, however, you could not remember what was on the previous pages. That was always the secret of the Book of Life. You knew it when you received it, before you wrote the first page. You also knew that the Book of Life contained all the blank pages. You would be the author of the story to be written in it.


While you were writing, another copy of this Book was reproduced in the Library of Alcyone, the Central Sun of the Pleiades. Every letter and sentence was also sent to your higher soul versions. Through them, your story was also followed by all the Monads in the infinite Cosmos, as the SOURCE receives everything and makes it available to all.


Now we are at the end of the cycle of trials and penances of Earth 3D humanity. Times of Ascension of souls and of Planetary Transition. A New Earth is emerging, and a New Humanity will inherit it. Precisely the one formed by the souls who have learned to put into practice the teachings offered here. The meek and pure of heart are ready to climb another rung on the ladder of life.


You write the last lines of the last page of your own book. When you put the dot on the last sentence, you will receive the password that enables the reading of your story contained in it. The frequency of your consciousness, will be the key that will open the door, allowing access to the contents. If this frequency does not exist, your consciousness will not yet have access to your own experiences in this School of Souls.


In that case, you will be offered a New Book, but it must be written in another School, that is, on another Planet of trials and reconciliation.


In the far future, when the New Book will be completed, with then the frequency of ascension, you will be able to read that Book as well as the Book you were not allowed to read now.  You will understand that you needed two books to complete the learning in Worlds of Duality, of the Third Dimension.


But I know you are ready to complete this long walk. When you finish writing the last page of this Book of Yours, all your history in this 3D world will be revealed. You will be able to open the Book and control every experience. Everything will be remembered and relived, though without the pain and suffering of the experiences lived.


Your story will be the most beautiful of all because it will contain every emotion felt; every feeling you have experienced and every victory you have achieved, on every page, that is, in every incarnation. You will be proud of every trial, in every learning, in every experience. You are much more than you can imagine! You are not limited as you have always felt; you are a free consciousness, a divine being; you are a child of Source, a child of God, the Creator of all things.


Open the book of your history and you will be able to confirm all this. When you finish this walk, you will have this permission, for you will take the step forward, the step that will take you to a New School, a World of Regeneration, a New Earth, a New Time. Clear out your drawer and take your things with you.


Get comfortable, because the real show is about to begin. Prepare your heart, because the emotions will be incredible! Your story on this Planet will be remembered, for it is written on every page in your own Book of Life!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



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