Thousands of centuries of oppression

A trigger is set to collapse the debt-money system

Un-manipulated gold coins

A look back in time from the year 3023


Reflecting how events in our time will be viewed

a thousand years from now.

Thousands of centuries of oppression

Today, we live in a time that does not reflect reality. Don’t be confused by it. Underlying basic patterns are gaining necessary strength at a divinely determined pace.


The Deep Stators are now in total panic, trying to hold on to any semblance of control they think they still have. They did not think of awakening the population, nor did they think of us freedom fighters. We are taking back our control on many levels because they are no match for all of us together, awakened and united against them. Together we are able to rid planet Earth of the evil that has preyed on us for thousands of centuries.


In 1868, Vatican Jesuits, with help from the British Monarchy, created a global system of debt money based on a central banking system that printed fiat notes; IOUs.

To legitimise themselves in non-Catholic areas, they invented capitalism, communism and Nazism with the help of secret societies like the Freemasons, Ur-Loges, Knights Templar, Roundtable, Rotary and Lions service clubs.


They controlled Britain financially and until the fall of 2013 they owned America. In the process, they initiated every major war on our planet, killing millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims. In order to better understand this Cabal Satan Worship, know that it is based on Mind Control through child exploitation, rape and human sacrifice, read on below.


Since 1871, USA Inc has been owned by the British, the Vatican and the Rothschilds. They misled Americans into wars for profit, in a plan to realise a renewed Roman Empire for the Vatican Jesuits, who are the instigators behind the smokescreens.


Their assaults on the population via food poisoning, Chemtrails, electromagnetic injury including from mobile phones, sugar diseases, GMOs, modification of wheat and grains, vaccines, Morgellons disease, the Covid pandemic, Nanotech inductions, AIDS, the fluoridation and further poisoning of our drinking water, and the killing of incorruptible doctors by Big Pharma mercenaries, are all part of a “Soft Kill” plan to reduce the world’s population by 90% to be more easily controlled.


The Vatican was behind-the-scenes conspiracies centrally involved in the global financial meltdown of 2007-2008, to thwart the Global Economic Security and Reform Act – GESARA – which is the bargain for international welfare regulation for the benefit of all peoples.


In April 2008, Joseph Ratzinger – Pope Benedict XVI – failed in an attempt to claim a large tranche of the GESARA welfare funds. He reportedly told his close colleagues,


 “The little people cannot handle this money well, but the Church can.”


A trigger has been set to collapse the debt-money system

The dark cabal still believes that the Light must accept the existence of USA Inc. as a true sign that the illegal deal forced on America in 1871 can continue. What the cabal does not know is that this reality was only a temporary condition. In fact, the noose has already been placed around their necks by having gone too far.


Now a trigger has been set to collapse the debt money system in the hands of the cabal in order to introduce the new global financial QFS system, which gives value stability to all currencies by hedging with gold and silver. This trigger is set to go off the moment the Cabal is fully neutralised.


The coming new era will be ushered in by an infusion of great abundance. This prosperity is largely due to the endurance of our Earth allies and the brilliant strategies initiated many centuries ago by the Ascended Masters. They were able to bring a new financial and monetary plan called QFS to this planet with the aim of bringing great abundance for all


Un-manipulated gold coins

Once GESARA is in place, that frees the earth’s people from poverty and slavery, so that they can fully devote themselves to their ultimate task of planetary transformation. Which means, among other things; no more wars.


It also implies; gold/silver backed currencies that can no longer be manipulated; jobs popping up everywhere for fulfilment. Everyone will have more than enough money; new technologies will become available such as, free energy, total environmental purification, flying cars and time travel to other stars.


Faultless health for everyone, including missing limbs that grow back. It will be the beginning of a new era that is unstoppable.


A look back in time from the year 3023

Not only for the people of this Planet, but also for all other civilisations we interact with. The entire World and every other Star Nation will be positively affected also their fortunes will change all at once, when GESARA takes effect.


We leap forward in time to the year 3023 and look back.


  • The largest nation on earth bombed some of the smallest and weakest nations on earth for no apparent reason;


  • People died of starvation in some parts of the world, while in other parts farmers were given money if they did not plant crops;


  • Techies who preferred to play electronic golf at home, rather than in real life on a golf course; and


  • Police forces charged with arresting people for simply consuming mind-altering narcotic ‘s and other plants.

People in this future era laugh about this and see it as unimaginable myths.


But those who seek the truth cannot afford to laugh away the Sumerian notes that in many cases have proved incredibly accurate. Just as we know the overwhelming evidence of the influence of conspiracies within governments, business, science, medicine and the media cannot be ignored.


Have admiration for writers of antiquity. It is amazing that they made so much information available. Author Zechariah Sitchin expresses his admiration for these countless people, never praised, who only accurately recorded ancient knowledge;


“When we remember that these ancient texts come to us over a period that spans millennia, we have to admire the ancient writers who recorded, copied and translated the earliest texts, probably often without knowing what certain terms and expressions originally meant, while always stubbornly clinging to the corresponding traditions to ensure an accurate representation.


It also proves the inner consistency of their reporting, explaining:


“That the first settlements on Earth were established by astronauts from another planet, as dramatically depicted by the Sumerians.


Consistently, numerous texts refer to the starting point, which is always as follows: 432,000 years ago, before the Flood, i.e. the Great Flood,


“Respected creatures came by “Rocket Ships ” from their own planet to Earth.”


Although it may sound exaggerated, many people will become convinced, once they get this version of our history, which will become popular and widespread in the not-too-distant future, and eventually will be studied and taught in schools, universities and scientific institutions.


Already, breakthroughs in astronomy, anthropology, archaeology and Egyptology are underpinning the theses of Zechariah Sitchin and others, based mainly on translations of the Sumerian writings.


The knowledge of the existence of One Father/Mother God, who must also have created the Anunnaki invaders, along with the realisation that life encompasses more than just the material plane of existence in which we now find ourselves.


As we know by now, all this was covertly protected by the secret societies.


The Sumerian explanation of man’s origin and creation is utterly fascinating. However we look at it, it is far more rational and appropriate than many of the known theories of current and past science.


Humanity exists in solitude in the universe, while at the same time, in all likelihood, non-human intelligences have been involved in our creation?