5D World starting point of our new era

Mandatory vaccination cause long-term health problems

Light is revelation and change

Seeing makes believe, or believing makes seeing


5D World starting point of our new era

The Dark Powers, who have had unlimited freedom on planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, now face our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, our Light Forces, digital Soldiers and Patriots, who through great effort, made progress to remove these negative forces from planet Earth for good.


It were the negative forces that sabotaged the positive initiatives to make it impossible to break the negative isolation. But that has now been broken once and for all.


On Earth, we have received help of our extraterrestrial Palladians with their inherent desire to activate the spiritual and mental forces on our world. They are closely connected to the world of Lightworkers.


Palladians support valuable efforts, joy, light and love on our planet in order to encourage our ascension to the 5D world. Extraterrestrials are able to bring great progress in the mental and spiritual consciousness of people on planet Earth. Know, that Palladians and Earthlings are similar in many ways.


Palladians live and come from the constellation of stars known as the Pleiades. There are 7 stars in the Pleiades. They come from the star called Taygete which has planet Erra as its home.


The sleepers must convince themselves to believe and see who their real enemy and tyrants are. And to discover that the Covid pandemic is a propaganda lie to wipe out humanity on planet earth.

The sooner humanity wakes up, understands the lies and deception, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be modest; let this be a challenge for everyone to participate and fulfil our maximum potential.


Our planet is thoroughly polluted by large amounts of toxic chemicals, radiations, lies, deception, disinformation, deformation, fake news supported with half-truths, fraud, and falsified images. Which in fact is nothing but deceptive brainwashing.


Our physical body is “thoroughly poisoned and polluted” caused by radiation and air pollution, as well as by heavy metals and dangerous toxins through pharmaceutical drugs and foods. All this is stored in the human organism, against which physical detoxification has become necessary.


This great turnaround has begun! This process can no longer be stopped! Both from above and below, energies are converging on Earth. This is now, for many thousands of years, the long-awaited moment. To move forward into our new 5D World!


Light is revelation and change

The Deep State cabal has been defeated, what is left are cabal puppets and their cronies, who will now be cleaned out piece by piece after most of humanity wakes up.


Understand; the new world is already a reality; the turnaround has already begun right before your eyes. Start forgetting everything you have learnt before and forget it for good.


Everyone’s task now is to pass on this good message to all the people you know. Help them raise awareness. And restore the confidence, which everyone has once possessed!


The report on what is about to happen will be the biggest news story in the history of mankind on planet Earth. The Deep State Cabal oppressors with their criminal puppets and their lie-telling, debt-banking, inside jobs, mass murders, mass surveillance, terror attacks, plane downing and religious deception, are falling apart. More than 13 centuries of elite-led misinformation will soon come to an end. Disclosure means light and change for the healing of humanity and our planet.


People, inside and outside governments, will start speaking the truth with more energy and clarity, with less fear than ever before in human history. Their words will be heard, preserved and multiplied beyond the reach of our oppressors. Many things will come to light, to see the world in the right light, revelation of these truths lets know how humanity has been deceived.


Mandatory vaccination cause long-term health problems

Major revelations are expected about endemic professional corruption in healthcare. It will be shown that pharmaceutical medicine is a manipulative tool designed to make people sick instead of curing them.


Tools of this manipulation are sophisticated poisons disguised as expensive drugs or vaccines. These are prescribed as necessary medicine, equally are major surgeries, which in turn necessitate expensive drugs.


Below, our Exterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi continues with the latest developments regarding the transition to the 5D world.







Humanity on Earth are experiencing the multidimensional crossing. Also called Planetary Transition or Ascension of Souls. This transition, according to our linear time, has an estimated duration, of about three centuries.


Starting around 1750, this transition is likely to be completed by the middle of this century. And here lies the great doubt, which is still with most people.


Many wonder, is there still a long way to go? They say things are getting worse and not better, as the mainstream information indicates. Some are so anxious that they seem like children on a journey, when they ask all the time, “Is there still a long way to go?” “It takes too long!” And so on. Anyway, everything is understandable because this is an event that has never been seen on this Planet before.


Earth and its humanity are now experiencing the long-awaited time. An event so grand that it draws the eyes of the entire Galaxy, as reported here earlier.


Although the Transition will be complete by 2050, within these 3 centuries, the years between 2020 and 2030 will be the most touching. This is the period when all existing and hitherto known systems will be reset. New systems and new technologies will also be brought to the knowledge of humanity.


Nothing will be the same as before. Transition without change does not exist. And change only happens when everything is removed. Planetary change is a very big event, so much so that human consciousness still finds it hard to grasp.


Every day, more Gamma Light arrives on Earth. Light is information; it is life; it is transformation. Everything that exists was created by Light. The Divine Source is Light itself. This is why we say that the Cosmic Central Sun is the origin of everything.


Everything is created there. Light sows its seeds and these germinate in the infinity of worlds. We are one of these seeds, and we are here on this Planet Earth to bring forth the fruits expected of each incarnated soul.


When each soul has completed its apprenticeship, that is, when it has produced the fruits required for the evolution of Planet Earth, the time for ascension comes.


The soul makes its ascension when it reaches a higher level of consciousness, and thus can be integrated into a higher version of itself. Remember, the soul is consciousness.


These times have arrived and we are at the end of the Transition between the third and fifth dimensions. Whereas before the veils covering our consciousness were very thick, now they are falling apart, to the extent that understanding of what was not possible until now becomes possible. You can see for yourselves how this has changed. You are no longer the same consciousness you were a few years ago.


These rapid changes may cause some discomfort, but they are very beneficial for any ascending soul. Ascension would not be possible without this expansion of consciousness, for it is consciousness itself that will ascend from 3D to 5D.


Remembering again; the soul is nothing but its own individual consciousness.


While the veils obscured consciousness, matter was the parameter to evaluate everything. Only what was seen was believed. Humanity had great difficulty believing in what was not visible through physical eyes. So it was necessary; to See to Believe.


It was a long time of learning that what we say now was just an illusion. Yes, because matter is only a small part of the energy that exists on the same Planet. As consciousness broadens, it can see through the Third Eye, which is the enlarged vision of the soul. One can now see what was not possible before. Then comes the point; that which, we call believing to see.


When the incarnated soul reaches a higher frequency, it can co-create as much as Light creates. Yes, because it is Light, as described in the beginning of this text. Then we come to the understanding that when Light creates, you, who are a soul, can also create.  But, it is however necessary to believe.


“All things are possible for the one who believes!”


This affirmation is a message from above, giving us encouragement and courage in this period of transition.


When the soul went through the dark night of its experience on Earth, it could not create, for the lack of Light was immense. So it could only believe in something else if it could see. Seeing to Believe. But now, with the increase of Light, the soul, which is also Light, can create itself. It can create anything that the Light automatically creates.


But to create with it, it has to believe. It has to believe in its own creation being realised and materialised. You are empowered by experiences you have had on this path. You can do much more than you think. Believe! Trust!


Believe and See! The time of darkness of the soul is left behind you. Elevate your Light and create!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!