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Central Banks

One World Government

Open your Eyes Government is people’s greatest enemy The Bankers Control Government Everything is a lie can you imagine a world without lawyers? Disclosure of the past Democracy is the problem – Anarchy the natural solution   Open your Eyes… Continue Reading →

Who Rule the World?

The dark corners of secretive global powers Huge Amount of Concentrated Control in Small Number of Hands Interconnectedness of Top Players Who is the Main Player? Who is Who of Global Power Brokers   The dark corners of secretive global… Continue Reading →

Global Collapse Imminent

A self-created Problem in search for a Solution Middle Class wiped-out Debt money could have been issued ‘Debt-free Help Wanted   A self-created Problem in search for a Solution The world economy is not brought to its knees, by incompetence, but… Continue Reading →

Who murdered God’s Banker?

Banco Ambrosiano  Scandal Suicide Corrected as Murder Prince Bernhard vetoed Pope John Paul I House of Cards Scandalised Money Laundering   Banco Ambrosiano Scandal The apparent suicide in June, 1982 of an Italian financier known as ”God’s banker,” who was… Continue Reading →

Turning Point

Collective Awakening New Era Turning Point   Collective Awakening The world has arrived at the most important crossroads in its civilisation. The globalists, with the help of the political establishment, have destroyed society both in industry, climate, culture and civilisation,… Continue Reading →

Fake money bubble bursts

The Chains of Your Slavery Let Mr. Market set prices and interest rates Fake interest rates provide fake capital What readers write   The Chains of Your Slavery All countries are stalled. They have built their economies on fake money… Continue Reading →

Invisible Government

Economic Royalists Centralisation of Power Financially Suppressed Citizens Robber Barons Deprogramming Brainwashed People Virtually Impossible Graphene Rain, Scientists Sound Alarm   Economic Royalists Governments once were called our government before it was taken over by Wall Street gang; the mega-corporations and the… Continue Reading →

Confidence Collapses

Deep State is in Complete Panic Mismanaged Fiat Currency Real Wealth An increase in credit is necessary to keep growing   Deep State is in Complete Panic This year comes our liberation from debt bondage. Behind the scenes, we are already… Continue Reading →

The Dominos begin to fall

Major sovereign debt crisis The Greatest Change is upon us Earth Alliance Report   Major sovereign debt crisis The widespread panic witnessed, is definitely not what the bureaucrats at the Central Banks were anticipating. Following the second and third largest banks… Continue Reading →

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