• Conspiracy between Governments and Banks
  • Prosperity is a Frequency
  • You should never be sick


Conspiracy between Governments and Banks

Meanwhile, many realise that taxes, borrowing and spending money does not lead to prosperity and thus the current system has failed. Real wages have now fallen so far that the wealth gap has widened many times over.


The conspiracy between governments and banks is now becoming clear, so radical changes are necessary to put the economy on the right track.


People will be amazed at how quickly huge hurdles can be overcome by just a few sensible policies.


Imagine what happens if everyone pays a fixed low rate of income tax and all other taxes are abolished; corporate tax, social taxes, payroll tax plus all local taxes, levies, fines and fees.


People just pay 20% of their income irrespective of source. All other tax loopholes for different business entities and different shelters and rebates are automatically eliminated. Nonetheless the source of income – dividends, capital gains, wages, etc. – everyone pays the same flat rate.


Leave regulation to the market. With gold-backed money, there is no need to put your money in a bank. All that is required is to keep it in its own vault. Big changes for the benefit of citizens, will make life more pleasant for everyone.


The struggle for the liberation of planet Earth and humanity will soon come to an end. Don’t give up now but continue with augmented energy. We already have sight of the safe harbour, it is just a matter of sailing in, to enter a world of prosperity, abundance and unlimited love. A world of complete freedom, wealth and fortune is our reward.


The actually awakened are now wondering if they are eligible for ascension to the new 5D world? It is expected that at least one third of the world’s population will be able to pass the final 5D exam.


All, now incarnated souls have an equal chance of participating in the 5D exam. No top scores are needed to pass, even mediocrity has a good possibility of passing. The prerequisite is honesty, sincerity, openness to others and unconditional love for fellow human beings, animals and nature.


Be happy with your sanity and your life, forget corrupt governments, they will be removed. Some say money makes you happy, but money only buys matter.


Happiness and real wealth come from within by making real things and providing services, for example, which are the opposite of debt. This needs no further explanation.


Behind the scenes, the Deep State oppressors’ house of cards is collapsing. As a result, more and more woke people are seeing the strings that connect the puppets to their conductors. These are the so-called elected politicians; the people can now see how the puppeteers are directed and posed, the conductors are no longer hidden in the shadows as before.


Everything that comes to us comes at the right moment and at the right time, it is the Cosmic Intelligence in charge of all movements in the infinite Universe that also determines the timing of the long-awaited breakthrough.


Our returning alien correspondent Vital Frosi helps below humanity with useful recommendations for the transition to the new 5D world.






When we talk about prosperity, many people associate it only with finances. This is not true, because prosperity is a set of factors that satisfy the desires of the incarnated soul. It is also the mechanism that satisfactorily meets all needs and also provides better quality of life to those who honestly seek it.


The purpose of the soul incarnating on Earth is to experience duality, sometimes in one polarity and sometimes in another. This gives them the opportunity to experience both abundance and scarcity in a few incarnations.


The present moment on Planet Earth as a school for souls has already provided all the opportunities and all the experiences for all those incarnated here. There are no more new experiences to teach in this school. There is no lesson not yet learned.


All of you have already experienced the polarities of prosperity and failure in practice during your successive incarnations. And it is the memories of past difficulties that still reverberate in the soul archives. It is normal for people to remember bad times much better than good times. This also justifies the tendency towards victimisation that many carry in their subconscious baggage.



A frequency that vibrates in everyone. There is no point in wanting to experience prosperity if the frequency of scarcity is vibrating in you. You need to redirect this negative energy and make it positive, to make it a powerful ally in order to pursue and achieve prosperity.


I have seen people who are kind, loving and very correct in their actions, yet nothing seems to flow in their lives. And they always ask me, “What is still missing to achieve prosperity?” In these cases, I have to answer that they have yet to reach the energetic frequency that attracts it, because everything follows the Law of Attraction.


In 2016, a message from the Spiritual Team supporting us said that the majority of incarnates who will make their ascension have already paid off their karma. What remains are minor adjustments and a few lessons. They are the final tests of this old school that will cease to exist.


I would like to say here to those of you who follow me that you have yet to reach the frequency that will attract prosperity, because suffering is no longer necessary. Apart from these small adjustments and lessons, it should be enough to reach the highest frequency so that all ailments and unpleasant symptoms will leave us once and for all.


In our soul archives are many memories of the pain and suffering we experienced when we went through the trials of abundance and scarcity. Yes, it sounds like a paradox, but we also make serious mistakes in abundance.


Mainly in using them unfairly. And that brought a lot of regret and guilt that we still carry in our subconscious. A guilty conscience condemns itself, it punishes itself.

It thinks it does not deserve what prosperity can bring. It is its own judge and its own verdict: guilty! With a guilty conscience, prosperity cannot be achieved because it is on the opposite frequency.


Another determinant of the lack of prosperity is the limiting beliefs imposed in successive incarnations. Religions in particular have led people to believe that the rich will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. That you have to suffer to be saved.


This is not true, because the Creator does not limit anything. He only gives possibilities. Everyone has free will to choose how he will learn each lesson.


The Natural Law of Cause and Effect exists to coordinate the trajectory of each soul. Beyond it are only limiting beliefs that prevent the incarnated soul from making its journey more joyful and happy.


These limitations are part of our ancestry, as they have accompanied us through the ages. We need to heal this ancestry. We have said this here before in texts and audio presentations. In this final incarnation within duality on Earth, we now have this opportunity.


Of course, these memories will not prevent the soul from making its ascension, but if they are not healed, suffering and difficulties may accompany it to the end of this present existence. So we repeat again:




We are heading towards the year 2024, whose numerical value is 8. Eight is the symbol of prosperity. Yes, every nine years we have this 8 in the sum. This means we have auspicious cycles to work on changes, as the years are counted through astrological movements. These movements produce energies that can be positive or negative.


Prepare yourself in this year, which will be the most important for adjusting your prosperity, as it falls within the time window of the biggest changes of the Planetary Transition.


Cure yourself of the limitations you still carry with you from your ancestry. You can do this by seeking knowledge, techniques or energetic practices. There are endless possibilities. Many holistic therapists are qualified to help you.


I don’t usually give my opinion on the work of other Lightworkers, but I can recommend Dinara Schio because we have been on this journey together for 8 years. I know her work and since I am not doing the Quantum Healing Journey, I recommend her work.


She is led by her Spiritual Team, to give you the details of this journey, because every journey always has a specific purpose. Now this will be the Journey number 8. And therefore, its purpose will be to heal the ancestors who are standing in the way of prosperity.


Remember, I am making this clue to help those who need help, as I do not possess this technique.


My mission and what I can do to help each of you, I do within what I understand and know. Among many practices, this one, the Eighth Journey of Quantum Healing, can be of great help to those who are still outside the frequency of prosperity.


I leave Dinara Schio’s contact details here for those who wish to participate. Contact and register via WhatsApp 54 99958 9292. From abroad just add 55.


Registration can be done till October 27.  The treatment will take place from November 6 to 26, at 8.30am each time. There will be 21 days of cleansing so that all those memories and reports that still stand in the way of your prosperity can be dissolved.


I advise you to contact Dinara as I do not inscribe and cannot help you in any way on this Journey.



Find this frequency and see that there are no limits, because the Universe brings everything based on what vibrates within us. It is the Law of Attraction, which is also natural and unchanging.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



“You should never be sick!”

Imagine a world where illness is a rarity, where radiant health is the norm and where you feel invincible in your own body. Sounds like a utopia, doesn’t it? But what if I told you that this dream could also be your reality? What if I told you that your body is a miraculous machine, designed not only to take care of itself but also to heal itself if given the chance?