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September 2023

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Eye-opening secret information almost nowhere to be found   The Intention is People without Wealth Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands WW2 traitor It is all about Speed of Communication Documents from 1954 prove all this!   The Intention is People… Continue Reading →

The Transition from 3D to 5D World

Patience is a virtue End of the Old and Beginning of the New Cycle Restoration of Planet Earth started in 2012   Patience is a virtue Many readers are impatient and think that 500,000 years of oppression can be remedied… Continue Reading →

One World Government

Open your Eyes Government is people’s greatest enemy The Bankers Control Government Everything is a lie can you imagine a world without lawyers? Disclosure of the past Democracy is the problem – Anarchy the natural solution   Open your Eyes… Continue Reading →

Across the 4D Bridge to the 5D World

Global Financial Armageddon Why we are concerned     Global Financial Armageddon Consciousness is the password to enter the world of the 5th Dimension. You possess this key the moment your consciousness tells you; do! or, fail! At that moment,… Continue Reading →

Global Swamp

How Planet Earth is being Ruined  Introduction To defeat our oppressors, it is essential to know their organisational structure and tactics used. The previous article outlined their structure, apparently still understood by few. The following exposes their applied modus operandi…. Continue Reading →

Who Rule the World?

The dark corners of secretive global powers Huge Amount of Concentrated Control in Small Number of Hands Interconnectedness of Top Players Who is the Main Player? Who is Who of Global Power Brokers   The dark corners of secretive global… Continue Reading →

Respect and Love for Others

The five dimensional world Virtues are the Heritage of the Soul Unveiling the Secrets   The five dimensional world Consciousness and Oneness is a state of mind, ideally suited as a weapon for liberation from our centuries of oppression and… Continue Reading →

Global Collapse Imminent

A self-created Problem in search for a Solution Middle Class wiped-out Debt money could have been issued ‘Debt-free Help Wanted   A self-created Problem in search for a Solution The world economy is not brought to its knees, by incompetence, but… Continue Reading →

Liberation Planet Earth and Humanity

Real Wealth comes from Within You Are what you were meant to be!   Real Wealth Comes from Within The fight for the liberation of planet Earth and humanity, will soon come to an end. Don’t give up now but… Continue Reading →

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