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August 2023

Who murdered God’s Banker?

Banco Ambrosiano  Scandal Suicide Corrected as Murder Prince Bernhard vetoed Pope John Paul I House of Cards Scandalised Money Laundering   Banco Ambrosiano Scandal The apparent suicide in June, 1982 of an Italian financier known as ”God’s banker,” who was… Continue Reading →

Tavistock Mass Psychosis and Mind Control 2/2

Foreword Moral, Spiritual, Racial, Economic and Cultural Bankruptcy Tavistock Brainwashing and Social Engineering Cuban Missile Crisis Controlled Presidents Trump Drains the Swamp   Foreword Tavistock mass psychosis is the backbone of the Deep State Cabal in the oppression of humanity… Continue Reading →

Tavistock Mass Psychosis and Mind Control 1/2

Everyone should know who really is in charge Tavistock is Greatest Mass Mind-Control Operation in World History Tavistock Manipulates the Mind of Mankind Tavistock story explained   Everyone should know who really is in charge The way the Deep State cabal is able… Continue Reading →

Transition from 3D to 5D world

False truth proclaimers Humility Leads to Evolution False truth proclaimers All over the internet are false truth tellers who, with the cooperation of the so-called popular media and other mouthpieces, believe themselves to be receiving exclusive information from the Light… Continue Reading →

Hidden Past

The Golden Period of Atlantis Light Levels of High Vibration     The Golden Age of Atlantis Atlantis existed several hundred thousand years ago. Most of the Atlantic times were eras of Light! Only the last phase, the period from… Continue Reading →

The Objective is Consciousness

Make the unconscious conscious The Fire Elements   Make the unconscious conscious The energy for the final breakthrough step is building among the people and on a day that no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full extent of all… Continue Reading →

Abundance and Prosperity for All

Our revolution has begun Breakthrough through mass awakening Octopus Leader Satanic Deep State removed The Anunnaki Invasion Billions condemned to painful premature death   Our revolution has begun Planet Earth has arrived at the most important crossroads in our civilisation…. Continue Reading →

Planetary Transition

Major change The future of today’s children   Major change The coronavirus crisis “has brought many activities to a standstill”. National economies have been destabilised. Big Money’s aim is to weaken their competitors, “pick up the pieces” and eventually buy… Continue Reading →

Made Up Human History

Our generation decides humanity’s future on planet Earth Tartarian Empire Oldest still visible Constructions built hundreds of thousand year ago Pyramid of Giza Ancient Forbidden Kingdom Atlantis and Lemuria Stolen History – Lifting the Veil of Deception   Our generation… Continue Reading →

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