Make the unconscious conscious

The Fire Elements


Make the unconscious conscious

The energy for the final breakthrough step is building among the people and on a day that no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full extent of all lies will come to light and be seen by the masses. They will discover that they have been grandiosely conned by their own rulers.


By now, hundreds of millions of people have discovered that a bribery network exists worldwide, using blackmail and brainwashing to gain influence in every area of our society, to push through their nefarious agenda of world domination out of public awareness.


They discovered the iron grip of the deep state cabal, which traffics people worldwide to provide victims for ritual abuse and sacrifice. In exchange for these practices, these cronies receive astronomical financial power.


Seeing the reality of this widespread and well-organised crime is the first step in the awakening process. Awaken the crowd and work together for total liberation of planet earth.


Because; the Deep State’s mission to every government, always and everywhere, is to enable the few to exploit the many. The debt money system is a clever way to achieve this. The modern world of Industry, Trade and Investment, operates on win-win software. Only government with its battles, wars, tax levies, and their ‘don’t do’ orders, and prohibitions, continues to operate on prehistoric programming. Namely; pluck the population bare as much as possible, without them rebelling.


As long as the unconscious does not become conscious, it will control your life and you call it your destiny. – Carl Jung


If planet Earth introduces another Matrix system based on four main factors: Environment, Health, Food and Happiness, more jobs will be created to naturally restore and improve our world.


When people wake up and realise that the purpose of life is different from applied government policies, which strip citizens bare to the bone, it will be understood that these policies can never have any positive effect!


Be happy with your sanity and life, forget about the corrupt government because it will be removed. Some say money buys happiness, but money can only buy material things.


Real wealth comes from within e.g. by using real money, making real things and providing services, which is the opposite of debt. This needs no further explanation. Everyone, accepts a gold coin as is. With no backstory or balance sheet statement. This is how real money works: it closes transactions. You accept payment and the account is settled.


The Deep State that cleverly manipulates us and enslaved us through the money system cares less and less about whether or not we accept their carefully cultivated 5-sense 3D fake reality that forms the illusion in this world theatre.


The house of cards is slowly crumbling. Whereby more people perceive the strings directing the government puppets. These are the so-called elected politicians: the woke perceive how the puppeteers pull the strings, they are no longer hidden in the shadows as before.


Everything that comes to us now is timely; it is Cosmic Intelligence directing all movements in the infinite Universe.


Our Consciousness and Oneness are at odds with the Deep State social engineering programmes. Some understanding is needed to identify the social engineering programmes of the global elite, and how not to fall victim to them. The global elite want 90% depopulation. They want total control and surveillance of every aspect of your life. They want socialism, with power and wealth in their own pockets, in other words communism.


Consciousness and Oneness are a direct impediment to these plans. Therefore, they want to take away everything of value from ins. They do this in the name of preserving planet Earth and climate improvement, arguments that are lies. If everyone is quarantined and driven around in electric vehicles with limited range, they can better control us. Be assured that all climate and other new provisions are designed to lock the rest of us up in restricted designated areas.


Below, Vital Frosi explains what climate change really means.






Most of you have heard something about the elements of nature on planet Earth. Until some time ago, there were four elements: water, air, earth and fire. Then it was discovered that there was a fifth element: ether.


When we say that planet Earth is a living being, we are in fact acknowledging that it is these elementals that gives it life. For a long time, humanity has separated the consciousness of man from the consciousness of other people on this planet. But as we expand our knowledge about the creation of worlds, we begin to understand that everything is one consciousness.


Whether it is a human consciousness or another, animal, vegetable, mineral or even elemental, they are always part of a larger consciousness, which is the consciousness of Gaia. This in turn is part of the consciousness of this local Solar System, which is part of the consciousness of the entire Galaxy.


The Galaxy is part of the consciousness of its Universe, and then of the Multiverse and finally of the Source, which created everything in the infinite Cosmos.


So there is only one consciousness, which emanates from this Source, also called God. Nothing is separate from it, for it is this, which constantly takes care of the creation of worlds and things. We are one with Source and everything converges with it, as its movements are always in the form of a Spiral.


It is this movement that sustains the life of everything. Life and death are part of this ongoing spiral. But it is not quite as we always imagine, because nothing has an end. As Lavoizier said:


 “Nothing is created, nothing is lost; everything is transformed”.


Source emits this energy and transforms that, which exists at all points of Cosmic infinity.


Each planetary, stellar, galactic or Universal World has its own characteristics, i.e. a specific form of consciousness, because otherwise it would make no sense. The Creator Himself can make His experiences, within this mechanism that exists in every form of consciousness. And the Earth, as a Planet, has its personal and non-transferable characteristics.


We are not going to talk here today about human consciousness, nor about the other animal, plant and mineral realms. We are going to talk about the consciousness of Gaia. She uses the necessary means for her survival and evolution. And the 5 elements of nature are fundamental in this process. They make a movement similar to the metabolism of a human body.


The main function of the elementals is the cleansing and hygiene of the planetary body. Without this cleansing, the planet would become intoxicated and life on it would perish due to lack of energy.


Water, as well as air and fire, are most important in this cleansing and purification because they are in fact the most visible movements.


Each element has its specific property, which is the consciousness within the group consciousness, which in turn are also part of the consciousness of Gaia and Source.


As elements act on behalf of their host, which is the planetary body of Gaia. They are like soldiers in an army, defending on command.


The fire elements are the Salamanders. The most sensitive people can feel and even see this form when something is burning, when the flames form fires. But they are always everywhere, even when no fire is burning.  This is possible because they are consciousness.


The mere presence of the Salamanders warms Planet Earth and maintains the pleasant climate we know. It is not sunlight that warms, as we have always believed. In fact, sunlight is cold, that is, it does not directly affect the temperature, so much so that at 10,000 metres above us, the temperature is between minus 50-60 degrees Celsius lower.


What does heat up are the elements on the surface. Remember, these are fire, even if they do not show themselves in the form of flames. The more they are present, the more the temperature rises in that place. It is they who organise the seasons in terms of temperature variations. These variations promote the necessary biospheres on this Planet. The life of anything always depends on an energy chain that is necessary for its continuity. The elements provide this chain.


We are at the end of the Planetary Transition. Everything is going to change on this Planet and the elements are doing the work of energetic adjustment that guarantees the life and transformation that is coming now. We have already observed this movement, in the increased movement of air, water and fire. More intense winds, extraordinary rains and even fires in many parts of the Planet.


We do not see the other two elements as active, but they are working silently. The earth element absorbs waste so that it does not accumulate on the crust, and the ether transmutes the polluted atmosphere. Everything has intensified recently because the clean-up is intense. They are preparing the planetary home for the New Earth that is now being installed.


The temperature rise we have been observing lately may even intensify, but we should be careful with the media stories. They want us to believe that expensive measures are necessary, which is not true. Nothing and no one can change the picture within that, which is part of the Transition. There is a Divine Plan for everything, and that will realise the changes in a way that does not involve more serious consequences for humanity.


Of course, those who disrespect something or someone will bear the consequences of their actions, for this is part of the Laws of Cause and Effect, which govern human consciousness. No one pays for the mistakes of others; this is also one of the Divine Laws. Remember, we have had past lives, which still have consequences in the present incarnation.


The Portal Voices of Multidimensionality brought on, 01 August 2023, under the annotation that said, “Salamanders multiply in this momentum”. Not coincidentally, we have a hot summer in the northern hemisphere and a less cold winter in the southern hemisphere. Yesterday, a meteorological report also reported that Santa Catharina state had an atypical day, with temperatures ranging from zero to 30 degrees. Here too, the salamanders are on.

Let us not believe those who have always misled us. Let us pay homage to the voice of our soul that is now beginning to tell us what has always remained hidden.


As our consciousness expands, it joins the consciousness of Gaia and the Universal and Cosmic consciousness and brings the energy of transformation. We have nowhere to run or hide because we are part of the whole and the One. Resistance to change is usually the cause of our pain.


Consider this.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.