Our revolution has begun

Breakthrough through mass awakening

Octopus Leader Satanic Deep State removed

The Anunnaki Invasion

Billions condemned to painful premature death


Our revolution has begun

Planet Earth has arrived at the most important crossroads in our civilisation. With the aim of enriching themselves, the globalists, with the help of the political establishment, have done great damage to our society, industry, culture, etc.. They are now panicking because all over the world their corruption is being recognised and confirmed.


Now is our last chance to save our interests and civilisation. It is now or never, by now the whole world knows that the world powers with their New World Order are bent on destroying humanity a.o. with Covid poison injections. Spread with many lies by the corporate media, which is not in the least interested in journalism, but solely in promoting its political agenda; the destruction of civilisation and humanity.


Humanity has widely given away its sanity and responsibility to corrupt governments. Consider the wider implications of this behaviour for human existence. When we give away our minds and responsibility, we also give away our freedom and essentially our lives.


Breakthrough through mass awakening

We are waiting for the great breakthrough in mass awakening, otherwise we would have been freed from our money slavery and oppression already before now. It is now or never. This is our only and last chance for successful and final removal from the criminal Deep State cabal.


If all the awakened wake up one sleeper, we will have sufficient majority on complete success. At least 70% of the awakened population guarantees that without major chaotic obstructions, these criminals can be removed from Planet Earth.


If we do not wake up en masse, we will soon be totally degraded until humanity is completely lost. Soon, before 2030, our culling, will look like Divine Retribution. That is how Satan works. Luciferians hate Creation and Life, while embracing Destruction and Death. It is a death cult.


The great awakening must happen now, it our last chance to strike with full force and win. It is our duty to save humanity for ourselves and future generations. It should be clear by now. That we must be prepared to fight for this


The governments, the tricksters, the exploiters, the slavers, in short, all power exercised by a few over others, must cease to exist. Mother Earth, as female energy source, will give everything her children need.


When, all oppressors are removed, and competition gives way to cooperation; the time of Abundance and Prosperity dawns!


Octopus Leader Satanic Deep State removed

All octopus leaders of the Satanic Deep State have been eliminated worldwide. They are the physical top of the pyramid. They are the descendants of Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octogon who resided in Switzerland, under Lake Geneva, 6,000 metres below sea level, with one of the hidden entrances at CERN, the world’s largest and most advanced nuclear and physics particle laboratory. A second entrance is via submarine/earth tunnel which runs from Genoa in Italy under the Alps to their headquarters in Geneva.


Security at the top-secret CERN facility is the strictest in the world. So it is the perfect place to hide the top of the world octopus oppressors, the ruling elites with their tentacles reaching into every corner of “our” society.


The Octopus sprang from the pharaonic Templar Bankers in Switzerland with their 5th Column Jesuits and Freemasons as followers. George Soros and the Nazis are an integral part of the Octogon, and are also somewhat at the top. They form the ruling Oligarchy around the world.


The Anunnaki Invasion

The Anunnaki, extraterrestrials from the planet Nibiru, invaded planet Earth about 460,000 years ago, and from then on they established and maintained their rule over our planet, mainly to mine gold. Every 3,600 Earth years Nibiru enters its orbit around planet Earth, they established their rule through their ruling Gods, which later turned into Pharaohs and kings. All of whom came from Luciferian occult mystery religions, which originated in Babylon and Egypt. They are now identified as World Elite or Deep State Cabal, who see us as their belonging and their slaves, to do with us as they please.


All top members are born into the larger Archon bloodline family, in which instructions are passed from generation to generation according to the agenda. They see and treat the population as their ‘collateral’. We are the pawns that are manoeuvred on the chess board in accordance with their game plan. It is in their interest for us humans to be prepared for the upcoming harvest of souls.


In reality, people are being prepared for a situation they will not agree to. It is the preparation for their negative polarity, which, based on the dark side of their cult, eliminates man’s free will decisions, through subtle ‘help’ and ‘manipulation’.


The completion of Agenda 2030 with 90% population decimation, is now underway under the non-existent COVID 19 disguise.  A negative polarisation of planet Earth is essential to make their lie more credible and eliminate the truth , with their control over the MSM, successful completion is guaranteed.


All negative information is tailor-made in a shrewd manner, with false narratives easily believed by the masses. The result is that the lie is easily accepted because truth is not recognised. The aim is to subtly influence everyone’s lives based on the underlying concept:


“If you want to enslave someone, make them believe they are free”.


Billions condemned to painful premature death

In 1981, Jacques Attali, a French writer, economist and social theorist, political advisor, senior official, and adviser to President François Mitterrand, wrote in his book The Future of Life:


“We will find or cause something, a pandemic that targets certain groups of people, a real economic crisis, a virus that mainly affects old and fat people, no matter who, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the foolish will believe in it if they get the medicine for free.

We will ensure that a cure comes, a cure that will be the solution. The culling of fools will then be automatic: they will walk to the slaughterhouse of their own accord.


As a result of their Covid attack, billions of people are already condemned to a certain, prematurely irrevocable and agonising death. Every person who has received the Covid injection, undergone a PCR test, or worn a face mask for a long time is certain to die prematurely, while three years is a generous estimate for how long they can expect to stay alive.


The applied mRNA vaccines are not only full of poison, but they also alter the natural immune system such that it will greatly overreact when victims are later exposed to almost any pathogen, including the common flu. They will be attacked by their own immune system, a process known as autoimmune disease. These attacks are more deadly than the disease itself.


“𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭’𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠!” Yeshua

Your awakening will be mind-blowing.

Listen carefully it tells you the full story of awakening.