Major change

The future of today’s children


Major change

The coronavirus crisis “has brought many activities to a standstill”. National economies have been destabilised. Big Money’s aim is to weaken their competitors, “pick up the pieces” and eventually buy up or eliminate bankrupt companies. There will be plenty to choose from.


Today, more and more people around the world are waking up to this newly emerging reality and the understanding of what has been historically experienced, socialised, and taught, to believe that the government is telling the truth, that not only are lies but are only part-cause of the outright mess of today.


Real wealth requires real growth, real savings, real investment, hard work, time, innovation, self-discipline and all the other things that make the economy a powerhouse in the first place. Counterfeit money, on the other hand, encourages speculation, underhandedness, corruption, short-termism and theft, which condemns the old ‘Roman Empire’ of today to 4th world status, rather than a third world nomination.


Despite the usual complaints that nothing changes, nothing gets better, chaos increases, and so many other stories from those who have no eyes to see or ears to hear. But, this year 2023 will be generous, especially to those who have done their homework to help build a New Earth.


Those who have sown wheat will reap wheat. But those who have sown weeds will reap from their own seed.


In other words; everyone builds their own reality. So you should not expect others to do that for you.


In fact, change always happens from within, because everyone has their own key to initiate the change. Waiting for someone else to do it for you is an option that never comes. The cry is always the same:


“they talk and talk but nothing happens”.


And in fact, for these people, nothing will happen.


The battle against the global mafia has been won, but convincing zombies of what has happened is impossible; they will have to experience it for themselves first, after the liberation of planet Earth is a reality.


This outlines the coming major changes and explains why it is taking so long to be realised. The wait is for the awakening of the masses, for they cannot be convinced in any other way than by experiencing it for themselves.


Meanwhile, Planet Earth is on its way to its 5th Dimensional position, which is a positive dimension for Mankind, Environment, Food and Happiness.


5D creates more jobs for saving and purifying planet Earth. For spending money, ‘gross sales’ metric is abolished. It is nothing more than an illusion, like figures for value of shares or real estate, etc.


People will start fulfilling their true life purpose, which unfortunately has been forgotten by the majority. Children of today represent the return of great geniuses of our history. Like; musicians, scientists, philosophers, painters, researchers, seafarers. These masters are now returning for the great Festival of Transition of this planetary home. Some famous names include, Nikola Tesla, Newton, Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Willem Barentsz, van Gogh, Rembrandt van Rijn and many others.


The entire population is going to benefit from GESARA. The Earth is one of the most abundant and beautiful planets in our Universe. There is more than enough gold-backed money on Earth for everyone to be a millionaire, without debt of any kind.


This huge change brings great alteration in the destiny of humanity. It causes visible and undeniable feelings of bliss. The top of the Deep State has been eliminated, the middle cadre is now panicking; they fear the truth.


Our extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi explains below the further course of this global development.



The future of today’s children

Loved ones!

Feeling better, while those who are not awake will not know why.


One of the biggest questions I hear today is certainly also one of the biggest concerns of parents who have children during this time of Planetary Transition. Some of them, in the absence of further clarification, panic just thinking about the changes our Planet will go through.


In fact, the fear they feel is nothing more than ignorance about the Divine Plans and what the Creator has planned for humanity on Earth. He who created us is also our Father.


A father will never plan anything bad for any of his children. Remember; Planet Earth is a living, female consciousness, therefore it is Mother Earth. And a Mother will never let any of her children suffer.


The Divine Plan has provided an opportunity on Earth for souls qualified to go through the School of Duality, albeit subject to the veil of oblivion. This is the secret of this experience. An opportunity to learn. We do not yet understand this more clearly, precisely because we have forgotten who we are and have also forgotten previous lives.


As these veils are lifted, our consciousness will gradually expand; this phenomenon is called awakening. An awakened consciousness will never fall back into the deep sleep of the soul, that is, it will no longer submit to the veils.


An awakened consciousness fears nothing, for it recognises that in all that is, that which is meant for humanity in the Divine Plan always prevails. And in the end, this will prevail in all aspects. Even if the Darkness that has arrived here in the last millennia tries to make it seem otherwise, nothing will prevent the Creator’s Plan from being fulfilled.


The Divine Plan is simply Light! And those who oppose this Plan welcome the ‘non-light’. This is part of Duality, because Duality always has two polarities. In this case, one is Light and the other is the absence of light. Light is love, and evil is the absence of love. So we understand that there is no good and no evil, as we have been led to believe.


What does exist is love and its absence. These two polarities form the backbone of humanity. When balanced, learning in the School of Duality is complete. We are in the final period for understanding and balance, at least this is true for part of humanity.


This is why many situations manifest. Those who are not yet ready to overcome the dimensional crossing are making every effort not to lose the company of those who will go to a new planetary home. This New Earth will no longer be a World of trials and reconciliations, because the souls who are ready have learned all the necessary lessons.


The rebels of this Terran School have become accustomed to being served by the class of the most evolved in terms of conscious learning. Yes, because the evolution of the incarnated soul takes place in all aspects, not only ethical and moral, but also in other known aspects of life. Mainly in trusting the Divine Plan, in the practice of unconditional love, compassion and respect for everything and everyone.


He who respects, loves; he who loves, respects. The one who loves and respects has compassion for his brother who is still growing by leaps and bounds, still enjoying practices without Light. And one such practice that has the clear intention of slowing down the progress of others is spreading fear.


We have talked about fear and its consequences before. But today we are not going to repeat the same subject; we are only going to talk about a very specific fear, which mostly affects parents, although it can also worry other people, who still have doubts about the power of the Creator’s Plans.


I get questions every day from parents worried about their children’s future. Many say they fear for their future because the world seems to be becoming increasingly hostile. Some say, “I don’t care so much about myself, but what will happen to my children?” What kind of future will they have?


How many times has it been written here about the changes taking place on planet Earth! All actions from the Light bring the impetus that we are at the end of the Cycle of trials and reconciliations.

Earth will move into a New Cycle, which will no longer have the need for its people to experience pain and suffering. We are entering a World of Regeneration.


So the worst is over. What is to come will be much better. We must understand that this change will be experienced by souls who are ready for ascension. Obviously, those who are not yet will experience none of this, because when they dis-incarnate, they will be sent to Worlds where trials and reconciliations are still taking place, and everything will continue as it has been for them so far.


Let’s talk about the souls currently reincarnated on Earth. They have all already acquired the right in previous lives to ascend to the New Earth.


Even though some are still straying, they already have the right frequency. Just maintain this frequency and everything will go according to schedule. The biggest problem still has to do with the attempts of the ‘non-Light’. to lead them off the path.


Many parents, in their ignorance of the true meaning of souls incarnated here on Earth, are guided by vanity, passions and their interests, they fail in their greatest purpose as parents: namely, to ensure that the souls entrusted to them are not lost.


The System, still obeying the ‘non-Light’, is doing all it can to steer its children away from the path that leads to the New Earth.


In short, it is an endeavour that, though it does not produce the desired results for the dark Beings, may eventually lead some souls arriving now astray. In fact, they are called Star Seeds because they represent the seeds in the form of souls, already sown on this Planet, and blessed by the Creator.


I have received many questions about the future of these children, concerning a very common reason: what world will they obtain?


I have already said here in this text, and I always say when such a question comes, that they will inherit a much better World than the one we know, because everything will be changed in this time of Planetary Transition. Nothing will be like before, and this is part of the Divine Plan. Nothing can stop this!


Today’s children represent the return of great characters from human history. Philosophers, musicians, scientists, painters, navigators, Masters in all known segments, are now returning for the great Festival of Change of this planetary home.


As has been said on another occasion, they are returning to eat the icing on the cake.


Since, they are the souls who have contributed most to the evolution of this Planet and our humanity, why would the Creator allow them to return to incarnate, only to suffer? Would that be fair? Of course not, and the Father of all creatures would not be such a monster. It is enough to follow logic, for the infinite Cosmos always follows logic.


Knowing this truth, those who still take pleasure in the ‘non-Light’ desperately try to postpone the Feast of the Great Invasion. This gives them a chance of survival for a few more years, they think. They don’t want to let go of the bone that has always been in their hands.


Bringing up situations reminiscent of fear, despair and misplaced worry is still a method they use.


Don’t fall into the trap of fear. The Light is sovereign and where it settles, the shadow disappears. These children are pure Light! They have also come to illuminate, anchor and spread this Light. If you have any of them in your family, know that there is a very important Point of Light in this final phase of the Planetary Transition.


Don’t worry about how to lead them. Allow yourself to learn from them. Remember that they are great Masters; the greatest and best humanity has ever known. They will show you this in due course.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!