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Mass awakening

The Ascended Masters

Overcoming Fear   All will be Revealed The Dark Powers, who have already enjoyed unlimited freedom on planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, now face our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, our Light Forces, digital Soldiers and Patriots,… Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

A Peek into the Future   The great awakening History Global Collateral Accounts World history is being rewritten Planet Earth needs new system and way of thinking The bottom Line A Peek into the Future   The Great Awakening We… Continue Reading →

Transition of Planet Earth has Begun

The Light has won Humanity is awakening Earth’s greatest moment Parallel or Simultaneous Timelines   The Light has won The transformation now is actually a timetable of events and procedures of events, which is called timeline. Humanity is now on… Continue Reading →

The true history of humanity – Part 1/3

Galactic Federation of Dark Powers Golden Age of Atlantis Pleiadeans’ true story of humanity     Cosmological facts About 450,000 years ago, a group of humanoid aliens arrived on planet Earth by spaceship. They came from a planet about three… Continue Reading →

The End of a Long 3D Cycle

Is it Value or Price?   Global Financial Armageddon Everything looks perfectly normal; your neighbours are still living in their priceless big houses, driving the kids to and from school in brand new luxury cars, leaving no one thinking about… Continue Reading →

Breakthrough after Mass Awakening

Don’t Feel Victim   Turning point in our civilisation We live in a wonderful time! And every passing day approaches the end of a long Cycle. That shows us the New Age. What a privilege at this moment to witness… Continue Reading →

Planetary Shift from 3D to 5D

A major timeline shift has now begun on Earth   Major changes are imminent Despite the usual public complaints ‘nothing changes’, nothing gets better, chaos increases, and so many other stories from those who have no eyes to see and/or… Continue Reading →

Consciousness is Light

You Are the Beacon!     Consciousness and Oneness Consciousness and Oneness are the greatest enemy of the Deep State Cabal’s social engineering programmes. Their false Covid pandemic is affecting people’s social consciousness. Some knowledge and understanding is required to… Continue Reading →

Timeline change 2022

Planetary Shift from 3D to 5D   Brainwashed queue up for vaccination Humanity is so deeply brainwashed that positive has become negative. These sheep live in a world of illusion where democracy is promoted as freedom, while in reality it… Continue Reading →

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