People, wake up; The Hollow Earth has a Crystalline “Sun” inside. And a Core rotating clockwise, surrounded by a Part rotating anti-clockwise. The ratio of internal to external rotation directly affects the activation spark for awakening of the mob as it also affects the activation of Time. Physical and Emotional Healing, Rejuvenation and much more are available to us, once planet Earth is liberated. The Puzzles are slowly coming into focus. But not everyone sees or understands the pictures. Why? The answer lies with ourselves. Because, Atlantis is the eye-opener for everyone who is or wants to wake up.


  • Master Temple Crystals
  • The Crystalline Core
  • Crystalline piezoelectricity and cosmic winking
  • The Zero Point
  • The Use of Crystals
  • Atlantis is finally on the map!


Master Temple Crystals

The three Atlantic “Master Temple Crystals” of Poseida were safely relocated by the Poseidon “Law of One” Scientist Priests to specially prepared caves in Arkansas before the final destruction of Atlantis.


The caves containing the relocated Master Temple crystals were locked in hyper-dimensional fields with surrounding magnetic force. They were locked up for safe keeping until the certain return of the Law of One, which is called the crystalline activation viz. the “Ascension”. Arkansas was specifically chosen to house the three great temple crystals for several logical reasons.


  1. It was already in use as a crystal mining, growing and harvesting area. With highly sophisticated underground living quarters and laboratories already built. As a result, one of Poseidon’s primary Interdimensional Tunnels had already been constructed and transport facilities were available to transport crystals to this area.
  2. It was known in advance that the Vortex in the Arkansas area would play an important role in 2012 for the purpose of Planetary Ascension. Arkansas’ unique geology of quartz, diamonds, magnetic lead rock, iron, limestone and huge caverns made it the perfect breeding ground for crystalline plantations. Crystals had been planted and grown in Arkansas for thousands of years before the Flood.
  3. The presence of magnetic metals in the crystal beds and magnetic field generators made it easier to place the majestic Atlantic crystals in a dormant state in these pre-existing facilities.
  4. A very helpful colony of blue-skinned Lemurians lives underground in Arkansas, as well as an underground base of Syrians. The two had joined forces to look after the dormant crystals.


Now the three crystals placed in Arkansas are pre-programmed on an axially tonally network connected to the other five huge Master Crystals placed in Brazil, Shasta, Bimini with the two magnificent Wisdom Crystals placed under Lake Titicaca. These are the specialised crystals for healing, wisdom, energy and transport used in the Temple of Healing, the Temple of Sound and Light, the Temple of Knowledge, the Temple of One, the Temple of Thoth, the Ruby Temple of Fire and the Temple of Regeneration.


In particular, these crystals were placed in areas of utmost importance for the New Earth emergence with Ascension in 2012. Areas that were easily accessible through the Atlantean Interdimensional Tunnel System that had emerged as a mega vortex and infinity in your current era. The Divine Feminine Emerald Crystal, via a divider acts as a reaction trigger, to all other Temple Crystals.


The Crystalline Core

Earth’s Crystalline Core plays an important role in many aspects of our Planet and its dimensional duality. While this may sound confusing to many of us, also is told that the Earth’s Core affects our perception of reality.


The Earth’s Inner “Sun”, inside the Hollow Earth, is an inner Core rotating clockwise with an outer Core rotating anti-clockwise. The relationship between the Earth’s inner and outer rotation directly affects the activation spark of Time.


The inner Core is now spinning faster which accelerates your Time. In fact, it is the increase in the speed of Light that affects this increase in spin. As the Inner Core now spins faster, it increases in heat and size. This is largely responsible for the global warming that is happening now.


The Crystalline Core “Sun” has a physical and non-physical reality. One is Matter, the other Antimatter. The Physical Core is compositionally crystallised into a magnetic iron-nickel alloy. The Inner Core itself is not hollow. The Crystalline Core is bright coherent Energy that can be compared to the conscious radiation of the Sun as it radiates upwards from the Core in every direction.


In its upward flow, it creates a Radiant Field of Influence that magnifies, expands, disperses and energises every Life Force. This Radiant Field is a domain converter that makes Vital Energy physical. It has the remarkable capacity to concentrate the determination and intention of sensing Earth into physically tangible reality. Thus, non-physical Energy moves through this and Solid Energy is collected into Crystalline formations that increase and amplify Energy.


These massive crystalline vortexes serve as receivers/transmitters and receivers/conducting force fields of energy that transmit vital cosmic life force to all that exists on and within the Earth. Solar and Stellar Radiation waves and emissions accelerate and optimise the gathered breeding beds of Crystalline Energies. Such emissions stimulate and intensify the crystal transforming amplifications of Energy and as such create optimally increased proliferation of everything within the Earth’s influence field.


The Earth’s Northern Hemisphere contains most of the land surface and has roughly 80% of the Planet’s human population. As a result, the Arkansas Crystal Vortex has the greatest influence. Let it be clear that both Crystal Vortexes are of great importance in the Ascension and balance of Planet Earth, however, Arkansas has greater influence on Humanity for the reasons mentioned above.


Crystalline piezoelectricity and cosmic winking

Like most other vortexes, the Arkansas Vortex does not flow in a circular pattern. Instead, it flows in back-and-forth motion across most of Earth’s segregated quartz crystal deposit. This unusual pattern is due to a property of quartz called piezoelectricity.


The piezoelectric qualities of Arkansas Quartz are extremely powerful and the energy of this configuration increases as the Master Crystals of the Vortex become more activated. Their energy can send shocks into the air and shake the Land.


An example is the well-known incident of January 2011, when an unexplained phenomenon of birds dying occurred in Arkansas. The birds that fell from the sky fell as a direct result of a piezoelectric wave releasing Crysto-electric shock waves into the air. About 15,000 birds were temporarily stunned, fell to earth and died due to the trauma of the impact.


The unusual earthquakes that have occurred in Arkansas over the past two years are also a result of the crystal awakening. These quakes have really puzzled geologists because they are taking place in areas not known for tectonic fractures or previous quakes. They have taken place in areas not associated with the New Madrid Fault Line.

Again, the earthquakes in Arkansas were the result of crystal activation. It is a new concept and is not understood by current Scientists. Mainstream academics find the idea strange and unacceptable. But, still this fact exists.


On 10-10-10, a quake occurred at the Portal near the Emerald Crystal, reported nationally. Unlike ‘usual’ tectonic quakes, the animals were not scared. The birds continued to sing, while the animals did not seek refuge beforehand.


On 9-9-9, local media at the Portal reported a “green fog” over Mount Magazine while electricity in the area was briefly cut off. The “green fog” was not foreign coloured water vapour. It was the ionic fog that occurs around and in Dimensional ‘Wormholes’. It was the Emerald Crystal.


Fear not, the Crystal “awakenings” will not cause tremors or shocks harmful to Humanity. The activations are deliberately softened by gradual Time Discharge.


The Zero Point

There are Primary and Satellite Energy Points on Planet Earth. The Atla-Ra priesthood not only knew the exact locations and nature of each, they were also able to harness, refine and amplify their energy to incorporate them into a Global Energy Network.


A Global System with refined Ley lines that could also be called Axial tonal lines. These were networked and indeed charged with Crystals. Arkansas and Brazil emerge as the two main centres for the Transition-Ascension, namely; the change from Magnetic to Crystalline energy. The Magnetic Grid is declining, to be replaced by the Crystalline Grid.


Magnetic currents are, by definition, Polar. Crystalline energy is non-polar, forming the Zero Point! The shift to the Zero Point takes place from the 5th to the 12th Dimension. The 12th Dimension is the Crystalline summit. The Ascension in simplistic terms, is the expansion of the Earth from the magnetic polarity of the 1st Three Dimensions to the Zero Point fields of the Crystalline Dimensions.


Earth structure,

In preparation for this, the ‘Solar Disks’ are being reprogrammed to convert the Crystalline into a tangible format for Humanity. Those of you who visit the primary Sun Disc locations are involved in the adjustment of the new codes.


Those of you who came to experience the 11-11-11 Portal in Arkansas will have participated in this at Mount Pinnacle. Some of you will have brought the Crystalline Codes to Giza and other primary points of Solar Disc. In fact, Code Carriers have been involved in this Mission since the 2009 Cosmic Trigger.


That what you call “Solar Disks” are in reality Crystalline devices of Sirian-Pleiadian-Arcuri origin used to balance and maintain Planetary Energies. The Solar Disks Network was established after the disintegration of the Earth’s Crystalline Firmament that once surrounded the Planet. The 12 discs serve to convert and blend Cosmic and Dimensional energies to stabilise the Planetary fields of “Duality”.


The Crystal Disc in Arkansas is extremely important because it is related to the integration of Crystalline Dimensions Energy of the “Duality” 3D Dimensions. Well; That is why the Platinum Crystal was placed in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.


The Use of Crystals

The Law-of-One Atlanteans used Crystals in many benign ways and means. The Return of them will reopen the use of crystals. It is the oath of the Law-of-One that they will never again be duped to let this Technology fall into the wrong hands. Bear in mind; Each of us is participant in this everlasting oath!!


The benevolent use of crystals includes:


  • Physical and Emotional Healing, Rejuvenation – Sound and Music Enrichment and crystalline musical instruments


  • Meditation, Strengthening of Mental Capacity and Downloading of Information


  • Dematerialisation – teleportation – telekinesis through the ‘Hyper dimensional Tunnel’ Network


  • Antigravity Plasma, Magnetic force fields


  • Libraries – archives and other stored knowledge, as in a computer


  • Creation of ‘higher energy fields’ for use in schools, research facilities and factories


  • Increase in plant growth in agriculture and animal farming


  • Weather control – Enhancement of natural Ley energy – Communication


  • Energy transmission Crystals have the ability to transfer, hold, maintain the intensity of, focus and transmit energy over long distances.


The so-called Phi crystals, or nowadays Bird Phi crystals, were widely used to merge energy from ‘Human Theta Thought through teams of Atla-Ra Scientists and Priests. Theta level Thought Waves were combined with Pranic Chi energy and integrated and amplified into a unique crystalline ‘manifestation’ wave.


A highly advanced Atlantean laboratory existed in the underground city in Arkansas to work with this and other applications of crystalline energies, including hyper-dimensional teleportation.


Because of Arkansas’ vast deposits of Quartz Crystal and Magnetic Minerals, and the presence of Carbon Crystal Diamonds and Radium-containing waters, Arkansas was the perfect Earth laboratory for Crystal Technology. This mixture of Minerals made the Dimensional Portals easier to access in this area.


This rare cocktail of energies made it possible for Sirian-Pleiadean tech generators to create Antigravity fields in the areas of Arkansas, diverse energies that could be technically manipulated and controlled by the Crystalline Disk and Satellite.


To be continued with the final part 6



Atlantis is finally on the map!

A new proof! (2023)


Imagine living in a world where a great civilisation has disappeared beneath the waves, leaving only legends and mysteries behind.


A world where an ancient island of gold and glory lies hidden beneath the sea, waiting to be discovered.


A world where the god have punished the pride and greed of powerful people by wiping them out in a catastrophic event.


This is the world of Atlantis, the mythical sunken city that has fascinated and bewildered mankind for centuries. But is Atlantis just a myth or is it real? A stunning discovery on an ancient Roman map may provide the answer and reveal the possible location of Atlantis.


What other secrets lie hidden in the depths of the ocean or in the far corners of the earth?


Join us in unravelling the mystery of Atlantis and other legendary places that capture our imagination.