Our true origin, who and what we are

The Unified Consciousness

Everything is going to change!


Our true origin, who and what we are

Consciousness and Oneness is a state of mind, which is pre-eminently the best weapon for liberation from our centuries of slavery and oppression. Every human being has the right to freedom, to go where they want. There are no laws or rules; only respect and love for others and nature, which is the basic rule for all.


In the emerging five-dimensional world, time is eternity, without hurry, time pressure, or limit.


Who we really are is hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. This is why the Deep State powers spend so much time and money to make people forget everything. They use subtle techniques to hold us captive. That’s where the real magic lies. If you cannot see and/or understand this, you are defeated.


Everything is an illusion. Soon people will discover their true origins, who and what they really are and what is actually going on now.


It took almost two centuries for human consciousness to begin to understand what is really going on. As the understanding arises little by little about what is really going on, an infinite range of information begins, providing more and more information about who and what we actually are.


First, we discover that we are not Spirit, but a fragmented soul of Spirit. We are a Monad, that is, an unlimited consciousness, created in the Divine Source, as a divine semblance atom.


That is the Spirit of truth, our superior self. Created in the image and likeness of the Creator, for He Himself is the Consciousness, the Source itself, which is called GOD.


This is one of the reasons why only one-third of the world’s population passes the 5D final exam. Two thirds have to retake the apprenticeship on another 3D planet, because planet Earth has begun its ascension to 5D and will have completed it within a few years.


The final breakthrough to total liberation of planet Earth comes the moment the mob wakes up and sees who and what the Deep State cabal are, what they have done to us and where they are holed up. The mob must be able to look its enemy in the eyes to convince itself who it is!


If, people revolt en masse because they understand they have been oppressed and lied to for years by their authorities about Covid vaccinations, among others, which are unnecessary, not safe and effective, as has been assured. Healthy people drop dead after their vaccinations. This genocide becomes the trigger for the total destruction of Big Pharma and the medical cartel.


On one side are the Dark Powers that have had almost unrestricted free rein on the surface of planet Earth for five hundred thousand years, while on the other side have come the Light Forces, viz. the Starseeds, led by the Galactic Federation with the support of awake patriots on Earth who have already made great progress in removing countless negative forces on all fronts.


The true motive of the Deep State rulers is darker and more evil than most people can imagine, being “alien” in origin and literally, surprisingly transformed into the Archon Bloodline Agenda 2030, to seize and rule our world on behalf of the “alien” Anunnaki, Gray and Draco control powers.

The Archon Bloodline families are heavily involved in the creation of an entirely new and more disconnected human being, completely trapped in the Matrix of the third dimension.


These beings are rendered inoperable, at a level far below the current life level. Better controlled by computers, they are empty shells devoid of substance and free will, doing whatever the cabal demands of them.


This hypnotic magic, is backed by manipulative lying. Invented illusion of a Creator God, about which no one has any orientation in terms of reality and/or truth.


The reality, however, is, that mankind has so far been forever deceived and unlawfully removed from its paradise state. They don’t want mankind to realise that. Because otherwise, that is the beginning of humanity’s great awakening.


Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, reports below on the necessary consciousness adjustments.






As a School Planet, where soul learning went through the universal rules that characterised it as a World of Trials and Reconciliations, Earth also provided every incarnated soul with the experience of individuality.


We have already said on other occasions that when the soul incarnated, it follows its own evolutionary project and experiences a different character in each incarnation, because through the polarities it also experiences the Duality that this School offers.


To truly live each character, the soul had to not only forget previous incarnations, but also feel and record every sensation and emotion, whether in a situation of joy or pain and suffering. The sum of all these characters gave the soul the formation of its present personality.


If the soul has experienced individuality in every incarnation, it stands to reason that it has also experienced separateness. To feel separated from Source is also to feel the harsh ordeal of the struggle for survival.


And in this struggle for survival, the soul has also experienced the Law of Action and Reaction. Many times the soul had to fight for its own physical life and in certain situations it went too far in its defence, especially in situations that amounted to killing or being killed.


Fear and guilt were the main causes that brought learning opportunities, however, not always ethically fulfilled within the Moral Laws. When these laws were violated, there was then a need for redemption and harmonisation of any failed action. This redemption was also called Negative Karma.


Despite all the difficulties at this School, the soul evolved and thus made it this far. That was the goal: to get to this position in order to ascend together with Planet Earth.


At least 1/3 of the souls incarnated today are capable of ascending. This also leads to a change in the new Timeline which replaced the old Timeline that made Armageddon possible.


If previously the soul always experienced what it is like to live in the state of separation, now, as we move forward in the Planetary Transition, we receive more opportunities to experience the frequency of the New Earth.


This separation is giving way to unification of consciousness.


The time of fighting for survival is being left behind us, along with both the old Third Dimension energies. As already mentioned, the Old will give way to the New. And Separation will cease to exist so that Unification can be definitively implemented, transforming this present School of trials and reconciliations into the higher level of Regeneration.


The Divine Laws will also be adapted to the new phase of Earth and her humanity. Consciousness will completely change its ability to act and understand. It is already adapting to the new phase within this expansion.


Consciousness is beginning to realise more and more that what it was, is no longer. It leaves behind what is no longer needed to continue.

The Unification of Consciousness makes all the necessary adjustments. It will bring the soul to the stage where it will realise once and for all that we are all one. Unification will make it possible to realise that other people also come from the same Creator source, and therefore have the same energy, the same origin, which is the same seed because it comes from the same tree.


Unification of Consciousness will bring the understanding that an animal, of any species, is also a consciousness that came from the same Source, so is also part of our energy and vibration. That it is also a brother/sister from creation.


You will realise that a vegetable is also a consciousness that emerged from Source. It only experiences the phase and sensations of life as a vegetable in this Earth School.


Unification of Consciousness also brings the understanding that minerals, Stars, other Planets and all Galaxies are parts of the same Unification Consciousness from the Creator Source. All entities living outside Earth are also parts of us, because we originate from the same energy.


The unified consciousness will eventually realise with all this that it is just a fractal of its own greater consciousness, that is, the Monad. It will realise that it possesses higher versions of itself. That inhabits worlds in all dimensions in the infinity of the Cosmos. And it will understand above all that now that its experiences in Duality have ended, in separating from the Third Dimension, it is being integrated into the higher version of itself.


This integration is nothing more than the unification of consciousness. The ascension of the soul is nothing more than the integration of consciousness.  But to achieve the completion of ascension, it is necessary to unite with other consciousnesses inhabiting this planetary home. The soul that still experiences separation here is not ready for ascension.


Those working to create the Non-Light Timeline are well aware of all human capabilities and capacities. And their main goal today is precisely to create tools that are contrary to the unification of human consciousness and must be prevented.


Creating reasons and causes that promote separation is the most deadly weapon used today. But it can only hit those who get carried away by the wave of dark interests.


Step out of the crossfire they exercise, and come into the light that will illuminate your steps from now on. The choice is up to each of you and this is part of the Law of Free Will. The power is and has always been within you. And this is one of the most sacred Divine Laws.


Nothing can stop your consciousness from becoming unified, if that is indeed your goal.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



“Everything is going to change!

I’m not kidding about this!” Saint Germain


The Great Ascended Master, Count St. Germaine speaks to us!