Our lives are disrupted in ways thought impossible

The Narcissistic Personality

You can’t stop what is coming; it must be carried out


Our lives are disrupted in a way that has been thought impossible

“Money “is virtual, a mental concept in an accounting system. Currency is a coupon with no natural value. Money is used as a medium of exchange. The Central Bank Cartel creates money out of thin air based on debt, something any government can do itself without debt and interest free.


But governments are bribed by the Deep State cabal so they are not for the people. The goal of the New World Order is, to expand this scam further until a total monopoly is achieved over politics, culture, and the economy.


This is the true idea of communism. Furthermore, racial, religious and gender identity remain forever under the occult yoke.


The government borrows money that does not exist, uses it for greater evil, the treasury sells the debt to banks who in turn lend the imaginary money to the people, creating even more debt for a non-existent currency.


People’s lives are disrupted in ways thought impossible. You will be cut off from your bank account, unable to withdraw or deposit your money, or cash a cheque. Your equity investments will swing wildly back and forth in value. Government benefits will stop.


Don’t forget media disinformation, it serves the interests of central and world banks and institutional speculators, who use their pre-information on financial and commodity markets to amass huge amounts of wealth.


The corporate establishment including speculators regulates the doings of governments. Thus, the “bank bailouts” have been sold to the public as a prerequisite for economic recovery, which has facilitated and legalised the process of unlawful appropriation of wealth from the people.


Control over the people means manipulation of their perception of reality, information is clearly dictated. For this, it is imperative to control the media and education. Ignorance and arrogance are a telling combination. This is the creeping transformation of our society into world dictatorship. Editors are appointed and controlled, who in turn control and appoint journalists who write what is told to write.


This top-down power structure basically allows the dictation of what does and does not appear in the media and that what the public is allowed to read, hear and see. Controlling the media means setting parameters, the norms by which the media filters everything. Consider, the pathetic way most of the media repeat the official version of ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ and rarely look at the abundance of scientific evidence that it is all nonsense.


Journalists, like doctors, lawyers, politicians and the average public, are imitators. They repeat without question and accept the norm of ‘everybody-knows-that’ like a small child is told to believe in Father Christmas.


Most people dismiss any connection to the existence of a conspiracy as a knee-jerk reaction, and they themselves will not do any research to somehow validate their understanding. Such is the mindset of the majority, including journalists all over the world, who stand between what really happens and what they must tell what has happened. People who dare to claim that if there were a conspiracy, the media would report such a thing to us. If it were not so sad, a laughable reasoning. Meanwhile, it is common knowledge that with regard to 9/11 and MH17, as with many other terrorist attacks, the general public is simply being misled.


The psyches of journalists and the public in general are glued to a programmed sense of reality and so people do what the bloodline families demand of them, while rejecting any suggestion that these families even exist.


Real journalism can be found here and there on the internet and is produced and presented by people willing to go where mainstream media lackeys are too ignorant or afraid to go.


As a side note, many of these internet journalists do so on a voluntary basis, often without remuneration as their passion for bringing the Truth.


Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, posts below on the conclusion of the Ancient Cycle and necessary consciousness adjustments.




Loved ones!

As the Ancient Cycle of Trials and Reconciliations draws to a close, human consciousness expands, and in such a way that everyone can retrieve the memories of their experiences in this School of Duality.


All souls who chose to go through the polarities in this experiment now feel that time is running out. As, announced by the Great Teacher two thousand years ago, the New Age is now fast approaching.


The change of Cycles does not necessarily mean that anything material or visible to the physical eye shows up as things or places. It all comes down to a state of consciousness. The New Earth, for example, will be here on this planet, and yet the way of feeling and being will be totally different because the expanded consciousness has a different vision and reality.


Over hundreds and even more than a thousand incarnations, each soul has alternately experienced every possible and imaginable possibility within the duality offered by this School. In each reincarnation, the soul, as a human being as we are known here, has lived a different character. That is why we call each person a person, or persona if you like, because we are all a collection of different personalities, lived here in human experience.


A school cannot close a cycle without having taught all the possibilities to its students. Earth is no different. Throughout the Ancient Cycle, it has given its students every opportunity to gain knowledge through their individual and collective experiences, as different characters in each of their incarnations.


It is these experiences specifically that we are going to talk about today viz. narcissism.  Many of you have reported that there is someone in your family group with these characteristics. Yes, it is in the family group that we suffer most from the harmful actions of those who possess such a personality. Of course, we also suffer indirectly as a group, especially when someone in a managerial or responsible position has this personality and their actions end up affecting everyone.


Before we talk about the narcissist, let us once again remind everyone that no one is a victim because today’s victim was yesterday’s tormentor, and vice versa. We are in a school where duality is the rule. And if you are suffering from the presence of a narcissist around you today, it is very likely that you were one of them in a previous incarnation. It is now the end of a Cycle and no experience can be left off the CV.


It is not because that incarnated soul has such a personality at the moment that this will determine whether they ascend or not. There is a grade point average like in any school. The risk is to exaggerate and lower that average to a level insufficient for the transition rate required for the soul’s ascension.


Many souls incarnated now have lessons left behind for the sake of this present existence that can still be dangerous in terms of presence. Therefore, in experiencing these lessons, they may risk failure. And narcissism is no exception among these. This personality, if very strong, can also produce a large dose of vanity, pride, an inflated ego, in short, an irresistible desire for power over others.


This desire for power does not always apply to everyone. Usually, the narcissist appears very amiable to society, but to certain people closest to him, he shows his true controlling claws. He seems to pick his victims himself, as they say. And once they put their claws in, they are unlikely to let go in this current incarnation.


It is easy to spot a narcissist in a family group. They are not only cunning but also the architects of incredible plans. The terrain is carefully prepared to keep the victims under control at all times. Their vulnerability is used to present himself as the indispensable saviour. He displays qualities he does not actually possess, but which are enough to win the future victim’s trust.


He may also help in some way, especially at times when his victim needs it most, because this makes him dependent. Creating this dependency is the strategy that will bind the other person to him. This is why the narcissist’s victim cannot escape from his clutches.


Usually, when other members of the group are together, the narcissist makes a point of appearing loving and friendly towards his victims. This creates a false impression and will inevitably be used to his advantage when the victim complains to others. He knows how to use this means of persuasion very well. Ultimately, the narcissist’s victim is also misunderstood by the rest of the group. They think it is playing the victim for no reason.


By nature, the narcissist is also an exemplary control freak. They often keep their victims as close as possible. So much so that when someone moves out, they even work together to find a solution to keep the victim as close as possible.


The narcissist is also an innate manipulator. This skill is masterful. He works behind the scenes and directs actions in line with his goals. Of course, he does not mind even doing good deeds and charity, as long as these practices are directed towards his goals. So we can see that a narcissist is also very willful in certain situations.


What has been described here is not a judgment, but an evaluation that allows for a more adequate understanding and shows other paths their victims can take. The narcissist is not a bad soul. They are living the personality that was still missing from their grid of human experiences. Clearly, if they do not heal or at least discipline themselves, they will suffer serious consequences as a result of their actions.


Remember, we are in our last incarnation in duality on this Planet Earth. And this brings us to the realisation that we need to be aware that experiences do not have to be lived all our lives. We just have to be aware of the personality we are in each situation and consciously correct ourselves to the timeline of harmony, which leads to the ascension of the soul.


So it is up to the victim of the narcissist to realise that the other person is living their untried personality. But above all, they must realise that they too have yet to experience the other side because they were the tormentor in a previous existence.



Avoiding confrontations and not developing any kind of hostility is always advisable.


But, once all this is understood and the lessons learned, nothing and no one forces anyone to live where and with whom they are not comfortable.


That is not running away from the lessons, but understanding them and ending the cycle. Straying a little, as the popular expression goes.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.



You Can’t Stop What’s Coming; This Must Be Fulfilled! ✨ Dolores Cannon

Have you ever stopped to think about the state of our world today? It’s a paradox, isn’t it? On one hand, we are witnessing unprecedented progress and development in various aspects of our civilisation. Yet, on the other hand, there’s a dark cloud of evil and suffering that seems to loom over us.