Open your eyes the long-awaited awakening has begun

The pyramids and the second moon

The Crystal Awakening

The Ark Crystal of Anti-Gravity

Summary and the new beginning


Open your eyes the long-awaited awakening has begun

Greed and Envy is life in the 3D world. Past, Present and Future are one in 5D. Wake up and realise that it is not the future that brings us wisdom, but rather the past. Our ancestors the Tartariens and Atlanteans were a thousand times wiser than humanity today! Focus your gaze not on the nonsense of today, but on the true history of the past to gain wisdom for the future you seek!


The pyramids and the second moon

The world of Atlantis, the mythical sunken city that has fascinated and bewildered mankind for centuries. Atlantis was recently discovered on an ancient Roman map, which provides the answer and also reveals its likely location.


The Law-of-One Atlanteans used crystals in many benign ways and means. The Return of Them will reopen the use of crystals. It is the oath of the Law-of-One that they will never again be duped into letting this Technology fall into the wrong hands. Keep in mind that each one of us participates in this perpetual oath!


A highly advanced Atlantean laboratory existed in the underground city in Arkansas to work with this and other applications of crystalline energies, including hyper-dimensional teleportation.


The primary grid points in the Golden Age of Atlantis and also in our future were reinforced by Pyramids. The Atla-Ra with the Syrian-Pleiadian Alliance fed these merged with crystal energy, into the energy grids.


Some pyramids were used to receive and transmit energy between planets in our solar system and in other star universes. Certain pyramids are multidimensional, forming octahedrons that work together in sacred geometric fields between physical and non-physical fields.


These pyramids are gateways to parallel dimensional fields of what could be called the ‘Angelic Realm’ or rather the antimatter realm.


The Platinum Crystal in Arkansas is uniquely programmed to interface with Parallel Universes and provide the Angelic realm of antimatter. As such, the awakening of the Platinum Crystal will greatly increase the potency of the primary Pyramids of the Planet, especially the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Indeed, in the 12th Wave of 2012, Giza became exponentially more powerful than at any time since the Golden Age of Atlantis.


What is not reported in most Atlantic theories in the current era is the use and nature of the ‘Second Moon’ of Atlantis. It was a Crystalline satellite a ‘control device’ for the overall system.


To this day, there are references to the ‘Second Moon’ in the pyramids of the Maya, and Ra-Ta did indeed refer to it, through Edgar Cayce. As one of the docking stations of the Crystal Satellite in Arkansas near Little Rock, in the area of what is now the Toltec Mount Pyramids State Park. Where a supply of Axial tonal energy existed, connecting the docking station to the Crysto-Disc at Mount Pinnacle.


Depending on the tilt of the Earth’s axis at a certain time of year, a Crysto-Disc could function to intensify and broadcast energies to other discs, which would then act as receivers to disseminate energy where needed.


These were then transmitted to all networks, including the Crysto Ley system, while this energy was the main source from which all parts of the planet were energised, particularly in and during Atlantis.


The Crystalline Awakening

The Crystalline Awakening goes through the Crystal Vortex; viz. the Master Crystals; the Crystalline Sun Disc and the Crystalline Grid define as supporting Ascension. Ascension is in fact the Crystalline Transition. Crystal is not just a mineral, rather it is the vibration of perfect order, it is the frequency of perfection and in terms of vibration that which you call Immaculateness.


Impeccability refers to aligning actions with accurate beliefs. It is ‘walking while talking’. Conscious Minerals in Crystalline states are the generators that support the rise to coherent energies and dimensions.


Crystalline energy and actually the entire Minerals realm transmits to Humanity through both physical and etheric means. And it has always been so.


The mineralogical crystalline essence is essentially the root resonance of the same creative force that constitutes the Cosmos. As such, the empires of Crystalline Minerals and Humanity are intimately connected, in a way where one is never out of touch or subtle communication with the other.


Your physically Human bodies contain crystalline particles and a rich array of minerals that have a unique relationship with the Earth.


Accordingly, the harmonic relationships of minerals and crystalline particles in both physical and etheric bodies are kept in coherent uniformity with those of the Earth. Thus, the resulting frequency ratios of both Earth and Man are kept in indispensable balance for well-being and encouragement.


Each new Cosmic Age brings shifts and transformations. Both Earth and Mankind experience the long-awaited awakening. This metamorphosis includes global warming and adjustments of numerous environmental phenomena. An important aspect of the New Crystalline Age is a purposeful call to Earth’s Crystalline and Mineral Kingdoms to increase the flow of energy received from Earth’s Core.


Arkansas and Brazil are compositions of the two largest masses of quartz crystal in associated geological forms on the Planet, these are key to this call. This call provokes a stimulation that affects the whole Earth, but especially the mineralogical crystal pockets that receive and transmit powerful energy patterns all over Planet Earth. However, it extends over an even wider range. For while the mineralogical realm of Planet Earth indeed defines the planet, which is truly the oldest ’emotional’ life form on our Planet, the diversity of crystalline mineral resources encompasses a huge part of the entire Cosmos.


The announced Ascension is in fact the arrival of the new Crystalline Age. It is going to bring in the Platinum Ray on 11-11-11 and this will open the Crysto Disks. This event will recode the crystalline energy of both the Planet and Mankind.


The Ark Crystal of Anti-Gravity

The Atlanteans had the knowledge of hyper-dimensional quantum physics and understood that counter-rotating specific magnetic fields around cylindrical crystals creates anti-gravity waves. They had perfected the ability to apply a crystalline shield around crystalline structures, minerals and gold to create various generating units of hyper-dimensional divergent energy fields. The so-called ARK or Covenant include capacitor devices that can serve as ‘portable’ generators of various forms of energy. Indeed, there were many memorable units called the Ark of the Covenant!


The originals of these capacitors were made with the ARK-Gravity Crystal and used for anti-gravity. The Ark Crystal of Gravity was made by modifications of a huge natural crystal in the area below Arkansas, near the Toltec Hills.


By channelling and refining the magnetic fields of these naturally occurring magnetic deposits of lead stone, found in Arkansas, scientists were able to direct the signals of refined magnetisation to rotate counter clockwise around specially formed crystals and crystal fields for anti-gravity purposes. These energies were used to charge the ‘Crystal Satellite’ or Second Moon with anti-gravity.


A device named ‘Nazi Bell’ was an unsuccessful attempt to recreate this effect. The German scientists who worked on the ‘Nazi Bell’ were in fact part of the Aryan-Belian technicians allowed to be trained by the Atla-Ra during the Fall of Atlantis, as part of the Great Atonement discussed in a previous episode. Had the Germans been able to complete this with other technologies, WWII would have had a different outcome. Which was not allowed to happen.


In fact, the crystalline devices used to combine concentrated brain waves with anti-gravity creation from their capacitors were part of the process used to lift huge stone blocks and build structures such as the pyramids, among others. (Stone Henge)


It may be interesting to note that the dimensions described in religious textbooks about the Ark of the Promise are the same dimensions as the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This will be discussed in more detail in a future instalment. For now, be assured that the Ark is still in its place.


Summary and the new beginning

The Atlantic crystals open the etheric gateway to dimensional portals that will allow humanity with carbon-based life to interface with that of bio-Pragmatic life. More precisely; you exist within both multidimensional parallels, of 3 and 5D.


You are indeed of Syrian, Arcturian, Pleiadean descent, and many more! All of you are multidimensional sparks of our Master Creator God! It is true! The gateway will open further after activation of the crystalline vortex in Arkansas in 2011, those of you who connected with the Master Crystals will be able to experience your own multi-dimensionality. As joyful and over time very easily, when you have developed the Light quotient and impeccability to do so.


Within the dynamism of the Arkansas Vortex lies a crystalline energy such as none of you have ever experienced, since the Golden Age of Atlantis over 20,000 years ago.


Within the quantum crystalline frequency you can heal what needs to be repaired, open what needs to be changed, that offers an extraordinaire alignment to knowledge of incorruptible bliss.


Within this rising energy, you will be able to connect with a living crystalline force that supports Mer-Ka-Na expansion into multidimensional divinity. To your Divine Self! This is true and that time is now. It is the return of maternal society, of culture and spiritual energy in sublime balance, that is called the ‘Law of One’.


It is the long-awaited ‘completion’ of the transformation of the past. It is the new beginning of spiritual applications of the Law of One. It is the Ascension, the Crystalline Age. But this time you will ‘get that right’.


This is the end of the old energy! And it is happening now. In other words; the beginning of the New Earth, which begins in the Crystal Vortex, why this is called the Ascension it is the Crystalline Transition. Sleepers wake up!


The history of Atlantis shown here in six parts is the most important knowledge that helps awakeners further in their Ascension to higher worlds, which commences with the fifth dimension. Many incarnates now present on planet Earth are the chosen souls to participate in this. A historic event never seen before in all Universes today. Be proud, honoured and happy to contribute to this.


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Atlantis is FINALLY on the Map! – NEW EVIDENCE! (2023)

Imagine that you are living in a world where a great civilization has vanished beneath the waves, leaving behind only legends and mysteries. A world where an ancient island of gold and glory lies hidden under the sea, waiting to be discovered. A world where the gods have punished the pride and greed of a powerful people by wiping them out in a cataclysmic event.

This is the world of Atlantis, the mythical sunken city that has fascinated and puzzled humanity for centuries. But is Atlantis just a myth, or is it real? A stunning discovery on an old Roman map may hold the answer, and reveal the possible location of Atlantis.

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