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Return to the Quantum Crystalline Domain

Downward Spiral of the Final Phase 17,500 BC

Poser Fields and Crystal Satellites

Poseida the most beautiful Metropolis ever existed on Planet Earth

The Great Awakening on planet Earth is about to begin


Return to the Quantum Crystalline Domain

Atlantis is indeed the missing link of Pangea, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s true history is detailed below. But please note, not all the great temple crystals of Atlantis were lost. Some of you were even involved in their rescue. These crystals were saved from destruction and now the why is offered for remembrance. It is time to remember who you were then, to become what you are in this Awakening Time, viz. your return to the Quantum Crystalline Domain.


Atlantis was a Golden Age, a wonderful era, which was hit by its untimely end. Why now the true history of that demise is being told. Atlantis existed for more than 200,000 years. The vast majority of the Atlantic eras were eras of Light! Only the last phase, the Period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC was a Dark Age in our terms, but instructive by wise lessons.


The Golden Period of Atlantis had the highest level of Light Consciousness ever achieved on planet Earth during any advanced civilisation; higher than Lemuria, Mu, Rama, or Ignacious.


It has become somewhat fashionable to consider Lemuria as being the utopian civilisation, and though they did achieve a relatively short lived phase of high consciousness, most in that era were not truly in physical bodies, rather in Devic-like etheric states, and did not face the difficulties required of the physical Earth stage. Indeed Lemuria never achieved the highly advanced level that existed in that Golden Phase of Atlantis from 40,000 BC to 18,000 BC.


Now, it is time to remember Atlantis, and do not only recollect it’s sad demise! It was, just a short period of this, magnificent antediluvian world. Which should not be forgotten. Much is to be gained by understanding the final phase.


Atlantis is a great Hologram-like lesson, with many reminders and not exclusively of healing. It will be able to become a necessary cleansing for many, and perhaps a beneficial enhancement for others. A reminder of the time when you lived in wisdom and harmony.


Regardless of your roles in Atlantis, 70% of everyone now on Earth has experienced Atlantis physically. Indeed, many of you have really experienced lives, does that surprise you?


Downward Spiral in the Final Phase 17,500 BC

That was the time when the Utopian Golden Age fell away and Atlantis split into five islands. The three larger islands were known as Poseida, Aryan and Og. The two smaller islands fell under the rule of the Aryan race and were known as Atalya and Eyre. When Atlantis disintegrated, the benevolent government was replaced in stages by a Kingdom in what in our current terms is called Confederation of State Governments, which ruled each island in its own right.


A kind of aristocracy developed that consisted of two opposing ideologies. The two main components were the Atla-Ra Scientists and the priesthood of the “Law-of-One”, mainly based on the island of Poseidon. The other Aryan Race, was based on the island of Aryan. The island of Aryan was the most densely populated and exercised influence and political control over Og, Antalya and Eyre.


At the time of Atlantis the Isle of Poseida was the Planet’s most potent Vortex Portal. The Poseida grouping and Isle housed the Temple of Healing, the Temple of Sound, the Temple-of-One, the Temple of Regeneration and the Temple of Knowledge.


Poseida housed most of the major centres for higher education. These were placed on Poseida because of its advantageous location within the Geodesic Grids and its proximity to beneficial electromagnetic energies that spiralled upward from the Earth’s Core.


An incredibly potent Healing spring flowed on Poseida, near the Temple of Healing, and its wisdom spawned the myths of the “Fountain of Youth” passed down by the indigenous peoples of Florida. Which water flows today into the oceans near Bimini.


Poseida was also the headquarters and core of the Crystalline Energy Network and the Interdimensional Tunnel System. The most advanced, complex and beautiful Crystals were located here. These were of Arcturian and Sirius-Pleiadean manufacture, a living amalgam of many Crystalline forms containing an alloy of platinum and gold.


The Crystals were housed in magnificent Temples, some built of marble, others of crystalline sheets of beryl, corundum and diamond. The City of Poseida was the Capital City of the Island, and was called the Emerald City. Its Bio Plasmic field was projected into a shimmering glowing Aurora of Emerald Green, visible for miles.


With Arcturian technology the Atlanteans had perfected the grow of Crystals in every structure and essence completed by accelerated growth in underground crystal beds of Arkansas, Tibet and Brazil. That were Atlantean Colonies to be accessed through their “Interdimensional Tunnel System”.


Poser Fields and Crystal Satellites

Throughout Atlantis, Power Grid Crystals, called “Posers“, were triangulated and connected through an alloyed gold-copper rod under a spherical dome that could be tilted to receive specific stellar, solar and gravitational energy waves. This was the system used to power homes, offices, media, theatres, manufacturing enterprises, medical centres, schools and businesses.


The Poser System was installed in each structure with crystals of different sizes for reception. The Poser System was also able to receive specialised refracted light and feed it into the Ley Energy System for use in the Interdimensional Tunnel System and to feed Crystalline Light into accompanying earth currents to raise the frequency to a semi-conscious electromagnetic Plasmic field of positive energy, capable of holding spiritual frequencies.


A large Crystalline Satellite, referred to as the “Second Moon” of Atlantis, hovered above in the sky that received, amplified and reflected refined energy back to the Crystals for various beneficial purposes. That supported both the Posers and the Master Crystals used in the Temples.


Specialised energy fields were projected into agricultural and Crystal growing areas to amplify and accelerate growth, as well as into universities, hospitals, schools, offices, factories and work places to create a sense of well-being to energise workers and students. More about this “Second Moon” in a later essay.


The Temples were amazing works of sacred geometry and stunning architecture. Many of the great Temples were covered with a dome of projected Crystalline amplified Light, more or less like a glowing Force Field.


Others were set within Pyramids adjusted at very specific angles. The energy fields projected light above both the spherical domes and the pyramids were of various colours and glowed day and night like an Aurora. These were diverse according to the purpose of the Temple complex, their colours were obviously more clearly visible at night.


Some Temples projected domes and fields of vibrational light and reverberating sound frequencies that amplified senses and Chakras; others amplified the receptive learning ability of the mind, while some even enabled multidimensional consciousness, communication and transport.


The pyramidal form was primarily for Multi-Dimensional reception and transmission. The dome spheres amplified the reception area for specific purpose. Most of the major populace areas and cities during the Golden Age of Atlantis had Crystalline Power Domes of Plasmic Fields Energy.


When observed from a distance, these Energy Plasma Fields would appear as if they were a touchable glass, but they were not solid, rather Subatomic Plasma, composed of what is termed Bio Plasma. Regulated by amazing magnanimous glowing Platinum Crystal of Bio-Plasmic Interface. The Crystal itself was transparent but the field it projected was a type of luminescent platinum.


Poseida, the most beautiful Metropolis ever existed on Planet Earth

Each of the 12 Master Crystals, were networked with a series of Satellites. After the Second Deluge, only the Capital City of Poseida had a full Crystalline Energy Dome, and it was an incredible emerald green colour.


Prior to the deluge of 17,500 BC, most major cities, including the Capital of the Island of Aryan had such power domes over its perimeter. The one in Aryan radiated soft ruby red.


In the Golden Age of Atlantis, pyramids were three- or four-sided depending on their utility and usually made of marble, granite and complex crystals. The three-sided pyramids were used as antennas to receive and amplify energy to feed it to the Poser Grid in order to power houses and factories and create energy fields for various utilities.


The Crystalline Satellite was used to reflect tending Stellar Energy Waves in more than 100 Triangle grids. Arranged in concentric triangle patterns across the Planet. They established a hemispheric Network of Crystalline and Electromagnetic Energy, which energised population centres in Atlantis, the Americas, Africa, Mediterranean Europe and South America; and also to modulate weather patterns and tides.


The areas of Mongolia and Tibet were also part of this complex, connected by Interdimensional Ley Tunnels.


The four-sided Pyramids were essentially Temple complexes set as full Octahedrons and used for Healing, Learning, Regeneration and Spiritual purposes. These were not triangulated, and generally constructed on hilltops or along coastlines to receive both Telluric and Celestial Energies.


The “Law-of-One” exigency of Poseida were devoutly spiritual people and sought equality among the people and a unification of Oneness. Their Society was feminine Matriarchal in the sense of “nurturing”. They were not seekers of Power, rather of Harmony.


Their Auric fields were visible all over. The stages of Spiritual Mastery were immediately visible by colours and size of the Auric Mer-Ka-Na. The highest among the Atla-Ra radiated Mer-Ka-Ra, the energy of Avatar.


They were able to operate in complete consciousness of Multi-Dimensionality, to manifest and regenerate at will. As such, they cannot be truly compared to present Humans, their bodies were luminous and the degree of physical manifestation was far less dense than that of Humans in present Age.


In the Mer-Ka-Na and Mer-Ka-Ra configuration, the Masters of the Atla-Ra did not truly consider themselves of the Earth. The Mer-Ka-Ra field of the Avatar, even in physical manifestation in 3D, was primarily on Earth via the 12th Dimension. They required very little food as their bodies were Bio-Plasmic in nature. Accordingly supported their longevity, beyond Linear Space and Duality Time.


Although much technology and quality of life had been lost in the prior two breakups of Atlantis; the first in 58,000 BC, the second in 17,500 BC Their technology still remained at an advanced level. However, the harmony experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis spiralled downward after the break up into Islands in 17,500 BC as the Islands grew into separately governed entities, which led immediately after the breakup to very different ideologies in the initially chaotic and difficult period of reconstruction.


Poseidon remained within the contingency of the Spiritual Law-of-One, while the people of Aryan became gradually captivated in Power and Materialism.


Poseida and the Atla-Ra were a highly disciplined and evolved sect of Scientist Priests they possessed the technical wisdom and expertise of managing the Crystal Power Grids.


The Scientist Priests were referred to as the Atla-Ra. The Atla-Ra maintained the highest standards of Consciousness and were able to remain vibrating at very high frequencies of Consciousness, at and above the level of 12th Dimensional Light and Energy. Pure and resonant with the true “Oneness” concept of the Creator/God. They sustained Higher Dimensional-telepathic contact with their advanced Space brethren from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda and Sirius.


The Atla-Ra Priests were highly disciplined, respected, traditional and segregated, above and exempt from Government control, they therefore retained the knowledge and senior management of Crystal Technology, mainly due to the wise and benevolent Priests.


The Scientific Priests of Atla-Ra were both male and female and had an excessive lifespan, both through regeneration of spirit power and the technology of the Temple of Rejuvenation.


Many lived 6,000 years lifetimes in the same biology, some even for 12,000 years! Accordingly, their technology was preserved through this Holy Sect. Many brilliant Souls were among these. Like, beings you know as Galileo, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Edison, Marcel Vogel, and DaVinci. They all were among the Atla-Ra. who lived very extended lifetimes.


Many of you, especially Artists have great recall of the Capital City of Atlantis located on the Island of Poseida. It was termed the “Emerald City” because of the glowing green Dome Light projected over it. Some Artists in fact have made interpretations of the City that are quite accurate. It was an exquisite marvel of Architecture, Culture and Engineering, by far the most beautiful Metropolis that has ever existed on Planet Earth.


It was breath-taking beautiful. The City, named Poseida like the surrounding State, was composed of a series of concentric walls and encircled by flowing sea-green canals. It was full of beautifully constructed Temples, Universities, Theatres and Museums. At the very centre was a hill, and on top of the hill the majestic and stunning Temple of Poseidon, which was visible from everywhere in the Holy Emerald City.


Inside the Temple was a massive gold statue of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, showing him driving six winged horses made of extra-terrestrial platinum. The statue was decorated with precious gemstones of every colour and type.


The Temple was octagonal and along each of the eight walls were convex enclosures with platforms for amazing Crystals that stood twelve feet, resp. 3.60 meter high and glowed like transparent diamonds.


Poseida was the least damaged of the major Atlantean Cities after the break-up of the original single Continent into Islands in 17,500 BC, and was still of very high frequency and quality of life.


To be continued in part 2


The Great Awakening on planet Earth is about to begin

This moment in history is extraordinary because it marks the beginning of the long-awaited awakening of Earth humanity. It heralds a conscious evolutionary leap towards total liberation of our planet and the beginning of a new golden age.


It is important that the entire global population stands behind this victory to prevent negative forces from returning to planet Earth sometime in the future to once again oppress and enslave the population.


It is crucial to do deep research into what really happened in ancient times, so that each one himself sees the Light and passes on to others.


It is our destiny to be filled with Light and Consciousness and remain free sovereign beings forever.


The breakthrough will come, in one of two ways,

  • the collapse of the fiat money system and or
  • mass awakening of the mob.



The world is not destroyed by those who do evil,

but by those who watch without doing anything!


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