The Light has won

Humanity is awakening

When happiness of others is your paradise

Huge powers of Ascended Masters

Latest development – A crucial timeline split is imminent!!!


The Light has won

Today’s transformation is actually a timetable of events and procedures of events called timeline. Humanity is now on a timeline where something significant is about to happen; that is, important events are now taking place in this Universe Age; which qualifies as historical turning point.


Planet Earth is making its transition from 3D to 5D, many of the contemporary souls incarnated on Earth are now also making their Ascension. It is the most important moment in the entire planetary or even in the history of the Universe, but above all, this is the greatest moment on Earth with the awakening of Humanity.


The oft-publicised already ancient Armageddon prophecies will not happen! We are going to experience incredible times. However, there is still a major obstacle that undoubtedly concerns the fate of humanity itself; but at this moment in time, this is the most decisive moment for humanity on planet Earth.


Two new well-defined Timelines will determine the future: one will lead part of humanity to the New 5D Earth; the other will lead the rest into exile to another 3D planet.


Only a third of humanity is capable of performing and completing the ascension necessary for this transition; the other part is not. Eventually, a New Cycle and a New Earth will emerge. Where no authority or superior exists to influence our free will and choices. Everyone will be their own judge. No one will interfere with individual preferences of others.


The Light has won. Where everyone creates their own reality. The fate of humanity has now been definitively decided. The wheat has been separated from the chaff. Only 5-dimensional beings will go to the New 5-D Earth. This process is expected to be completed, cleared and settled around 2025.


The light will become more intense, making it impossible for sleepers to sleep through. It is certain, that many, even if awakened by the high Light intensity, will choose another dark planet to continue their deep soul sleep over there. Hence, this article is only for those who are truly awake and have chosen the path of the New 5D Earth.


Humanity is awakening

Be prepared and be on your guard, because things are moving fast now. The banks are going to close, make sure you stock up on basic necessities. The transition could take up to three weeks. The corrupt cabal cronies and their backers will be removed. They are part of the Deep State because of the money paid and the work they did for them. This made them feel important, but now they have to pay a high price for it.


When the dust settles in 2024, people in many countries will begin to realise that they have been duped. They will discover that history is a lie, money a deception, debt a fiction, religion a control system, the masses are manipulated by the media, governments and even people as individuals are incorporated. Conclusion: everything and more are big lies and deceptions!


There are more than a hundred chemicals in our food. If you do not read FWC’s publications and/or product labels, you are at great risk.


The decision for final breakthrough will be taken ‘outside this world’ by Father/Mother GOD. The Deep State must first destroy itself; no more war will be tolerated on planet Earth!


Their destruction is fact as soon the money system collapses and/or the mob massively protests against the toxic-COVID injections.


Any awake ones who want to contribute to a quick breakthrough, spread this message widely!


Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports on the latest developments and stresses that we must take the initiative and lead ourselves, to liberate our planet earth!




Human consciousness on Earth is reaching the final rungs of the evolutionary ladder in this phase of trials and reconciliations. The souls ready to climb the final rung are also reaching the frequency that allows them to pass through the Multi-dimensional Portal that leads to the New Earth.


This group of souls is now undergoing the necessary upgrades, which in a sense are accelerating because of the limited time frame. Progress that used to take centuries or millennia can now be done in months or years. This is the acceleration of the final part of the long journey of these souls.


Those in the ascension group can already feel how much their consciousness has expanded in recent years. They are no longer the same consciousness they were two or three years ago. Although it is a natural and gradual process, depending on your individual capacity to absorb new information, if you compare that with what you were before and what you are now, you will perceive a huge difference.


Today’s, values and concepts have changed. Many things that used to be important are no longer so. And things that didn’t appeal to you before now seem indispensable. It is the circle of the spiral that takes us up the long-awaited ascent.


The sensations felt are infinite and everyone feels according to their own understanding. This is why we use the word feel to define the way we evaluate each step forward. As words lose their function to express every moment of progress, feeling becomes more and more important, because it gives you the parameters and shows you the real steps you are making.


Today I bring you a very interesting reflection on how many of you are feeling right now. Remember that in previous messages it has been said that we are leaving a world of competition and entering a world of cooperation. This makes a big difference in the distinctive human consciousness incarnating at this time. Competition is a tool of the Third Dimension, corresponding to a World of trials and reconciliations.


Cooperation, on the other hand, is a hallmark of souls who have left the Third Dimension and are on their way to the New Earth, a World of Regeneration. The wider consciousness realises the vast difference between before and after this feeling. It is a new understanding of life. A new perception of who we really are and what we have come here to do. Above all, it is a sense of self-assurance, because you realise where you are going.


This metamorphosis of the soul has strong implications for the daily life of the incarnate. It brings about changes in the way we think, act and live. But above all, it brings the realisation that we are all one. In fact, it moves away from separateness to the sense of oneness. This also explains the desperate attempt by the Dark Ones to promote at all costs situations that perpetuate divisions between people.


This noble feeling of oneness brings with it another, even more sophisticated feeling: fully feeling what the other person is feeling. This is to show you that the Ascension Gate is ahead. Feeling saves time and words. It leads to immediate action, without beating around the bush. It leaves no room for the noisy mind to manifest the old beliefs and habits of competition and separation.


This new, higher consciousness rises to integrate with its own higher soul versions. This is, in fact, what is called ascension. No soul can ascend if it tends to remain attached to competition, to having and to matter. The matter we have known so far is materialised energy from the Third Dimension.


We have to move forward! The subtilisation of matter does not mean that it will cease to exist. It will simply have the importance it should have, without interfering with human consciousness as it has so far.


Not least because the true co-creation innate in each of us will be understood and put into practice in the very near future. We will no longer have the need to accumulate in order to have no lack, because in the past this has never been more than a belief, or need to experience.


Now, you can better understand the title of this message. when the happiness of others is your paradise it gives you proof that consciousness has taken the great multidimensional leap. That it has now crossed the timeline of the Third Dimension and is rapidly advancing towards the New Earth of the Fifth Dimension.


It is there that the feeling will be real and unmistakable. Only “the meek and the pure in heart” will feel in paradise and rejoice in the happiness of others.


We now realise that we are all one, and certainly also feel the pain of the other. Therefore, on the New Earth, there will be no more pain or suffering. It would be tragic if this were not the case.


But before we cross the New Earth’s Multidimensional Portal for good, we are already gradually developing feeling. Yes, we already feel paradise, with the happiness of other people, but we also feel the pain and suffering that each of us goes through. This is allowed by the Higher Law precisely so that we can help, cooperate, assist and develop in each of us the true sense of brotherhood, equality and solidarity.


When we speak of the other, we refer to everything created by Source, not just humans, but other kingdoms and everything practised on this planetary home. Think for a moment and see how much you have grown in terms of consciousness in recent years.


Imagine how much further you will go, for we are told that human consciousness will now advance faster. A leap of a thousand years will be made in just one year. This will be possible for anyone who allows themselves to move forward.


Of course, there will be those who prefer to stay where they are. But see, if the happiness of others already makes you feel comfortable, as if it is yours too. After all, we are all one!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



Huge powers of Ascended Masters

Dr George King – Master of Yoga

Even charismatic as he was enigmatic, Dr King made a unique contribution to spiritual thinking on earth. He was never afraid to speak his true beliefs and followed his convictions to the letter – he never gave in to public opinion and was never reluctant to speak the truth.


Born in 1919 in Shropshire, England, he was a conscientious objector in the fire brigade during World War II. Towards the end of the war, he decided to devote himself fully to the higher forms of yoga and practised for an average of 8-10 hours a day for about a decade, while still living in London and working a full-time job.


This led to him developing psychic abilities and eventually entering Cosmic Consciousness – the highest state of meditation attainable on earth. He also became an excellent trance medium and acted as a channel for advanced intelligences from other planets, including The Master Aethereus, The Master Jesus, Jupiter 92, Mars Sector 6 and a Lord of Saturn.


Dr George King, yoga master says: A person who has gone through the initiation of ascension has virtually brought all energies and even Auric bodies into himself, giving him colossal and enormous energy.


An Ascended Master, if He wanted to, could think literally blowing a mountain in two. That’s how big He is.


This is one of the reasons why you don’t go through the initiation of ascension until you earn it. You have to prove that you can control these enormous forces otherwise you could destroy a world.


Time is not a barrier for Him either, He can travel backwards or forwards in time if He wishes. An Ascended Master can sit in the middle of a blast furnace without getting hot. In other words, He has complete and absolute control over His surroundings if He wishes.


These are real people living on earth right now and exemplifying our own true potential.


Latest development

 A crucial timeline split is imminent!!!

Special transmission for Earth’s Starseeds


Important message to be spread far and widely



Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission


Subject; Changing timeline split on Thursday next – November 9, 2023


by Michael Love



The information in this transmission is derived in part from the Guardian Teachings, which form the basis of the Mystery Schools.


This information comes from credible sources and is accurate and authentic.


Much of this knowledge is deliberately shielded from the public, so probably unknown to many.


With only two days to go before this crucial shift, the urgency to choose a timeline increases. If you have not yet chosen the higher timeline, now is the time to decide and do so judiciously.



Two different timelines or realities have coexisted on planet Earth for some time now:


  • An organic, higher timeline known as the crystal timeline rooted in love or 5D, and
  • A fallen artificial timeline known as the metatronic timeline based on fear namely 3D.


These are not timelines but spirals, following the pattern of a natural sacred geometry. At various historical moments, these two realities have crossed and overlapped each other, causing people to experience both positive and negative energies at the same time.


During the events of November 9, nefarious beings will further distort the lower timeline, causing considerable turmoil on your planet.


Recently, fallen races have worked tirelessly to draw countless people to the lower, artificial 3D timeline, using trans-humanist DNA alteration agendas and triggering fear-based events worldwide.


In just two days, however, their rule will come to an end and humanity can realistically begin to usher in the new 5D era on Earth!


Guardian groups from the highest realms in the universe have intervened in Earth’s current ascension cycle to help humanity’s transition to the higher 5D timeline.


“According to the protectors’ teachings, on November 9, 2023, for the first time in history, these two timelines will permanently split and become more and more divergent. The date for this split, 11/9, is derived from the mathematical geometry of the timeline spiral and is in direct contrast to 9/11.”


**What does this timeline split mean and what will you notice?


Practically speaking, if one resonates with the higher timeline, it implies the following:


  1. Both realities (and all things related to each reality) will eventually become imperceptible to the other.
  2. Negative influences of the descending timeline will begin to fade from your life until they are completely gone and cannot return.
  3. Fallen beings will no longer be able to drain humanity’s energy.


According to the teachings on these timelines, individuals can choose either timeline or reality until the expected divergence date on 9 November 2023. After this date, this flexibility will be limited.


As this critical moment approaches, it is an excellent time for introspection and alignment with the elevated crystal timeline. Embracing this timeline ensures that it becomes the prevailing reality that ushers in positive results.


The best way to do this is to choose love and goodness in every situation. Don’t just practise love, embody it fully from this day forward!


The good news is that many who are unaware of this coming shift will find that their higher selves instinctively guide them to the superior timeline.


Alternatively, choosing to align with the lower timeline is a daunting undertaking, requiring a deeply negative orientation that can inevitably lead to self-destruction.


This inherent risk acts as a deterrent, making it not such an attractive option. Those who consciously choose this fallen timeline will face a considerably tougher existence in their presence on Earth.


While some believe that Earth’s orbit remains unchanged and life remains the same forever, that belief is contradicted. We maintain that there is a predestined moment when the Light completely eclipses the darkness and the dawn of a new Earth begins.


Above all, it is of utmost importance to align yourselves with this timeline of love and positivity.


Let us await developments after 11/9/2023!


We sincerely desire that you will experience a reality on Earth characterised by joy, peace, freedom, abundance and impeccable health – a realm where all things become possible.


Thank you for coming to Earth at this time.


Good luck,

Michael and the Pleiadians

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