Key question; The fall of Atlantis should at least be the eye-opener for many of us, unfortunately it is not yet! Are we now so genetically backward that we cannot understand that our distant ancestors were a thousand times more advanced and educated than we are today?


  • The Aryan Island and its industrial complex
  • The Law-of-One and the Sons of Belial
  • Colonial Wars
  • Atlantic Unification Congress
  • Group for Hope of Harmony
  • Seduction and Betrayal


Aryan Island and the industrial complex

Aryan Island was the largest of the Atlantic Islands and the most densely populated. Aryan was the commercial centre and had the most influence from an economic, agricultural and military point of view. After the “Second Deluge”, Aryan was significantly damaged. The infrastructure had to be rebuilt during this chaotic phase.


During this process, the state was controlled by an elite, prosperous “White” race, which gained control of the island state’s economy, military power and government, while the majority of the native population was of the Bronze or Red race.


From Aryan grew a corrupt power-hungry aristocracy that sought to dismantle the “Law of One” and abuse Atlantic technology to control the world, using crystalline energy for weapons, and using genetic science to develop and preserve an inferior race to serve as workers and soldiers.


Genetic engineering was localised in Meruvia, on Aryan. It was originally used for well-meaning purposes, for developing advanced physical mediums for the incarnated in physical bodies that mutated into half-man half-beast monstrosities. Genetic work was developed and performed on Aryan and used to remove appendages, claws, feathers, Reptile skins and scales. This was done at the Temple of Purification, a kind of specialised medical centre. Again, as an emphasis during the previous Golden Age of Atlantis, its use was always benign in nature.


Huge genetic advances were made and a great understanding was gained of cloning and modifying physical limitations for improvement based on responsible ethical benefit.


In the chaos of the Reconstruction period, Genetic Engineering came under the control of the “Belial” (Devil) group and was subsequently relegated to a corrupt use for the benefit of greed and power.


Genetic engineering was used for dark purposes, including the creation of a race of work slaves and hybrid human animals. As in Nazi Germany, it was conveyed to the masses as the development of a “Pure (Aryan) Breed”.


In fact, many Genetic Scientists were initially kept unaware of what their research and development work was for, until it was actually too late to quit. Some of you to this day still feel a great deal of guilt as a result of this work.


The Law of One and the Sons of Belial (Devil)

The use of genetically engineered servant classes led to the great rift between the Atla-Ra priesthood-led race of Poseida that followed “The Law-of-One” and the Aryan race known as “The Sons of Belial”, the latter of whom were so absorbed in the materialistic ambitions of industrial happenings that they lost sight of the spiritual ethics that had ruled the continent of Atlantis in the previous Golden Age.


Literally hundreds of thousands of hybrid mutations and monstrosities were created to work the fields with controlled minds via robotic commands given by their “Masters”. As a result, Aryan Agro-industrial society became quite dependent on them.


Souls became trapped in cloned bodies called “Things” and “Beings” with genetic lobotomy and sexuality in order to eliminate emotional capacity. Many souls who were trapped in monstrous or sub-intelligent androgynous human bodies still carry that horrible pain of being trapped in physical embodiments that did not allow for advanced learning, spiritual growth or emotional expression.


Beings you call Sasquatch are remnants of genetically engineered Human-Gorilla mutants created for hard labour by the Aryans.


To clarify; Sasquatch is variously described as a primate 2 to 4.5 metres long, standing upright on two feet, often emitting a foul odour and moving silently and emitting a high-pitched scream. Found footprints are up to 60 cm long and 20 cm wide.


Genetic manipulation for commercial purposes was strongly opposed by the Spiritual Atla-Ra and Poseidons of the “Law of One”. The Law of One considered it a form of cruel slavery and morally reprehensible. The Law of One remained a nurturing, matriarchal spiritual culture, while the Aryan grew into a powerful military corporate society dominated by an upper class.


For thousands of years, these two ideologies remained diametrically opposed, leaving government agencies in a delicate impasse. The Poseidons were far too civilised and gentle by nature to try to fight the Aryans and tried to educate and spiritually influence them to change their habits. The Aryans, that outnumbered the Poseidons 3 to 1, did not dare to attack Poseida or else they would just disable the Crystalline Energy that powered the Nation.


Colonial wars

When they broke their traditional ties and formed their own independent governments, wars broke out between the Aryan Army and Atlantis, previously known as former Colonies of Atlantis in the Mediterranean.


The Colonies, especially those in Greece and Turkey, saw the change from Utopian Atlantis to a Military-Fascist State under Aryan control, so they tried to break away. Although the Aryans had the military upper hand, the Mediterranean States did not give in and regional wars raged in which neither side could dominate the other.


Factions within the Aryan Race sought to use more “Crystal Energy” to quell their opponents. But this was decisively denied to them by the Atla-Ra priesthood and the “Law-of-One” people of Poseida.


Several unsuccessful attempts were made by the Aryans to terrorise the people of Poseidon, but each attempt was quashed. They retaliated by disabling the crystal-fed power systems, driving away the Aryans. The Arians responded by shutting down food supplies and manufactured goods. Thus, a considerable standoff ensued.


Atlantic Unification Congress

In a grand hoax disguised as a “Plan for Unification”, the Aryans approached the Poseidons with the formation of a renewed National Congress in Atlantis to resolve and harmonise their increasingly tense differences.


Representatives of the Law-of-One with representatives of the Sons of Belial (Devil) participated. The Congress was formalised with an equal number of representatives from the two parties. Within a short time, a kind of Federation was formed with the promise of more robust harmony. For decades, it seemed that the promise of change and improvement from that National Congress came across well.


The Poseidons were encouraged and many of them let down their guard. However, the Atla-Ra Scientist priesthood remained wary of these motives and suspected deception.


Initially, the National Congress improved relations and many small superficial laws promising unity were passed. Yet the primary points of opposition, “Genetic Slavery” and “Crystal Energy Management” remained unresolved.


From the Aryan “Sons of Belial”, a hypnotically charismatic Leadership had emerged who seduced the masses in Atlantis into believing that they were the answer to returning Atlantis to its former glory of Golden Age fame and abundance. The Leaders of this group were the Souls you know as Hitler and Himmler, indeed the supremacist Nazis from World War II.


Great militaristic legions were formed and gained an edge in political persuasion and power. The hybrid mutants were used to terrorise opponents in Aryan and Og and occasionally this too was tried in vain in Poseida.


The powerful Aryan “Sons of Belial” were masters of manipulation and media. They came up with well-thought-out arguments that masked their true intentions and promised mutual compromises. The propaganda seemed quite feasible on the surface and that convinced many, including moderates and some from the Poseidon “Law-of-One” camp.


Group for hope of harmony

It seemed to be the great opportunity for resolution. A Law was proposed by the Aryan Belial group to bring genetic engineering, hitherto controlled by the Aryan State, under federal control and in return bring the Crystal Poser Force system under the control of a joint government agency. Under great national scrutiny was intense discussion and debate. There was a vote to introduce the plan, but the vote failed in Congress.


Temptation and treachery

Well, however, an influential compromise was offered by the wily leadership of the Aryan “Belial Group”, allowing the Law to be passed on the basis that a Council consisting of 5 Poseidons and 4 Arians would head a new Government Agency for Federal Control of Crystalline Energy. The fact that the Law-of-One Group got a clear majority in the Council made the plan look promising for the people of Poseida.


The Law allowed that no changes could be made without consensus of the Council majority, but included the caveat that while the Atla-Ra priesthood of Poseida would retain the positions of departmental head, it would no longer be exempt from government control.


A training programme was established through which engineers from both parties, outside the Atla-Ra, could be trained and taught complex engineering. Initially, the system seemed to work and bring better harmony, despite the Atla-Ra’s reluctance.


But within two years, wars flared up in full force again in the Mediterranean and the rebel Colonies seemed to have the advantage. Pressure increased to use Crystal Rays for war purposes under the guise of National Security.


A discussion, debate and vote was scheduled for the Council of Governments. National Security was touted as a misplaced sense of manipulated patriotism engulfed the Country.


Then the deception kicked in. To the shock and chagrin of the Poseidons, one of the Law-of-One members of the Council changed positions. He belonged to neither the Atla-Ra nor the Golden Race. He had risen politically as a charismatic Leader, and trusted negotiator, who had sworn allegiance to the Law-of-One and won their complete trust. He was targeted and seduced by the Aryans, finally falling victim to their ambitions.


In the aftermath, this One soul felt much remorse and spent subsequent lives in order to rectify his mistake. He clearly had not foreseen the catastrophic outcome of his act by blindly compromising himself with promises of power and position.


Remember; that is now the illusion of Power. When someone acquires Power, what seems right can often be an illusion of the ego. Everyone on his way to Mastery must ultimately choose between Power and Love. Even the one called Hitler thought that the Master Race scenario could enable a better future for Earth, with one all-powerful physical embodiment that would eventually be the only Race into which all Souls could reincarnate, reducing diseases and eliminating Racial segregation through the introduction of only one “Master Race”.


Even the one you call Judas in your Biblical allegory thought that by taking Yeshua ben Joseph [Jesus] into custody, he would be forced to use his “Divine Powers” to reveal his Mastery to the World! Indeed, the paradox is that what you call ‘Power’ is often the opposite of ‘Love’.


Do you see how Ego and Power can mislead? Do you see it? Ego and self-glorification seduce even highly evolved Souls and inevitably lead to their downfall.


So through ‘Legalised’ Government control, the use of the Crystal Power Complex and the Grids came under Government control of the Aryan “Sons of Belial (Devil)”, which unfortunately could not be reversed.


Think about that deeply, and realise how it happens. A few facts from today;


  • Worthless money system keeps people shackled
  • Pharmaceutical companies keep people sick
  • Arms manufacturers keep wars going
  • The media ensures that the truth is not published
  • Governments safeguard that everything is done legally


Once you understand this, you will understand everything and be truly awake!


This fascinating eye-opening piece about your own history will be continued.

Keep following this and spread this Atlantis series everywhere you can.



NIKOLA TESLA: “It Will Raise Your Vibration to New Heights”

Nikola Tesla introduced a thought-provoking concept when he contemplated the existence of a life principle inherent in crystals. He said: “In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”