Planetary Transition is Sure Fact

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Planetary Transition is Sure Fact

Planet Earth is polluted with a vast amount of dirt, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, falsified images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. To this end, the Anunnaki lowered the earth’s frequency, and changed polarisation from positive to negative, meant for war and destruction. The more people die, the better the rest of the population can be controlled and manipulated.


In this final phase of the now existing 3D cycle, those who have awakened have the task of informing the human race about all the criminal activities of the Deep State Cabal. And, to show the crimes committed against humanity, which are more noticeable by the day.


These are serious crimes against humanity executed by the highest Cabal echelon within the Inter Galactic Community. They operate behind the scenes on Earth, ignoring all natural laws. Humanity must have understood by now that these laws have been repeatedly broken, and that it has devastating consequences.


Needless victims are those who queued up for a free Covid vaccination against a pandemic that did not even exist, despite numerous warnings from expertly reliable sources about the dangers to humans and its hidden true intent demonstrated by FWC.


Brainwashed victims are made mentally ill by means of the MSM. No new beginning can be built with this kind of people, that is why two-thirds of humanity on earth is moving into exile. This conclusion is obtained as result of countless pathological lies by authorities.


The battle against the global mafia has now been won, but convincing zombies of what has happened is impossible; they will have to experience it for themselves first hand, when the liberation of planet Earth has become fact.


Zombies cannot help build our new world. Stupidity and foolishness in governments provided the balance. Were it not so sad, one could laugh to death at the officially proclaimed idiocies.


The wait is for awakening of the masses, with or without brain damage from Covid injections. Most may not wake up until their own children die from the vaccinated poison, or are left with nothing to eat due to lack of food. Either way the big end is in sight!


Planetary transition from 3D to 5D requires raising the Earth’s frequency, in which the sleeping sheep folk cannot sustain themselves. In fact, nothing can stop the Planetary Transition anymore, it is part of the universal evolution of Worlds.


The sooner humanity wakes up, the better for all of us. Don’t be modest; let it be a challenge for you to help us reach our maximum potential.


The energetic adjustment, mainly for the physical body, has already been going on for a decade or so, as a result of which the earth frequency has slowly increased incrementally from 7.8 to now 12Hz. And is eventually being raised to 40Hz. Many souls have already planned for incarnation now. Others have chosen not to go through this process, thus they dis-incarnating before the full transition from 3D to 5D is completed.


Only a third of the population will decide to leave material life to participate in this transformation. They are the ones who are now experiencing the energy phenomenon of frequency shift at first hand.


Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, reports below on the latest adjustments.




Everything humanity has known and experienced during its existence as a human being has been an illusion of consciousness, subject to the veil of oblivion. Planet Earth served as a school for souls who wished, when the soul was enveloped in a materialised body, to have such an experience. When the soul incarnated, it was always subjected to the veil of oblivion so that it could experience duality in a world of trials and reconciliations.


All possible and conceivable polarities were presented over time, and each soul lived a character in each of its many incarnations. Such experiments served to really feel every emotion and frequency that this character received during the period in a physical body.


The creation of each personality in each soul is individual because no two consciousnesses are the same, as each has felt in its own unique way what it is like to live and play this role.


The Creator’s Plans closely follow the goals of each School of Souls. And the Terran School, which has always been one of trials and reconciliations, is moving up one rung on its evolutionary ladder. Within the spiral motion of the Galaxy, our Solar System, which includes Earth, has shifted one octave closer to the Central Sun, and this allows more energies to reach Planet Earth. The Gamma Light of today is bringing about an incredible change in all life systems on Earth. And this is what we call the Planetary Transition.


Transition is not just a change. It is primarily a quantum leap that is still misunderstood by human minds. It is so big that this involves the entire Galaxy and also the local Universe. You are privileged to be incarnated here now, to experience and witness a Planetary Transition.


Even if you don’t remember it, you were prepared and knew it would come one day. That time is now! This is your most-important incarnation, because not only are you witnessing this event, but you still possess the power to decide whether to go to the New Earth or to an exile planet where trials and reconciliations continue.


The New Earth will be a World of Regeneration, no longer of pain and suffering as it has been so far. There will no longer be a veil of oblivion. The soul will know at all times who it is and what to do.


The frequency that used to be in the Third Dimension is now going to move to higher levels, where the lowest band will be at 40Hz in the Fifth Dimension. It has already been said here on other occasions that on the New Earth we will have 5 dimensional bands, in other words, between 5D and 9D.


We are entering the transition area very soon and intensely. We will now undergo an expansion of consciousness in just one year which used to take several thousand years. This will make it possible to understand the coming changes that will take place. Of course, this process will only be for souls who are ascending.


Those who are still in the world of trials and reconciliations have no reason to expand their consciousness now. They are not ready yet.


So everything is accelerating for much of humanity. And this is fundamental to understand. What you have known and experienced so far is gradually ceasing to exist. You have to let go! You have to let go of the ties that bind you to old concepts and old beliefs.  It is time to move on to another stage in your evolution as an immortal soul.


Trust the Divine Plan, for you are part of it. Let go of what ceases to exist. Allow the new. The path has never been safer and clearer than now.  Fears, traumas and suffering are things that have already been experienced and will not be repeated.


The old Control System, brought in by those of ‘No Light’, still exists because part of humanity still holds that frequency. If all humans were to let go of their old beliefs for a week, that would be enough for Earth to fully enter 5D next week.


What keeps the old energy patterns in place is the collective’s own frequency.


Allow yourself to walk this new path. Allow yourself to learn something you have never experienced before. Leave the old behind, for detachment is now necessary. You are not chained to your past, for it was all just an experience. We are not going to forget those experiences, but we need to let go of them to make room for what comes our way. Allow yourself that!


We will see all the Systems collapse and dissolve (including monetary and health). There are no more energies to sustain the old pattern. It has been said here before, don’t cling to anything that takes away the avalanche, because you risk being swept away by it.


Escape from the control of the media and all other paradigm from, for these are part of the Old cabal Earth. Vibrate in Light and in Love, for this is the basis of the frequency of the New Earth.


Step out of the fear they want to force on you. Do not feed those who want to devour, consume, and keep you trapped in the old energy.


Don’t spread news that lowers the energy. Do not engage in arguments and confrontations. Do not take sides with A or B, for division is an artifice of the Darkness, creating situations where people fight amongst themselves. This is all still part of the ancient Roman Circuses.


You are the Light, for your origin is the Source that creates everything. You are a Divine Spark of that Source. All you have to do is believe in who and what you really are, no shadow will be pulled over your head. You will not falter. As in previous stages, the most difficult of which have already been overcome. Now regain your consciousness and release the bonds that were imposed on you. Let go of the past!


Let it go! You are a free soul, as you have always been and will forever remain. Prison is nothing more than an illusion of the Third Dimension.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.



11.11 Gateway to 5th Dimension. The New Earth is Rising!

The 11th day of November holds a profound and sacred significance in the realm of spiritual awakening and ascension. Known as the “11.11 Gateway,” it marks a portal to higher, ascended realms and represents a powerful day of spiritual mastery.