Explanation; In the 5D world; past, present and future are one. You can travel forward and backward in time. That is why it is important to know the history of our Atlantis ancestors.


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The second moon of Atlantis

The beginning of the end

Displacement of the Crystals

How Leonardo da Vinci Changed the World

Breaking News; The Cleaning of the Earth has begun?



The second moon of Atlantis

The question arises: Why don’t we know more about our past and the countless artefacts that have been found? It is likely that over the centuries much of the literature and artefacts have been deliberately destroyed, all part of the grand plan to keep people ignorant and asleep?


Nothing remained after the destruction of the Egyptian library in the temple of Ptah in Memphis. Similarly, 200,000 precious works disappeared during the destruction of the library of Pergamum in Asia Minor. When the Romans destroyed the city of Carthage, they destroyed 500,000 books, and when Julius Caesar unleashed his war against Egypt, the library of Alexandria, considered the largest collection of books and manuscripts of antiquity, was lost.


Furthermore, what was known as the “Second Moon of Atlantis”, it has now been discovered that the Crystalline Poser Rasters and Fire Crystals came under government control during the Atlantis period, and their application was altered with Aryan foreknowledge.


The Atla-Ra were able to delay their use for war purposes at first, but were thwarted over time.


As had been mentioned earlier; the “Second Moon of Atlantis” is in fact a huge Crystalline Satellite. It was Arcturian-made and operated by the Priest Scientists of the Law-of-One.


The Crystalline Satellite was a gigantic unmanned sphere of brilliant engineering, about 8 Km in diameter. This sphere had been in use since the Golden Age of Atlantis and served numerous benevolent purposes. The sphere amplified and controlled the various Crystal Rays emitted by the Fire, Medicine and Energy Crystals.


The Second Moon was a kind of computerised macrochip that broke, amplified and reflected powerfully refined energy rays for use in agriculture, weather control, tidal control, Healing Temples, Regeneration Temples and the enhanced delivery energy systems generated by the Crystal Poser System.


The sphere loomed in the sky above Atlantis and appeared as a golden “Harvest Moon” and was therefore called the “Second Moon” of Atlantis. A rainbow-shaped kaleidoscopic energy band of anti-gravity plasma swirled around the sphere and often appeared as what is now called the Northern Lights.


The Crystalline Moon satellite did not orbit Earth, but moved as programmed, self-directed, constantly changing location to perform a wide range of tasks over Atlantis, Africa and the east coast of Brazil.


After the Crystalline Network complex legally came under Federated Aryan control, the Belial group (Devil) integrated their own technologists into the Engineering group and quickly replaced key department heads with their own choice.


The Atla-Ra tried to prevent the Belial attempt to reprogram the satellite for war purposes, explaining that overloading the satellite would deplete its steering anti-gravity field, which could cause a catastrophic crash. The Aryan Scientists debunked the claim. Some Atla-Ra were threatened and removed; others began to mysteriously leave.


Many of the Poseidons felt intimidated and powerless when the Ruling Council allowed the Satellite to be classified as a “Strategic Defence Weapon” because it functioned as it was programmed.


Eventually, the Aryan Belial scientists, with the permission of the Council, reprogrammed it via a bypass system, where sending out Thermal Light Beams that caused volcanic eruptions and severe earthquakes. In order to destroy Colonies and Nations that refused to comply with their demands.


These targeted areas of what is now Greece and Turkey caused great devastation. It indeed provided the zealous Aryan Belials with the combat advantage they so ardently craved, and they jubilantly executed its use, with the support of most of the population.


The beginning of the end

The crystal “Second Moon” satellite began to “overload”, weakening the anti-gravity field that kept it afloat. The Atla-Ra priesthood understood what would happen if the programming “crashed”, however, their pleas to the Council were ignored.


After several months of prolonged wartime use, the satellite began fluctuating erratically and shifting, causing power failures. Tireless attempts to correct this were unsuccessful. The Atla-Ra were asked to help, but most refused. Some agreed to try to stabilise satellite to avoid the coming disaster. But. all attempts failed.


The Aryan-led National Council refused the suggestion to burn the satellite as they did not believe it would crash and insisted on minimising the consequences of an impact even if it could happen.


Displacement of the Crystals

A trusted group of Loyalists within the Atla-Ra and Law-of-One gathered to plan a disconnection of the circuit. And a relocation of the Fire and Energy Crystals to safety in various “safe” locations against the upcoming crash of the main satellite.


This was done with technology and help from Extraterrestrials from Planet Sirius B within the Sirius Solar System.


The relocation of the precious crystals by the Atla-Ra Scientists was very risky and required careful planning and great secrecy. It had to be done before the crash of the “Second Moon” Satellite and without the knowledge of the Aryan Board.


At the same time, other trusted members of the Atla-Ra priesthood worked frantically and hastily to collect and record data from the crystals, including crystal craniums and engraved historical documents for safe locations in Yucatan, Alexandria and Giza. This was only partially successful, as much could not be saved.


Atlantis had numerous Force Crystals scattered throughout the 5 Islands and along specific Relay Pathways of the Underground Tunnel Labyrinth System. The Atla-Ra priesthood knew that once the modulated “Motherboard” of the Crystal Moon Satellite lost its Antigravity Field, it would crash in a massive explosion while the crash would then wreak havoc on the Large and Poser Energy Crystals, causing catastrophic secondary explosions of nuclear class, within hours or days of the crash. The Atla-Ra priesthood was all too aware of the earthquakes and tsunamis that could result.


With the help of the Syrian-Pleiadian Alliance of the Galactic Federation, the Atla-Ra wanted to make sure that the Master Crystals would not be destroyed or used for other negative purposes. And to preserve them for the time when humanity was further developed to use them as intended.


They understood that the functioning would be lost after the collapse of the Second Moon satellite so urgent action was required.


Seven of the enormous Primary Crystals and two slightly smaller but incredible Arcturian Crystals were moved within the Hyper-dimensional Transport System of the Underground Tunnel Network with the help of the Syrian-Pleiadian Alliance.


Three huge Primary Crystals were moved to the Atlantic Crystal Fields of Arkansas, two were moved to Underground Crystal Farms in Brazil in the Bahia and Minas Gerais areas, one was moved to an underground cave [Telos] under Mount Shasta, and the large Fire Crystal was placed underground in a fissure under the Bimini Bank in the Sargasso Sea. The two sacred Arcturian Crystals were placed in caverns under the area of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca.


Dimensional locks were placed on all nine, which essentially were placed in energetic sleep state by Syrian-Pleiadian Alliance technology.


Many other beautiful temple crystals were sadly lost. The nine that were saved are protected because of their high application priority. The rest, in your language, are history. An emotional lost history from mainstream perspective.


The irony of this forgotten history is that it contains the most purposeful lessons!


Indeed, after being used for a few months for the Thermal “Death Ray” technology, the great Crystal Moon Satellite overloaded, weakened its Anti-Gravity protection and crashed with accelerated speed like a huge comet in a horrific explosion that destroyed most of the island of OG and critically weakened the tectonic stability of the entire Atlantic Tectonic Plate. As a result, large parts of the subsurface evaporated.


The great Crystal Satellite disintegrated into billions of shattered crystal splinters, which now fill the deep channels of the Atlantic Ocean. Huge dust clouds and smoke erupted, obscuring the sun. Earthquake and tsunami waves ravaged the island, sending great tidal waves over two-thirds of Aryan Island.


Within minutes, the remaining power plants exploded with the force of nuclear bombs. The remains of the explosion of one such crystal power plant can be seen to this day in the area in northeast Brazil called “Sete Cidades” (seven cities).


The rest of Atlantis, the east coast of Brazil and the west coast of Africa were devastated by subsequent earthquakes. Panic and devastation followed for 3-4 weeks as the remaining dry areas shook as entire land masses plunged into the sea, creating huge tsunamis.


The land bridge connecting Poseida and Og to Yucatan initially remained above water and was literally filled with hundreds of thousands of Atlanteans frantically trying to escape in a horrific exodus filled with panic. Every type of sea vessel was filled with terrified survivors.


And then the remaining land plunged into the sea in one collapsed swoop. The displaced seas that became known as the “Great Flood” sent out dozens of gigantic tsunamis that engulfed the Americas, Africa and Europe. Only a few mountaintops of Atlantis remained dry like The Azores. But all over the world, survivors were distraught and traumatised. Few places were untouched. The downward spiral had begun.


It is a dramatic story that has remained in the memories of many of you for many lifetimes as a co-accused. It is true history that has ravaged and darkened. But now; it is time to let this go!


In a nutshell as conclusion; South America and Africa were one big land mass; what is left of Atlantis lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Proof is provided by the fact that the same wildlife species now live in both South America and Africa!


This fascinating eye-opening piece of your own history will be continued.

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How Leonardo da Vinci Changed the World

Leonardo da Vinci, who lived 6,000 years lifetimes (100 incarnations) in the same biology, the famous Italian artist and fountain of knowledge who also lived during the high renaissance, changed the world in a huge way.


Today, he is best known for his painting the Mona Lisa, which is the most famous piece of art in the world. Many believe Leonardo da Vinci – Polymath to be one of the greatest artists and painters ever to live, and this is probably true.


But Leonardo da Vinci was so much more than just one of the greatest artists. He was an architect, an astronomer, a botanist, a cartographer, an engineer, a geologist, a hydrodynamicist, a mathematician, a musician, a theatre producer, a scientist, an inventor and much, much more. Leonardo was a pioneer in so many different areas and he truly was a genius.


Born in 1452, Leonardo da Vinci lived for 67 years, dying in 1519. Most people only think of him in the context of the Mona Lisa, but he gave the world so much more than just one of the world’s greatest paintings. His notebooks are stuffed full of so much amazing information, observations and inventions that we’re still learning from today, over 500 years later.


Leonardo DaVinci was a mine of information in its purest form and embodied everything great about the renaissance. He produced art that was easily comparable and often better than Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello or Botticelli, whilst also being a leading intellectual making discoveries in so many different areas. Leonardo da Vinci was perhaps one of the greatest, most talented people ever to live.


Many people ask Did Leonardo da Vinci do this or Was Leonardo da Vinci that… well in this video answers many of the most popular questions about Leonardo, whilst exploring his life and asking the question; How Did Leonardo da Vinci Change the World?



Breaking News; The Cleaning of the Earth has begun?

Pleiadian High Council says: The Cabal surrenders!!!?

Ashtar Command Energy Update says; Everything is under control!!!


Are the people now rebelling under the pressure of the silent weapons of social manipulation?


Those who manipulate the invisible mechanism of society form an invisible government (Cabal), which is the true ruling power of our 3D-world.


We, the people, are governed, our thoughts influenced, our tastes shaped, our ideas suggested, largely by people we have never heard of. This is the logical consequence of the way our ‘democratic’ society is organised….


But for the cabal, it also highlights the dangers of intelligent people becoming aware of how the system works, and for what purpose. That is the reason why the mainstream media does not respond to issues explained on sites like ours, and is therefore branded as conspiracy theorists.

Stay tuned, there is more to come…

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