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The fall of Atlantis part 5

People, wake up; The Hollow Earth has a Crystalline “Sun” inside. And a Core rotating clockwise, surrounded by a Part rotating anti-clockwise. The ratio of internal to external rotation directly affects the activation spark for awakening of the mob as… Continue Reading →

The Transition from 3D to 5D World

Patience is a virtue End of the Old and Beginning of the New Cycle Restoration of Planet Earth started in 2012   Patience is a virtue Many readers are impatient and think that 500,000 years of oppression can be remedied… Continue Reading →

Unlimited Wireless Free Energy

Pandora’s Box Many Nikola Tesla Inventions Never Built Supersonic airships wirelessly powered by energy towers Fly eight miles high at 1,000 miles an hour Tesla’s top ten inventions Incredible Inventions to Blow your Mind – video    Pandora’s Box Nikola… Continue Reading →

The five-dimensional world

Individual ability will be the only limit 5D is the beginning of our new positive World The planetary transition is taking place now Message for humanity   Ascension of planet Earth to the 5th Dimension If the question is, what… Continue Reading →

Free Energy and Frequency Healing

Unlimited Energy Vibration Healing through Frequency Therapy Pythagoras’ discovery of sound healing 40,000 years ago vibration healing was applied through 111 Hz   Free energy available throughout the atmosphere Of all Tesla’s inventions, there was one that never saw the… Continue Reading →

Antigravity Technology Cabal Suppressed

Flying machine Powerful Electromagnetic Propulsion Waves Everything Needed is in Space Hitler’s secret anti-gravity UFO, was stolen by the US   Anti-gravity is a Technology to overcome Gravity Anti-gravity, also known as non-gravitational field, is a phenomenon of creating a place or… Continue Reading →

The Money Changers

Money made on the backs of the populace Boom and bust cycles are made to happen History and Origin of our Debt Slavery The union, in 2000 BC, between Babylonian religions, Babylonian banking and Babylonian law has put the world… Continue Reading →

Gold frees humanity from debt slavery

Crisis and Market crashes are made to happen As uncertainty rises; so does the price of gold The explosion in global debt is enormous The Global Currency Reset is approaching Corona Crime Crisis update   Intrinsic Worthless Debt Money is… Continue Reading →

Fake Money Destroys our Civilisation

Central bank remedies are worse than the disease Everyone should be buying gold and silver Anyone who counts his wealth in dollars is getting poorer President Trump is likely to be re-elected “on the strength of the economy”   The… Continue Reading →

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